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I've had a hi for about a week now, about two days ago I went and bought the monistat kit. I used it and it felt horrible. I felt no relief at all. Even with the itch cream it came with. Actually it seems like the itch cream made it feel worst... I tried to have sex with my husband but I sstopped because it was extremely uncomfortable and dry. And itchy. So I stopped. Took some warm water.. Stirred some salt into it. Sat on the toilet and poured it down my valine. Almost instant relief!!

Roger Maurice

try colloidal silver.put it in a syringe and insert the liquid in vagina and where the infection is can use the cream version too if available.Now to prepare the colloidal silver or the cream go to you tube-type colloidal silver n u hv tons of info on that. note that this remedy have absolutely no side-effect.


Boric acid and lactobacillus rhamnosus applied in my vajajay.
The itch doesn't go away immediately, but I've been using capsules to help moderate my internal bacteria and ph. I got some bacteria that didn't include pectin in the capsules and alternate with veg capsules I have filled with boric acid bought in health section of store rather than in insect control (could be same for all I know).
When I'm diligent, the infections stay away. But... Washing things that go in prior to use (eg fingers and toys) is also essential for me to keep those recurrent infections away!


Thank you to everyone on here to posted there home remedies. I recently 4 week had 2 surgeries done back to back tubal ligation and bladder sling (had IUD removed too) before being put under was injected with antibiotics and sent home with a weeks worth of antibiotics well within the first week of recovery I ended up with the worst yeast infection I have ever had and to top it off couldn't use any cresms because of the stitches down under. Of they prescribe pill = didn't work then another round = didn't work!! Then because stitches finally have dissolved a cream I wake up the following morning it has spread to my rear and the creases of my groin area. With reading stuff online I found this site and read for about 2 hours...
I decided to clean all yeast infected areas with peroxide, then wiped it with antiseptic then pulled fresh garlic from my garden kept a whole clove for my vajaja, diced the others for other areas mixed it with sea salt wrapped all in gauze placed it in areas of where infection was bad. I have to say I am really suprised this am. Looks much better no itch no burning. Finally some relief looks like I will be doing this every night til it's gone!


Hi everyone,

So right now you're possibly very itchy and very desperate and very sore and did I mention very itchy? I tried about a million things before I found the miracle cure (because when you find the ice that soothes the hell fire of your loins, you might as well have found the Holy Grail).

I suffer from recurring YIs generally before my mensies, and I have been looking for a cheaper and easier way to fix them than prescription meds and doctors appointments and the whole cabodle. Girls, I found it.

Mercurochrome, (or Monkey's Blood depending on which part of the world you grew up in), which is generally used as an antiseptic, works instant wonders for a yeast infection. It's similar chemically to a saline solution, and it's gentle enough not to burn or sting when applied (to a mild infection, although, people differ).

I soaked the tip of a tampon in it and then, well, put the tampon where tampons go. I also cleaned the outside of my vagina with a cotton swab dipped in it. I have to admit I wasn't checking the time, but I'll say that relief came after I had checked all my Facebook notifications. I did this once more, and then voila, no more itch, no more cheesy yuck stuff, no more swelling, nothing.

Also after some more research I saw that they no longer sell Mercurochrome in the USA, Germany or France due to worries about mercury poisoning. I have only used this method once, and have had no bad side effects, how ever it might be better to consult your doctor if you are really concerned. If you live in a country where they no longer sell Mercurochrome, it's garlic and yogurt for you! Please let me know if you try this, and how it goes.


Well starting yesterday i have had a reallybad yi...i usually never get them but i decided to douche(i dont know y) my va jj is on fire with Thick white discharge...when the discharge touches the insid of m va jj it burns like im going to try sticking a whole clove of garlic up there n see what it does!!!..wish me n my va jj luck


An old wives remedy that works with YI, UTI, or, Kidney. I have used it on my daughters and myself. Especially useful before the age of sexual intercourse. Take a washcloth and hold it like a cup under you vagina and pour 1/2 cup of BUTTERMILK. Works like yogurt and the cold helps the burning. Hold it in there about 3-5 minutes. Then gently wipe the remaining up between 'lips'. Used this for years. Source:both mom and mother-in-law


Unfortunately, like some of you, I've suffered with yeast infections my whole life. Ever since I was a toddler, I've gotten them. I'm 19 now, and I'm at a loss for what to do. I've tried yogurt vinegar and garlic, plus the Monistst over the counter, but none of them have worked to remove this infection. I don't Heath insurance to visit the doctor and don't really have the money either, since I'm a full time student. It's been about two months since it started. I have moderate itching and burning. But by far, The worst part for me is the amount and texture of the discharge. It's white, and the consistency of deoderant. If you touch it, it rolls up into little balls, and it's everywhere! It doesn't have any real smell to it. I'm std free, and I'm not sexually active. I've just run out of options for what to do here to get rid of this discharge, any help is greatly appreciated!


Use you blow dryer to completely dry after you shower. Dr suggested this a few months ago and been doing it to keep that candida away.


I have tried the remedies on this post and they are really helpful, I am really glad I found this site. While the itching has gone away, I have swelling still and it's what hurts the most. I don't know if it's how much I irritated it yesterday before trying these ideas. Does anyone have a home remedy that works for this?

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