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OMG so I have the worst yeast infection ever! I have extreme itching and pain! So I've been looking for a quick relief just for tonight and saw the garlic remedy. So I got a paper towel and Vaseline and garlic powder and OOOMMGGGG the freaking burning it crazy! I'm literally on fire! It's cooling down now and feels a little good but who ever suggest doing this set me up for disaster! If you can take extreme pain then do it but if your like me DO NOT DO IT. I'm just hoping the after results are worth it ..


I've been experiencing yeast infections for a while, and only a few weeks ago did i find something that worked for me. I've tried yogurt, OTC meds, salt baths, and garlic. The garlic provided relief for a short period of time (couple hours max) but today i had an idea. It works trust me.
1.Use a paper towel or a pad and but Vaseline on it.
2. Rub a clove of garlic on it, and add a TINY bit of salt with a bit of water and leave for 5 minutes.
3. Insert a fresh clove of garlic in the vaginal area (if you want cut the garlic a little.
4. Apply the towel or pad on the vagina.
5. Keep on vagina overnight or as long as you can.
6. Take a bath or shower and wash vagina optionally with sea salt lightly.
7. Repeat for 2-3 days.

Hope it works for you!


Hi all, I suffered with the YI from hell for about a year, tried the prescription route without success then tried home remedies with a little more success but it would return within a week. THEN, a chance off the cuff remark a doctor made, caused me to do a little research. She had noted that my blood sugar was high and wondered if I was diabetic - I am not, I am hypertensive. I mentioned I was taking Lasix and she noted that hyperglycemia was a side effect of this diuretic. I did a little backtracking and noted that my symptoms began about 5 months after starting the Lasix. I stopped cold turkey, the YI eased almost immediately (I was also using the peroxide douche and taking lots of yoghurt) It's been almost a year now & I have not been troubled by it since.


Hello friends !!!!!

Just want to suggest a quick home remedy for relief from yeast infection itching, add two spoon of coconut oil and one small piece of camphor in it,mix it and apply in effected area you will get quick relief from it, you might feel burning but it's very effective,you can repeat it 2 to 3 times in a day, hope you will get relief and enough time to see doctor :).


I don't usually post in these things but felt I should contribute what I found. I've had a terrible yeast infection and started taking difluorcan for it but the itching has been driving me crazy. Last night and today I cut up a garlic clove and stuck a few small pieces inside my Va JJ and in the folds around it. After the burning subsided which nearly sent me through the roof from the stinging (about 5-10 min.), I actually had a few hours of relief from the itching. Nothing else has worked to relieve the itching. After a few hours or when I peed and the area was moist, I stuck new garlic and again experienced 5-10 of intense burning and then hours of relief from the itching. Honestly now 24 hrs later, my vag is raw, but the itching has gone away. Thank goodness!!!!! The rawness will heal.


OMG, let me be just say that the GARLIC remedy is AMAZING! I had a yeast infection for 3 days and it was horrible. Itching, burning, and just so much irritation... I came on this website, like I usually do to find home remedies for stuff, because I hate having to spend money on over the counter products that don't even work most of the time... and most of the people on here praised the garlic so I chose to try it out. I was a bit sceptic a first l mean it is garlic after all... anyway, I tried it and I got almost instant relief of the itch and burn. I took two garlic cloves. Threaded them together and left about 6 inches of string hanging so that after I inserted it, they could be easily removed(like a tampon). I left them in for about 2 hours or so (I took a nap) and then took them out. You will smell garlicky so I recommend taking a shower after. I did this for two days and my infection was completely gone! Also, before I did the 'garlic tampon' I put Vaseline on the girl to relive the itch and it worked too!


I am 20 years old and I have been suffering from a yeast infection for about two months now. I went to the doctor to confirm that it was in fact a yeast infection. I had a Pap smear and a swab was sent off to a lab just to make sure that I didn't have gonorrhea, chlamydia, or HPV (yearly checkup which came back negative for all of those things). My doctor was pretty certain it was a yeast infection just by looking at it. She prescribed me two flucanozole pills. The first one, I took the day I got it. The second one, I took a week later if the infection wasn't gone (as directed). After that second week, the infection still was not gone, so I requested a refill in the hopes that two more pills would fix it. It did nothing. Today, I requested another prescription, but this time they prescribed me a flucanozole prescription that I'm supposed to take for a week straight. (I also haven't had sex the entire time that I've been trying to treat this, so that is not the reason that it's not going away) If that doesn't work, I'm at a loss for what to do. I don't have health insurance, so I can't afford to keep going back to the doctor. If anyone knows of any home remedies that I can use if this next prescription doesn't work, please let me know.
My symptoms are less of an itch and more of a white discharge and pain while urinating. There's quite a bit of discharge though. That's my main problem. Which is partially why we tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Those results came back negative. So preferably, if there are any home remedies that focus on getting rid of the discharge more so than the itch, that would be greatly appreciated.
My doctor seems to think that I got the infection from taking Macrodantin which I use to prevent frequent UTIs. I only take this medication directly after sex. No more often than that. If by some miracle this infection goes away soon, are there any suggestions on how to prevent the YI from coming back? Aside from the obvious: eating less sugars, taking lactobacillus, wearing cotton undies, etc.
I am so ready to get rid of this!! Please please help if you have any suggestions! Thank you!


Take a shower, but make sure you have a removable shower head (the one with a hose) and put the shower head on massage. Hold the shower head in between your legs and just let the water rinse her out. It worked wonders for me and I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I still need to make sure it is YI and not something else, but it will work. It definitely takes care of the itching if it's driving you insane like it was me


Okay, when i first heard about the garlic, i was like, eww you stick it up where, but i was desparate so i tried it. I cut the ends off a clove and peeled some of the clove away and stuck it up there. This may be TMI, but noticed within minutes, that nasty yeast infections discharge just started coming out, like the garlic was forcing it out. Then amazing the itch slowly disappeared!!!!! Oh my goodness it was amazing after being in so much pain after dealing with the itch. It really does work!! Oh and side note. Someone mentioned that monistat can make it worse, please be cautious when you use monistat, cause after looking it up, burning and repeat yeast infections can be a side effect of too much monistat/nystatin use.


Last night I had very bad yeast infection! First I had BV and I was prescribed Metradonale (don't know how to spell it). I hope it cured my BV because it gave me a yeast infection. This is probably my third or fourth time trying using it. Never will use it again thanks to the garlic remedy. I was so sick of over the counter meds and so annoyed of how disgusting the yeast infection was. My parents use garlic in their seasoning and they happened to have the garlic chopped up. Luckily I was able to find a half clove. It was already cut so I didn't have to do anything. I put the garlic in the middle if the messy yeast and went to sleep. I felt the garlic eliminate the yeast! It burned a little but I knew it would be worth it. When I woke up I swallowed a little bit of the chopped garlic and followed it with emergency. Two hours later I took two probiotic pills. I took a shower and the yeast was GONE!!!! I had a little white discharge with little bits of yeast. The messy white clumps were gone! Since I have a little left I put in another clove tonight. I didn't cut it in half but cut the little of the bottom and top of and sliced around it and stabbed it a little with a butter knife. This time I put it all the way up in me. I am going to swallow the garlic against following emergence and probiotics. I will do it for one more night after this. The following 3 nights I plan to insert a vaginal probiotic then next 3 nights will do the garlic remedy! Thank you God for garlic!!

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