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I have had a chronic/recurring yeast infection for several years-- I am 22, every time I go to the gynecologist, I am given yeast infection stuff, and have bought monistat a few times because of my yeast infection. This last bout, though, I read up on some information. Candida yeasts live in your gut, too much sugar in your diet and antibiotic use causes the yeast to overgrow. Then, the yeast can move elsewhere in your body other than the gut. A recurring vaginal yeast infection proves there is a yeast imbalance internally! Therefore, monistat only treats the symptoms, and if you are like me, your infection will come back in a few months. I started eating one clove of organic garlic in the morning, chopped, with a glass of water. I eliminated refined sugar from my diet (no soft drinks, cookies, or sugar in my coffee). I also started taking a probiotic, Accu-Flora Probiotic Acidophilius, about $6 at the drug store, because it has 5 kinds of bacteria in it. My symptoms of vaginal yeast infection immediately stopped, however if I stop taking the garlic (garlic is a natural fungicide which will kill candida) and the acidophilius for a few days, symptoms will return. Symptoms leave again after I start this regimen up again. It is so easy, and you address the problem from the inside out.


20 years ago my Gyno told me to use Ivory soap. I know Ladies it is not a girlie smelling soap but I have not had a yeast infection in 20 years.
Trust me it works, I told my Best Friend about Ivory and she wished I would have told her 10 earlier.


This is not a complete treatment, but it is a powerful addition to the course you decide to take:

There are so many natural food wonders that can cure what ails you and the cranberry is one of the best when it comes to infection.

Do not bother with the cranberry juice cocktails or those cranberry juices with added sugars, since we know yeast thrives on sugar. Unsweetened cranberry juice is the way to go. If it's too bitter, (if you feel comfortable with the fact that yes, honey does contain 'sugar') you might make it tastier by diluting with water or mixing a little honey in it, which does contains yeast infection fighters.


This works for yeast or bv. I got them all the time. what was bad was my yeast infection always turned into a bv infection all the time and was so tierd of going to the docter and spending money so I looked all over the internet and tryed everything and nothing worked finally I came across this:

fill a glass with peroxide about half way. add alittle water. fill a baster (what you use for turkey) up and use it like a dush. hold it in you for 5 min. then push it out. it may sting at first but its actually good its cleaning out the bad bacteria and puting good in. use for 7 days and your great, and the first day you use it the iching and gross smell is gone. I also poor alittle peroxide on the outside of my vagina just to make sure its gone.

I'v been doing this for 3 years now and it works great. I thank god for this little remedie.


Many women get get yeast infections due to hormonal changes either right before or during menstruation, which can be prevented by getting on a birth control pill and talking to your doctor about skipping the last week. Wearing a wet swimsuit for too long causes them too, so don't walk around in that bikini for too long after your're done swimming. You also shouldn't take baths too often because the water that gets inside is a breeding ground and needs time to drain before you take another.
Also, if it isn't clearing up you may have a bacterial infection, which is really similar and requires an anti-biotic. That can be caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria, either adding the bad or taking away the good. (Which is douching shouldn't be done frequently.) Scented tampons as well as toilet paper can cause it. Half the time it is caught as an STI. Even a little bit of bacteria left on the penis after anal sex can lead to an infection after vaginal intercourse. You and your partner both need to be treated, even though he won't show any symptoms, because you can give the infection to him, and you don't want to be in an endless cycle of treatment and catching an infection again.

Hope that helped:)


I've had a yeast infection for about 3 months now. At first I tried monistat and that didn't work so I went to the doctor and they put me on a 7 day treatment that didn't work, and then they gave me 4 diflucan pills that didn't work. At last they gave me some gynazole, and that didn't work either. They told me that I just needed to 'wait it out' which was ridiculous because it's been 3 months and nothing was working! I was feed up so I tried looking up some natural remedies. Two days ago I started eating foods that are alkaline (stay away from acidic food!) and stopped eating foods that feed to yeast (ex cheese, sugars). Then I take a 1000mg pill of garlic and drink a glass of water mixed with raw apple cider vinegar twice a day. It's been two days since I've tried this and I feel like it's already gone!! Good luck... :)


Ok so I've suffered from frequent yeast infections since I was 18 and I'm 25 now and it was not until I read the ideas listed on this site that I finally took the initiative to stop this condition from inflicting my body any longer. I took the tips I received from on here along with extensive medical research and my own knowledge of what I knew about yeast infections to take the following daily steps:

1. Every night I sleep with a tampon that has been soaked in garlic and apple cider vinegar (two anti-yeast ingredients)

2. Right before my daily shower I lie on my back with a towel underneath me to protect my bedsheets (or the floor) with a my vagina injected with a special formula that I created it which is a combinational cream of:

-olive oil, apple cider vinegar, chopped garlic, and all natural, organic soy yogurt from a natural food store.

This basically replaces Monistat which is just full of chemicals and extra crap your body does not need.

3. I shower my vagina only ONCE per day and when I do I clean it with a little bit of olive oil or again, the apple cider vinegar and rinse it off with hydrogen peroxide. No nasty soaps, no Dove, nothing but the purest form of cleansers.

My yeast infection is about 95% cleared up but it will be 100% when I stick to this regimen that I laid out.

This along with completely changing my diet is what has led my vagina to be the healthiest its been in 6 years! I eat as little sugar as possible (to say no sugar whatsoever is nearly impossible) I eat lots of foods with apple cider vinegar included in it, and have eliminated all chemicals and non-organic all natural ingredients that are in foods from my body including but not limited to:

-bleached flour
-lauryl saufate (from soaps)

Good luck ladies! My sex life has improved a lot! Let's get those flowers healthy again!


I have had cronic yeast infections for 15 years. I tried everything, doctor after doctor, prescription creams, diet, boric acid, yogurt, ...everything. Thus by the glory of the coconut, I started to take, by mouth, a spoonful of coconut oil(organic) every morning. I have not had a yeast infection since.


Apply a couple of drops of tea tree oil on the affected area until it clears up. Depending on the severity, the symptoms ease up almost immediately. Repeat daily until the condition clears up. As the oil has a strong scent I use it at night when I go to bed then shower in the morning, then reapply at night. Give it a chance. Tea tree oil also known as Melaluca is a great anticeptic. I also use it for incoming cold sores and acne. Just zap with a drop of oil directly on the problem area.
This has proven effective for me,


I eat yogurt twice a day til the yeast infection is gone. My mother told me about this and it works. First time I tried it the yeast infection was gone the day after i tried it. If the yeast infection is really bad try eating yogurt three times a day.

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