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This one left me feeling great all day.

One 1bil acidophilus capsule emptied and mixed into about an oz of plain yogurt.

I cut a clove of garlic into chunks and let it 'marinate' in the yogurt for a few minutes. Then I actually poured the yogurt (minus garlic chunks) in, rolled the tpoon in the rest and inserted.

Periodically (and after peeing), I'd use a folded paper towel to pat on diluted tea tree oil, peroxide and ACV. Worked pretty great and left me pain and itch free all day!


My yeast infections cleared up when I stopped take Birth Control Pills.


Cure for yeast infection. Wash area with warm water, then apply extra virgin Coconut oil. Hold a clump of solid coconut oil on toilet paper up at the hole of your vagina and let it melt into you, stand and squat your legs open to receive the oil, take deep breaths and feel it melt into you. If you have clean fingers you can put coconut oil on your finger and rub it around the opening of your vagina. Works best if used at first sign of yeast infection. Yet still works later on. Also try Extra Virgin Olive oil and soothe your flower to peace and ease again.Goodluck. And Yes eat plain sugar free yogurt.


Silver biotics have been amazing 4 me ,1 tsp every morning keep my every month yeast infections away I also have IC (feel like a UTI) at bay :)


I learned that everytime I took any kind of antibiotic I'D SOON AFTER HAVE A YEAST INFECTION....THEY ENOUGH TO TEST YOUR SANITY.But I have found that if you keep yourself clean down there, wash with dove sensitive skin,and take some corn starch and put it on your vagina.It calms the itching and burning feeling.It helped me out a great deal.....GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!


Pick up a package of Tea Tree Oil suppositories and insert one into the vagina. One will usually wipe out the infection, but if not use another the next day. The package should cost about 12 dollars and you can leave them in the fridge. The cooling will help with the pain/itching.


For those of you who believe our emotions play a part in getting recurring yeast infections you may find this interesting.

The probable emotional cause for a yeast infection is, denying your own needs, not supporting yourself, feeling very scattered, lots of frustration, and anger, demanding and untrusting relationships, great takers, stagnating beliefs, refusal to release the past, or letting the past rule today.

New thought Pattern or Affirmation: 'I now choose to support myself in loving and joyous ways. I give myself permission to be all that I can be, and I deserve the very best in life. I love and appreciate myself and others. I live in the present moment, joyous and free!'


2 tablespoons plain fat-free yogourt
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

douche every night with this all-natural, anti-yeast mixture and your yeast infection will be gone in a few days!
good luck ladies!


I would like to hear more from any women who have successfully treated bacterial infection, I struggled with that for about 2 years in my 20's, when I left my boyfriend of that time, no more bv. Unfortunately my husband had an affair a few months back and now I am struggling with it again, and yes I firmly believe that it is sexually transmitted, I hadn't had a problem until his affair. I used metrogel about a month ago and am now getting it again, I know how hard it can be to get rid of.

Now some advice on yeast infection. Yogurt is great, eating it and using as a cream in the vagina. At one point years ago I had a really bad yeast infection, so at yogurt but also two gel caps of garlic oil in the vagina every night for about a week, and took garlic capsules by mouth too, I took so much it was basically coming from my pores! But it completely cleared it up and since then the only time I have gotten yeast infection is when I was pregnant and that was easily cleared by diflucan. I also did a no-yeast diet, which is basically no sugar or carbs for six weeks. It is a little tough, and you will get sick after a few days because of the toxins of the dying yeast. But after this diet I had no yeast infections, clear skin, and no heartburn for over a year. It is well worth it to clear out all yeast from your body.


SO, I read up on the remedies for vaginal yeast infections. I was kind of embarrassed to tell my hubby, what I was going to go to the gyno for so I tried the garlic. I got a tampon and took off the little thread. Then, I took a clothes pin and pushed it to the garlic so I would the whole would be puntured on both end and I pushed the thread thru. Then I just inserted the garlic clove overnight and it was gone! No more itchiness, burning, weird discharge, NOTHING! And the best part was that I didn't have to tell my husband! He was trying to go indoors and he felt the string and just said, gosh you're early! All I said the next day was, 'False alarm'!!!!

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