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Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for all your tips. I found bicarbonate soda most helpful for my ongoing yeast infection the last 8-9 months.
I have removed lots of things in my diet that feeds candida. And some were least expected items. But basically I can't eat any roasted or raw nuts, but I can eat activated nuts. Raw nuts have mold in them and roasted nuts is not good because the heating process spoils the oils in them. So I have been finding that I can't eat anything that hasn't been prepared with ghee or coconut oil. Those are the only oils which are spoiled if heated.
And I have started the take the highest strength of probiotics in the market. You can only buy them inline and try bring it to you home refrigerated. It is called VSL probiotics, they have 450 billion good bacteria in each sachet, rather than 45 billion that you often get in health food stores, big difference!
I feel so much better now! I can give more info about diet if anyone has any questions. Good luck!


I have been struggling with my yeast infection for about two weeks and I was tired of it I came here for some from my research I decided to go with the garlic and salt. The first night I put the garlic inside my vagina and the next morning I mixed salt garlic pieces and Cold water in a douche bottle and shook it up and squirted it all over the outside and then went inside. It WORKED MIRACLES!!!! it INSTANTLY gave relieve and i felt no itch just minor burn which. Subsided. I am now itch free but I will continue one more night with the garlic to be on the safe side !! Hope this help someone!

Suffering Girl Of LA

Hey girls. So ever since I turned 24 I would get 1 yeast infection every 2 months. Now that Im 26, I've been getting them right before my period. Please explain how this change came up to be so much? Am I going to go through this for the rest of my life? Prolly worst when I get PG? My bf is concern and as much as I explain it to him, he doesn't get it... Anyways, I've have this yeast infection for 2 weeks now and sticking garlic gloves ( the most effectice remedy) doesn't seem to be working for me anymore. I feel like it causes it more to grow. What do i do? Please suggest.


Ive been itching for 3days doctor prescribes canesten but it didnt help.i wasted my I came on google and found this page..I then use the garlic first it sound weird putting GARLIC in my vjj...but I did....i peel the garlic, spread my vjj lips n place it inside...OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! :-( .It burns like crazy but now im feeling much better.It really works. No more itching. :-)


Has anyone used any of these remedies while pregnant and gotten rid of the yeast infection successfully? I'm 33 weeks pregnant and had terrible itching and discharge for a month. I started applying coconut oil day and night and the itching has stopped. Thank god for that! But the discharge is still there so that means I still have the yeast infection. Any help?


As I've gotten older (late 30s now) I have become more susceptible to yeast infections and consequently, DiFlucan, Monistat and the like have stopped working for me so I've had to research and experiment on my own. I believe I've finally found the remedy for myself and I hope the information helps those of you reading:

When I feel a YI coming on:

1. I use a vaginal syringe (found on and fill it with sea salt and water once in the morning and evening.

2. If I'm really concerned/feel that I need additional treatment, I'll use a tampon soaked in apple cider vinegar. I keep it in all day (don't soak it too much otherwise you'll leak). It will sting but don't be concern as it will subside.

I typically feel some immediate relief but do this for a two or three days just to make sure it's fully gone and these two steps seem to do the trick.

For general prevention:

1. I take 3 Syntol pills in the morning on an empty stomach and 3 Syntol pills in the evening, at least 2 hours after I've finished my last meal.

2. I take a cranberry pill daily.

3. I have stopped using soap to wash my vagina because it disturbs the Ph balance and leaves you more vulnerable to YIs, so I now wash with water and sea salt and then cover my finger with additional sea salt and swirl it around the inside of my vagina. It may sting at first but will subside.

After sex:

1. I take an additional cranberry pill
2. Urinate immediately (this mostly helps with urinary tract infections but I do it for YI's as well)
3. Immediately do the salt water wash and sea salt swirl either in the shower or out (it's a little messy so I recommend doing it in the shower but you can do it outside the shower if need be)

Generally, the plan above has been a total life saver to me. Hope this helps others!


Thank you, Jesus!!!! I've had a crazy yi the past week and tonight, it reached epic itchy levels. I have been on antibiotics for a minor skin infection and of course, it caused an awful yi. Tonight, I've been laying in bed going crazy. Couldn't sleep from itching so freaking bad. I realized I should see what I could find out for some instant NATURAL relief and found this page. I'm exhausted, it's late, and my family is asleep so I wanted to do something quick, quiet, and easy. I used a paper towel (that's all I had) folded up into a square, then spread Vaseline over it and sprinkled it with garlic powder. I just spread my labia and gently pressed it against the opening. It did burn, but I had been itching so I knew that was why. it almost felt good, though, honestly. Here I am now, feeling completely better, and ready to get a great nights sleep. Tomorrow, I'm going to use the garlic clove method and get rid of the internal problem!! Thank you ladies, for such an amazing and simple fix lol


Okay so itching like crazy was reading about everyone and sticking garlic cloves up inside, well didn't have any cloves so I had to figure out something so I took one of those small round facial cleaner pads, put petroleum jelly on it and then put garlic powder on it, then just simply spread 'it' open and place it between the lips and instant relief (absolutely amazing I mean I was in tears like 5 mins ago)


I woke up at ├żam itching like crazy...didnt scratch bit I did add a little non flavored yogurt in the took maybe 3-5minutes for the itch to completely stop....but im sittin here looking at the comments about garlic. This seems to work a little better so im going to try this in a few. So what is the best way to use the garlic?


Ladies Salt worked for me. I was having the worst YI I ever had. Ran a warm salt water bath with table salt sat there for about 15 minutes cleaning the inside of my kitty out. After I put a little salt on my finger and yes IT BURNS only for a short time but two hours later still no side effects of the YI.. YAY... If you have a high pain tolerance you can handle the salt. I cant compare it to childbirth as I am not a mother. Good luck ladies hope it works..

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