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I took plain Saline solution and squirted it all around down there and it was instant relief for the itching!


I recommend everybody with irratation frm yi try the garlic clove insert. I read it on this site and tried it and i got instant relief, even works better than the over the counter cream. The results were amazing!!!


Not exactly a home remedy but is natural and maybe well worse the investment, rather than buying prescription creams: I used HMF Candigen vaginal ovules, which contain acidophilus yeast fighting bacteria and garlic clove powder, to clear several yi's. In most cases I had relieve after one night of use. One package has 6 ovules and applicator. One pack was enough for me. I get it from my local health food store.


I have been on antibiotics for 15 days and of course I now have a YI. I have been miserable for the last few hours and found this site. I am currently trying an over the counter treatment for the YI, but the anti itch cream that came with is useless. I tried the saline solution to help with the itching and it helped some but did not take it all away. I tried a mixture of 1 T. aloe vera gel with 6 drops tea tree oil and have found some relief. Hopefully it's enough to sleep tonight and I can go shopping in the morning in order to try the other solutions. I am so glad I found this site!


Im 25 weeks pregnant and my doctor said my tests was showing that I had a yeast infection. I had absolutely no symptoms, so I never picked up the prescription to treat it. Another week passed and still nothing. Well. ..then it came out of nowhere and was completely misery for the next month. Nothing I tried helped. Long story short...probiotics and coconut oil was instant relief. Didn't even need tea tree oil. Never want to go through that again!!


I read through all the other submissions on this topic, and decided to try the coconut oil & tea tree oil remedy. I stirred about a tablespoon of coconut oil with maybe 6 or so drops of tea tree oil. I rolled the mixture into plastic wrap, into a cylindrical form, then put it in the freezer. At night, I broke it in half and inserted one just before bed, and wore a pad in case of oily leakage.

I was worried that the tea tree oil might burn a bit (as others have stated), but it really didn't. It was a cooling sensation, in fact, and not bad at all. A bit of relief immediately.

When I woke up, I was in a much better state than I had been the day before. Not at 100% yet, but a big improvement. I did the same for about 3 days more, I feel like I'm at about 99% free now, might just do one more just to make sure it's all clear.

Hope this helps others who want a more natural cure without those expensive creams. Definitely worth a shot. Hope you all feel better.


I suffered for years (like most who post here) but my solution became more of what NOT to do than a formula or recipe. I stopped using tear-off dryer sheets in my clothes dryer and the problem was solved. The chemicals in those sheets were too harsh for me. Now I know how to prevent yeast infections, but that can be a problem when traveling to visit friends and the lady of the house tries to do me a favor by washing my laundry. I have to hide my underpants so they don't get loaded with chemicals from her dryer sheets.



I am 21 years old and I have not had a yeast infection since I was 15 years old. I don't really remember how long I had it for and what exactly cured it (other than time). All I remember is how UNBEARABLE the creams were for it, they were worse than the infection itself. I am currently dealing with a yeast infection and the itch inside the actual vagina is torture, and worse, I have my period. So every time I stick a tampon up there is just making all of my problems more painful. Then, (I don't know how to scientifically explain this) when I walk sometimes the tampon just moves around a little bit, whether it just be the shape of your vagina that day or your tampon string is just getting tugged by your underwear or the crease of your bikini line, just causing more disappointment when you finally thought you had some itch relief. You would think a shower would give SOME comfort, but it only lasts a matter of seconds.

Being desperate to eliminate the itch, I tried the tea tree oil method that I read in so many comments on here. I used an applicator-less tampon and (sorry if this is graphic, as if my previous rant wasn't) with the tampon string end pointed towards the ceiling, I touched the tip of the tampon into the opening of the bottle of tea tree oil, then flipped it upside down. Think like how you get nail polish remover onto a cotton ball. Just this little amount worked IMMEDIATELY! Within seconds of inserting the tampon (which was very itchy/uncomfortable when doing it without the tea tree oil, yet not with the oil on the tip) I felt nothing. No itch or irritation feeling, and no longer felt every move my tampon made throughout my day. This was a lifesaver so thank you to all the ladies who had this suggestion.

The only con of this method I guess is that when you pee for the rest of the day, be prepared to get a strong wif of the tea tree oil. But I cannot complain when you compare it to what I was dealing with before.


Peggy Baker

I put 1/2tsp of sea salt in 10ozs of warm water....2 pearls of garlic oil & 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide...,layed back in bathtub & poured the warm solution over vagina....felt pain since!


OMG de salt and garlic remed really works..ive had yi for 3days now and i decided to clean my va jj wid salt solution. then i cut a clove of garlic into two den insertd it wid a string thru it so dat i can remove it easily, i kept it in der for like 30mins and took a warm bath then itching n no redness.

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