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I've struggled with being prone to yeast infections ever since I was put on birth control pills as a teenage (I went off them many years ago, but I think my body chemistry is permanently wacked).

As far as I can tell, the key to creating a hostile environment to yeast is pH. An alkaline environment makes the yeast happy, but an acidic environment kills it.

-Most soaps are naturally alkaline, so I try to avoid using them on my junk. I find that antibacterial face washes or tea tree oil soap work nicely. Above all, only wash the outside-- getting soap up inside is going to wreck havoc with your pH.

-Whenever I feel the first merest tingle of discomfort, or notice that my nether goo is thicker than usual, I drink vinegar. It makes me gag a little whenever I do it, but it really helps. I use rice vinegar, because it has a milder flavor, and basically just pour a healthy half inch of it into a glass, dilute with just enough water that I can still toss it back in one gulp, and then immediately chase it with a glass of Emergen-C so that I don't retch. (I figure the Emergen-C helps boost my immune system, too, which is good, and also doesn't react too negatively with the vinegar in my belly. Like, say, milk.) If I do this once a day, I pretty much never even get any symptoms, but if I slack off and get some minor irritation, I do it 2 or 3 times a day, and that usually takes care of things pretty quick.

-When I do actually have a full-blown yeast infection, I've found that lemon works better for me than garlic. I basically just cut a wedge of lemon, trim all the skin and pith off, and kinda swab it around inside my pussy and leave it there for a minute. Then I just take it out, maybe swab a little extra lemon juice on any particularly itchy labia, and go about my life as normal without washing it off for at least an hour. Do not leave the lemon wedge inside you for more than a minute, though, or you can inadvertently ceviche yourself (for those who don't watch the obsessively, ceviche is a Spanish method of 'cooking' raw fish by pickling it in lemon juice. Yum!) If you want a more gentle method, I'm sure you could douche with diluted (FRESH-- not bottled!) lemon juice or something, I guess. I totally won't think you're a wuss. ;D

-I totally believe in birth control, but man, oh, man, pretty much everything is evil. I finally went and got an IUD because everything else was making it more likely that I would get a yeast infection. The pill? *shudder* Spermicide? Evil. EVIL EVIL EVIL. If you're not desperate enough (like me) to go out and get a rod of copper shoved up through your cervix, and your birth control method involves spermicide of some sort (most condoms, for example, are slathered in the stuff), then all I can advise is that you make sure to wash your bits immediately after sex and then maybe smear a bit of lemon juice or straight vinegar along your inner labia to help keep things more towards the acidic end of the spectrum.

-While we're on the subject of sex, let's discuss communication. I've had more than my fair share of partners, and a ridiculous percent of them (mostly the male ones, but, shockingly, some of the females, too!), seem completely unaware that the very same bacteria that live happily and symbiotically in our intestines can have tragic results when they are introduced into the vagina. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've had to interrupt a perfectly lovely makeout session to try to figure out how to politely explain to someone that anything they have used to directly interact with my asshole in any way is no longer fit for my pussy's company. So many guys think they're being daring and kinky by slyly rubbing a finger against my ass, and then they think somehow it's ok to go and use that same finger to try and rub my clit? And then it's my job to have to stop them and explain why? It's awkward! It's uncomfortable! It sucks! But damnit, a yeast infection is way more awkward and uncomfortable than just working up the nerve to be explicit about what is and isn't ok for someone to do with your body. So join me, ladies! Let's educate the world! Safe sex isn't just about what diseases your partner may have, it's also about the ways they touch you, and even about the very bacteria your own body is already harboring.

Phew. This is exhausting. I can't think of anything else. Drink lots of water, I guess. That's always a good idea. Good luck!


Hi everyone,

I have suffered from yeast infections for almost all my life, (am 31 now). I found that I would get only 2 days relief from messy cream medications and oral Diflucan. I finally saw a great OB/GYN who immediately started me on Boric acid suppositories. So, I take (vaginally) two capsules a week, dose is 500 mg. Since starting I feel incredible and do not have any more problems. You can buy Boric acid OTC and make your own pills or go to a compounding pharmacy and they will make the pills for you.

Also, whoever posted to put honey on the external vulva: that is a really really bad idea since yeast thrives on sugar. Please do not follow that advice.


External Yeast Infections

I asked a pharmasist what I could do for the external yeast infections that I get. He surprised me with the answer-and it WORKS. Diaper Rash ointment. Make sure it has Zinc. I prefer the A&D with Zinc and Aloe. Here's how it works:

Diaper rashes is basically a fungus. You cure this fungus with of course diaper rash ointments.
Yeast infections are a form of fungus.

I've tried that stuff from the doctor that smells like something died, like I REALLY wanna do that again? Not. So I tried the Zinc diaper rash ointment like the pharmasist told me. And It worked within a couple days. And it smells better than something died.


