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305 Home Remedies for Yeast Infections


Use an applicator (like the one that comes with an OTC yeast cream) to insert the plain live culture yogurt. Can thin the yogurt a bit with whole or half and half cream. Wondering if one can get a vaginal over growth of lactobacillus causing more harm there such a thing? All I know is Yogurt works!


1/2 cup salt
1/2 white vinegar

Warm bath water, and allow the water to cool. May take a few days but you will notice results almost immediately


Your sexual partner could have a yeast infection though males show no symptoms. Have him take antibiotics (all of the medicine) to cure it. If he refuses, tell him to get tested. I promise they will opt for the pills vs the stick with cotton insertion.


Reduce sugar from your diet and eat yogurt with active bacterial cultures. Also, soak in a bathtub of sea salt and warm water.


All you need is table salt, a warm bath and a fan! Put enough table salt into warm bath water to make it salty (taste if you like) roughfully about 1/4 to 1/2 cup sit with legs open as long as you like. Then when finished soaking lay in front of fan for about 15 minutes with legs open. if that don't do the trick see a doctor.


Pure boric acid in generic empty gelatin capsules (Health food stores) and slip one into the vagina about a fingertips' length 1x a night and take an Acidiopholus tablet (also Health food store) 2x a day. Drink lots of water and you'll be good to go very soon and without discomfort.


This will work wonders ladies. First take two cloves of garlic which has a natural pain reliever blend the cloves with all the juices into four tablespoons unflavored organic ( it has more good bacterias) yougurt. Fat free yogurt works best. Take mixture and rub it on the inner walls and outer area. repeat daily for three days and you have a clean bill of health.


Put Boric Acid bought from any store in a non gelatin capsule then insert it one fingers length into the vagina at night before you sleep. Do this until the yeast infection disappears. It has never taken me more than two nights, and I get horrible yeast infections. Works like a charm, and you can do it when pregnant.


Wrap a crushed, raw clove of garlic in a piece of gauze & insert into the vagina (without the gauze, it can itch like a mother*******). This works for some people, but usually only for a mild infection.


Soak in a warm bubble bath made with a plain unscented dishwashing soap such as Original Dawn. The tryclosan ingredient in the soap offers INSTANT relief from the itching. Not a cure, but sympton relief in the middle of the night is worth anything. Go see a doctor or buy an OTC the next day.

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