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Put tea tree oil on a tampon and insert. This helps relieve it right away. If needed dab tea tree oil on your finger to cover other infected areas in reach.


I was sick of spending $20 for monistat every time i got a yeast infection (i get them every few months). I went to the drugstore, and picked up a bottle of acidophilus capsules, 100 capsules for around $5. Came home, swallowed one capsule, and inserted a second one in my vagina before going to bed. Woke up the next morning, and the infection was gone! Lactobacillus Acidophilus is the probiotic that naturally controls the yeast levels, so adding more when the yeast is out of control just seemed natural. Things were a bit sticky down there the next morning, but nothing that a shower couldn't fix.


Here is something that aided my yeast infection quickly.

Mix 1 cup plain yogurt, and 3 tablesppons apple cider vinegar in a bowl.

I added the following to the mixture

one 2mg garlic oil supplement(opened with a pair of scissors)

2 Acidphilus caplets(Two billion count caplets opened and stired in)

1 (800MCG) Folic Acid tablet (crushed)


I bought something called Yeast Gard (a hoeopathic formula) and I added 1

The mixture is applied vaginally with a turkey baster ( I purchased a separate one from the one in my kitchen)

Along with the mixture internally, I took one each of Garlic Oil softgel, Folic acid tablet, Acidophilus, and Yeast Gard.

Follow these steps for about 2 to 3 days.

Yeast Free ME:)

Yeast Infections - This works

I read on the boards here and tried the following:

Bath, warm water, one cup of vinegar, lots of salt about one cup, sit and soak
Had a yeast infection for over a week, after my vinegar bath, the smell, the white stuff gone!

Then before going to bed I took one Garlic clove wrapped it in a used bounce sheet (cut the sheet in a lonnng strip, so that it hangs outside of your vagina, this way it wont get lost inside of you over night)
Also you can use cheesecloth, but I didnt have any

Woke up and it , smell, ick and other stuff gone

Repeat bath with vinegar, salt for another 2 nights, and garlic clove for another 2 nights, BUT check yourself to see if the yeast infection is gone after 1-2 nights, then no need to go on to the 3rd night

Drink Cranberry and eat PLAIN yogurt with active baterial culturals



Everything you read here works. I had the worst yeast infection..It was so bad I cried every time I went pee

So here is what you do to get rid of a yeast infection.

1. Eliminate ALL sugar in your diet. Anything you eat or drink with sugar in it has to be gone! Yeast feeds on you need to starve the yeast. After your yeast infection is gone you should also watch how much sugar you eat or drink. Because is you never eat too much...The yeast beast will never come back.

2. If your yeast infection is very painful. You should use one big fresh clove of garlic. Just put it inside your vagina. Not too far though. Leave it for a few hours or overnight. It relieves the pain pretty quickly. But you still need to do other stuff to completely get rid of the yeast infection.

3. You need good bacteria in your body now. So you need Acidophilus. I take Natural Factors Women's Multi Probiotic with Cranberry. Take 2 a day. Then after your yeast infection is gone..Keep taking it to stay healthy. Your body needs good bacteria.

4. You need to wash your vagina with salt. Not just any type of salt. I use Mountain Gold 100% Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt. Put a about 1 teaspoon or a little less into a mug and pour hot water(as hot as you can take)into it. Then go into the bathtub and pour it on yourself and wash the inside of your vagina. Make sure it gets inside. If you can't do it that way just fill up the bathtub with hot water and pour the salt in there and lie there for awhile. If you ever feel the yeast beast is coming back just use the mug and hot salt water and wash the inside. Also its great to wash everytime after intercourse with the hot saltwater. Dry the outside thoroughly.

5. Then you need Aloe Vera. I used JASON
Aloe Vera 98%. Just dab a bit to the outside of your vagina. Not too much though.

All these things that I use can be found at a Health store called The Nutrition House. I cant Guarantee that any other brands will work because I haven't used them.

Good Luck Ladies!


I was worried about putting garlic in my vagina fearing it would get stuck in there..So what I did was wrap the garlic in some cheese cloth and tied it with some dental floss. This way I can easily pull it out witout it getting lost. Do this for a couple of days and you will be doing so much better.

Yeast free

Hydrogen Peroxide kills yeast. Simply pour hydrogen peroxide on the outside and into the front part. Do not rinse. This is also effective for oral thrush which is yeast in the mouth. Hydrogen Peroxides' label states that it is a mouth rinse. It does not hurt at all and it will take the discomfort away immediately. When treating your infection you will notice when you pour it on it will create bubbles. Hydrogen Peroxide is also very affordable.


I had yeast infections about twice a month for almost two years, and I read about a home remedy on the internet. Use Original, Neutrogena bar face soap unscented every night when taking a shower. Wash yourself with this soap, and with contiunal use, it really helps. I tried everything from pills to applying yogurt. The soap has prevented me from having a yeast infection for almost a year.


for a yeast infection: take 2 garlique pills or any brand of garlic pill 3 to 4 times a day when you feel one comming on. do this for about 3 days. i swear it works every woman i know has done this and swears by it. you can find the pills at any pharmacy.and it doesn't make your breath smell (or anything else l.o.l.)


I had a yeast infection for 3 solid years. I tried all these other remedies and more, including several crazy sugarless yeastless diets and multiple courses of every medication the doctor could get me; monistat, diflucan, etc. Nothing helped for more than a week or so. Finally I found something that ended my battle. A couple of drops of tea tree oil mixed with about 4 tablespoons of olive oil. The tea tree oil is antifungal, and the olive oil fosters growth of good bacteria. Don't use too much tea tree oil though, or it will burn. If you have a lot of yeast built up, you need to get it out; my method was to coat my finger with the oil mixture, reach up in there, scoop out the white stuff, and wipe it on a paper towel (obviously, be sure your finger is clean and the nail clipped) Then coat your finger again and repeat as needed, trying to gently scour the whole surface of your vagina including the area around the cervix. This kind of hurts if you have a bad infection, but trust me, it's worth it. Every time I start getting a little itchy, I just put some of my oil mixture in there. I've now been yeast-free for about four years. The other great thing about this is that it's way less messy and gross than topical yogurt or garlic, and way cheaper than prescription. Tea tree oil smells clean and medicinal, like pine or something. It truly changed my life.

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