For vaginal yeast infections;
01. Keep the vaginal area clean by using clean water.
02. Dont use any chemical substance on the vaginal area, excessive cleansing using vaginal wash etc must be avoided.
03. Apply non flavoured/non sweetened organic yogurt on the affected area and keep for about 30 minutes. Do not insert this into the vagina and use only on the exterior of the vagina
04. Drink king cocnut
05.Drink lot of water
06. Always use clean hygenic toilet papers and clean toiletts and wipe from top to bottom.
07. CONSULT A GYNEOCOLOGIST ASAP in a severe infection


Hi, I've had a yeast infection for several months now but recently it got worst. So I went to the store and bought Monistat 3, though it helped with the burning inside it didn't help with the itching outside. The yeast had already covered a large area, it was just got out of control. So I read several remedies and decieded to go for apple cider vinegar. I got a clean towel poured some vinegar on it and cleaned the whole area with it. I am not going to lie, the pain is horrible but it lasts about 10 minutes. With the vinegar you can actually see where the yeast is growing, it's horrible to see how the yeast is growing in your skin. I did this twice in one day. The second time I was actually able to tell how some of the yeast had already died. In the morning I did it again and again there was less yeast and yes less pain. The vinegar burns where it is killing the yeast. I hope this helps. The pain is horrible but the fact that the yeast is actually growing in your skin is much worst. Believe me it really works and the itching goes away.


I have a yeast infection since 2004 including oral thrush - i have tried everything - dr gave me nystatin liquid to swish and swallow, creams, fluconizole, diflucan,nystatin powder.... everything seems to almost get rid of it but never quite... i often feel like they dont give me enough medication or something... whatever the issue it just hasnt worked. So for the thrush, i have been dumping salt on my tongue the past few days and guess what!?! its going away!!!!! i dont have as much white looking stuff or sore red blotches anymore! there is still a little bit of a thin white coating on my tongue but im sure that too will pass!!! i am so excited.... i have to find out how to use the salt on the rest of my bosy like my scalp and shins and groin area and nails... i have been batteling this forever. i still dont know the cause - i am hivaids free i have been tested about 7 times over the past several years.


I went to my OB and she gave me diflucan and I waited it out for a week. My symptoms improved a bit but I was growing impatient since I had already been battling a yeast infection for about 5 months.

I filled the tub about half way and put 1 cup and a half of vinegar and water. I sat in the tub for about 20 minutes and already felt some relief. I dabbed the area dry then soaked some toilet paper with hydrogen peroxide and also dabbed it on the area right after my bath. It burned for a bit but I feel total relief at this point! I'm going to continue for a few days to see if it completely goes away. I'm also taking cranberry pills and acidophilus pills. Hope this helps


I use tea tree oil for my yeast infections. It works WONDERS. However, the key is to make sure you dilute it properly, and you must insert it directly into the vulva.
So here's the what you need (it works, I promise):
Vegetable Capsules (you can get these at any natural vitamin store), 100% Oraganic Tea Tree Oil, Pure Vitamin E oil.
1.In the V-Cap, put in 3 drops of 100% organic Tea Tree Oil.
2. To that, add 6 drops of the vitamin E oil, so that you have a 3:6 ratio of Tea Tree to Vitamin E oils in your capsule. You can make several of these and store them for later use.
3. Take one of these 'suppositories' and insert it directly into your vagina with your finger. Do this once in the morning, and once before bed for 2 days.
4. By the end of the second day, you should be yeast free!!!

I rarely ever get yeast infections (only have had 2 in my life) but this destroys them immediately. Hope this helps you too!


wow for a yr I had this thick cottage cheese stuff and was on many many strong dose of medication from doctors. Just when I think it was goin away i went back to the doctor and asked for an extention on my meds but it didn't work . I thought I tried everything. I was gettin so frustrated I thought it was pre menopause?? but I knew it started from a tooth infection. So after tryin Probiotics and acidopholic for about 6 months and asked many ppl I didn't care who I talked to in a I finally went to my local Fred Myer and asked the Organic specialist that was working and told her my situation and she put me to do the candida test, I did and it showed I had yeast in my body. So than I went on the candida cleanse, and 50 billion probiotic which I read wrong and took 10 - 15 pills in the mornin and Went back to get more and they told me I was suppose to only take 1 am/ but it didn't bother me at all. I ended up buyin more with probiotic smoothie Kefer. After the 2nd week I started notice I wasn't gettin any cheesy thing. I finished everything to this day will keep takin the probiotic but only take the 14 billion 2x a day. But I am so glad to finally meet someone to help me. I really think cause i took so much probiotic in the beginnin that help get to the problem. I should also say that I did watch what I ate for the first week cause it was no sugar, white bread, pasta I almost bought all new food but the lady at fred myers said no just watch what you eat and cut down till all my food gone than buy new food. but lucky I didn't have to do that. I am so happy I feel normal again.


use garlic and a piece of ice for about 30 secs to 1 minute to reduce the swelling and ease the pain.

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