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I have suffered from reoccuring Yeast Infections and BV ever since I was put on high, long doses of antibiotics for a Staph Infection four years ago.
I would take medications for the BV and would get a Yeast infection right afterwards. Then, I would take a pill for the Yeast infection and that would trigger another BV infection. It was a never ending cycle.
There have been times when I didn't even have any symptoms and my doctor would tell me I have a Yeast Infection during my papsmear. He said I didn't have symptoms probably due to the fact that I wasn't sexually active.
I have tried EVERYTHiNG! One thing that did help me was:
2 teaspoons of Hydrogen Peroxide diluted with water used as a douche. I used an empty Sumers Eve bottle. Then natural Greek Yogurt (I used Chobani or Feegi) inserted inside vagina, I used the little plastic dispenser that comes with Monistat. This might get a little messy so I did it at night with a unscented panty liner. Avoid anything scented and don't use fabric softner for your clothes. No tight clothes or thong underwear. I also boiled Parsley Root (might have trouble finding this at your local grocery store) in water, sweetend with just a little of organic honey. This tastes horrible but helps a lot.
Keep your private area as dry as possible to prevent itching and burning and to keep your skin from getting sore.
I hope this helps for anyone suffering from Yeast Infections. I know how uncomfortable it is. This has helped me a lot, I went from having a yeast infections every other month to having one about once a year.

MG in Virginia

I have discovered a remedy that is long lasting in its effectiveness and soothing rather than painful. Believe me I have tried it all from the conventional to the outlandish and this one is the best! COCONUT OIL! It is a potent anti-fungal and is soothing and heals up the raw skin. Buy extra virgin organic coconut oil. Whole Foods has it. Any brand will do. Melt some in a small pan, just a few tablespoons will do. Slather it everywhere inside and out. Soak an organic tampon in the remaining coconut oil and insert it and leave it in overnight. I guarantee you will be amazed at how much better you feel. My yeast infection that had recurred for years did not come back until I had to take antibiotics again.


This worked for me when all else failed. What you will need.
Apple Cider Vinegar.
Natural Plain Youghurt with probiotics in it. Sesame oil.
An empty squeezeable drink bottle I used a pump drink bottle.
An syringe, (no needle, you can buy these from a pharmacy)

Make a solution of one quater apple cider vinegar and top up with water in a the drink bottle. Lay down on the bathroom floor on a towel insert the drink bottle into the opening of your vagina and squeeze the solution in. Try and keep it in as long as possible, then sit on the toilet and let the excess come out. Then fill the syringe up with the yoghurt and again lay down and squeeze into your vagina. Clean up any excess. Massage some sesame oil around your vagina and labia. Try these things to twice a day, but dont worry if you cannot do that many just once i.e. at bed time will also work. But do massage the oil in whenever you can, it really soothes and takes away the rawness. Keep up the treatment for at least a week to ensure that the infection has gone. Although you should see a difference after three days. Also try and eat a few table spoons full of the youghurt a few tmes a day and chop up a clove of raw garlic and swallow it down with a glass of water twice a day. Remember to use the oil especially if you are going to excercise,even after the infection is cleared it will save you any chaffing and the risk of the infection returning. My infection was bought on by running and cycling. Of course always wear cotton knickers. Make sure you do not use perfumed toilet paper. Switch to a sensitive laundry powder to wash underwear and towels. I found a bonus that my stomach went flat too as i think the infection had made me bloated the garlic and yoghurt cleared all candida from my body. Stay with this it works. Good luck :-) I have lots of advice for natural cures, so feel free to post me a question back

Katie from Oklahoma

I struggled with chronic yeast infections for over a year and tried EVERYTHING I could find online to help as well as all of the advice from my gynecologist. Nothing helped and I would still get 2-3 YIs each month. I was miserable! Then another doctor suggested I use a probiotic called Florastor while I was taking a lengthy run of antibiotics since I knew that would definitely flare up the YIs. I took Florastor twice daily during the 3 week run of antibiotics and guess what, NO YIs WHATSOEVER!! I take it once a day now and have yet to have another one. I highly recommend the product to anyone with issues. YIs are so awful to deal with, esp chronic ones. The only downfall is that the product is fairly pricey. But compared to what I was spending on over-the-counter meds, it more than pays for itself.


