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Ladies this may sound weird but, during a really bad yeast infection a couple of years ago, I randomly decided to try saline solution for cleaning contacts. Any off store brand will do. I spray it all over the affected area and let it sit for about five to ten minutes. Then I dry myself off and the yeast infection is gone within an hour and I only have to do it once. I've treated 4 yeast infections with it and it has worked every time.


I tried over the counter stuff but it almost seemed to make it worse, & my Dr office is closed for the next two days so I was pretty desperate. The garlic scared me a little, just because I've seen a lot of comments on how much it burned. I tried coconut oil, & it worked WONDERS. Freeze a small portion of it (shaped like a bullet), & insert when you go to bed (your body temp will melt it pretty quick, so make sure you're lying down afterwards). You can also rub the oil on the area throughout the day & it relieves the itching & burning almost IMMEDIATELY! I only had to apply it twice today & I've been completely itch free.


OK, I have a really, really bad YI. Tried the garlic method, first night it worked like a dream, second night it made the itching an burning WORSE. The only thing I did different was use a bigger clove, I think I will downsize again :(


This gets rid of my Yeast Infections in 2 days.

1.Wash vaginal area and try to get the yeast out (carefully) with your finger.

2. for pain relief: Take hot water with sea salt and if you have a 1/4 tsp of ACV and pour over you vaginal area. I cup it and let it soak in a little. I Also drench my finger in that and put my finger inside to further clean my vaginal canal from yeast. This burns if the YI is severe but after a few minutes the pain and itching is gone!! Best remedy for pain thus far/

3. I make suppositories with Coconut Oil and tea tree oil. I warm coconut oil in a tiny glass jar in warm water so it melts. add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil. (if you've never put tee tree oil up there use 5drops the first time and see how you feel) i carefully swirl the mixture and when it looks evenly blended i put it in the fridge so it hardens again.

4. Then I prep a clove of garlic with thread so that i will be able to pull it out.

5. now i take the coconut/tea tree blend and with a spoon break it up so it is like hard pieces about the size of garlic cloves. I insert that as far in as I can. It feels so soothing b/c it's cool. Now I put the garlic clove in and it almost acts like a plug for the suppository which melts as soon as you put it in.

I do this at night and in the morning. Make sure to wear a panty liner. You will smell like garlic!

I hope this helps someone treat YI naturally!!! I stick by this and once you get the hang it doesn't take much time at all.


hi everyone. I would first like to say that all of your remedies and experiences are absolute testimonies for me! I am 18 years old and since lately, yeast infection has been a consistent problem for me. (PS I'm not sexually active). I've been to doctors who would take one look at my vaj and declare it a YI. the meds would help for a short while but the problem would always return. so I was on pinterest searching for things that came to mind and I stumbled upon home remedies for YI. one common method was GARLIC. I thought it was weird at first but after more reading I decided to hell with it and just tried it. I was surprised that it actually worked, even though I didn't have much doubt. I put a half clove of garlic with a string through it up ma vag and went to bed. I could feel it working! I woke up with a watery liquid that smells like garlic which I read about. but there was no more itching or irritation or redness or soreness. it was great. but that was a few months ago. now I'm back to it and this time, I want to go for 3 days. I hope this offers reassurance to some of u guys!!!


I am posting this for those who have suffered or are suffering with recurring YI.

After years of taking monistat, canestan, fluconazole etc it was inevitable that an immunity to these medications would develop, and as such I found myself for the past two months suffering from an incredibly persistent YI which no amount of medication could help. I turned to home remedies out of desperation..and incredibly I found myself yeast free in just 4 days. Here is what I did:

-Eliminated all sugar,dairy (except Kefir) and grain from diet
-Garlic pills twice a day to kill bad gut bacteria
-Ingest 2 tblsp of Coconut oil daily, again to kill bacteria
-Eat 1/2 cup kefir every morning to replace good gut bacteria
-Take salt vinegar bath every other day.

It really worked for me, hope it will for you.


ok so first things first. DO NOT EVER USE MONISTAT. i tried using monistat 3day (im 16 sexually active but not how i got the YI) it burned to the point where i have rubbed my vagina raw. ouch. anyways, my remedy is simple.
1. take a luke warm (on the cold side) rag and lightly dab the YI. or sit in a luke warm bath
2. push out and in with your vagina (not too hard but enough so you can feel it) lightly dab the yeast off
3. dry off but DO NOT rub or scratch the vagina.
4. next you want some fine chopped garlic, a tiny bit of apple cider or cider vinegar (less than a tea spoon) some antiseptic tea tree oil, destine and some plain yougurt.
5. mix this all up well you should get a cream looking appearance. dab CLEAN fingers, cotton swabs or cotton balls in it and lightly pat and dab inside the vagina opening and lips. repeat this for a few days.

it will keep itching away, and help you heal! it took 4 days for me. i tried many things and found out the odder it was the more it worked.
CAUTIONS: chop garlic as fine as you can. GARLIC BURNS LIKE **** but it is worth it. wear pads or panty liners and DO NOT TAKE HOT BATHS. yeast is almost the same as cooking yeast. thus reacts to heat.


I am 25 and this is my first YI. At first I was just itchy and thought I had cut myself shaving. It is now 3 days later and itchy OMG!! Sooo I thought id do some research. I have looked thru many many symptoms and found that a YI is the only one that fits me, tho ive not had any discharge (that I know of, I am also on my period). I have been taking anti-biotics which explains why I now have a YI, and guess what sugar feeds it!! who would have thought and the only thing I drink is mt. dew. so with a little research I found this site and I must say thank you thank you thank you. I don't have most of what was listed so heres what I did....

I took a wet cotton ball, dipped it in garlic salt and inserted into the vagina. then I took another cotton ball, soaked it in peroxide and whipped down the outer area. YES the garlic salt burns like a b***h for about 10 mins, BUT I am now pain free, itch free and ready for some much needed if the swelling would only go away...


Hello Ladies! So the past few nights I have been experiencing a horrible yeast infection. I had a prescription and I've been eating sooo much yogurt but the itch was insane. So I did some reading and one woman suggested take coconut oil, roll it in plastic wrap so it looks like a mini tampon (1/2 in thick and 3 in long) and freeze it. Once it's frozen insert it like a tampon. It did WONDERS not as cold as you would think. Tips: clean as much yeast out before inserting it. It melts fast. Very messy. Do it before bed, line your underwear, and expect oil on sheets and pants. LAY DOWN. Also, for those like myself who HATE yogurt, I found that plain yogurt was tolerable (and even better for you) if you add orange flavored benefiber! A world of a difference! Good luck!


After fighting with a YI for over a week and using ticonazole I have been scouring the web for relief of the itch. I feel like the actually infection is improving but not fast enough. This is what I came up with... 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of the water that is in my jar of minced garlic. I used an oral syringe worth of fluid and inserted inside. It created a heat sensation but it wasn't unbearable like the itch was. I left the syringe for a minute or so to act like a plug to keep the fluid inside. Once removed the fluid trickled out for a few minutes. I used a cotton ball to wipe down the labial folds. As of now the pain/itch is 95% better. I will probably repeat every few hours. I hope this is helpful to someone!

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