I want to thank the women of this site who have given me the answer to years of searching. I've had a systemic yeast infection for more than 10 years and 25 years of vaginal yeast infections due to chronic bladder infections and antibiotics. I've taken every anti-fungal on the market, tried every homeopathic and herbal remedy I could find. I did 2 years on the strictest candida diet imaginable. I tried garlic, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, I've done it all. However, somehow in my quest I had never heard of trying salt and hydrogen peroxide. Yesterday in my desperation I tried again Gentian Violet then last night I added to it Hydrogen Peroxide (inside and out) and Epsom salt directly into the vagina and I went to bed. This morning after a shower I noticed that a weird rash that I've had on my stomach and thighs for I don't know how long is normally pink. This morning it's brown and fading. I didn't even know it was yeast, but it's dead! To be on the safe side I added this morning more salt and Hydrogen Peroxide inside and out plus I added a couple of garlic gel caps and a vitamin E gel cap to sooth things plus some grape seed oil that's an anti-inflammatory (among other things). I'm waiting to see how I'm feeling a few days from now when I'm not so raw, but I'm so excited to have found such a simple remedy that know one in the medical community or anywhere else seemed to know.
PS. for those of you with chronic bladder infections try U-Tract Complete it's the only thing that's worked for me to keep me from getting sick every time I have sex plus it got rid of my chronic inflammation in my bladder that made me miserable for years.
Thank you all again


For yeast/skin infections on the exterior area.

Many of the suggestions up here seem like good options - particularly use of tea tree oil (since it is good against both bacterial and fungal infections), use of hydrogen peroxide, etc.

Two suggestions I might make are, after taking a shower, then also soaking in slightly chlorinated salt water (consider using iodinized salt) - 1/2 of bleach and 1 cup salt to a full tub. Soak for 20 minutes or so. Rinse off afterwards to get excess off. Pat dry the area with a clean washcloth that you wash in hot water with bleach and use a new one each time. Let the area then air dry for a while, before putting on clean cotton underwear (that was also washed in hot water with bleach).

At the same time, take Zicam cold tablets. Zinc appears to have good effect on fungal and skin infections. Consider also taking probiotics, garlic and other dietary efforts to help your system fight the infection. If it gets worse then obviously consider seeking medical help or going to stronger efforts.

I found that one problem with these infections is that you might succeed in fighting the fungal only to get a bacterial infection, or get contact dermititis (allergy), just inflammation/irrigation, or excessive dryness. Many times the problem is compounded by having to regain balance between the good bateria, food fungus, etc that naturally is in your skin/system. Once this balance is off, it is hard to regain and creams/topical medicines can start swinging you in one direction or the other. The more you can do by NOT putting something on for extended periods of time there you might fair better.

If you are trying a ton of stuff on it and it seems to be getting worse, it may be that you have won your original war (fungal) and it is now going in the opposite direction - bacterial, dryness, irrigation. If that is the case you might try to stop everything but the chlorinated salt baths, use a gentle skin conditioner with oatmeal and no other fragrances, and after that rinse off the excess, drying the area gently and let it air dry. Take the dietary efforts at this time since those can work without irritating the area.

Lastly, if you have a fungal infection, consider avoiding sugar, particularly very sweet desserts. Fungus feeds on sugar in your bloodstream (which is why diabetics have problems with fungal infections). Some will tell you that you should avoid all sugars including breads, etc. That can be tough - but at least consider cutting out desserts, white flower where you can, and eat a balanced diet.


I don't know if this would work for everyone. I have struggled with Yeast Infections for almost 10 years. This was about the time I went off birth control. I thought it was my diet, sweating while working out, numerous other things. I have tried everything and went to every Doctor imaginable.
About 2 months ago I had an appointment for a yeast infection with another OBGYN because mine was unavailable. She decided to put me back on Birth Control Pills and within less than a month, I have been YEAST FREE! I feel soooooo much better and I am just overwhelmed with Joy. My Doctor stated that my hormones have just been off balance. Good/Bad Bacteria, Alkaline/Acid, etc....Like I said I am not sure if this will work with everyone but I was willing to try ANYTHING!! GOOD LUCK!!


I have suffered with yeast infections off and on for years. I have learned that my yeast infections have a direct correlation to how much sugar I eat. When I take in too much sugar, I get a yeast infection. Then, I did a lot of research on sugar and how it affects and compromises your immune system. So, if you want to avoid yeast infections, lay off the sugar.


Up until about 20 minutes ago, I had been struggling to kill off a humdinger of a yeast infection for a week. It was caused by Penicillin v potassium prescribed by my oral surgeon ( I had surgery on my jaw a week and a half ago). Anyway, the itchy began on Tues and the OTC YI meds just toned it down on Wens enough for me to sleep and by today (Friday), the infection was so bad my thighs hurt. First, I called my nurse practitioner and she said to try Diaper Ointment with Boric Acid and Zinc. I couldn't believe it -- I painfully waddled to the kids bathroom, got out my trusty Boudreaux's Butt Paste, that I've used on my kid's butt for 3 years (Boric acid and zinc). Second, I called my grandmother who was a nurse practitioner -- said said swab the inner walls with Hydrogen Peroxide with sterile gauze. It will burn, but just for a few seconds. It is worth it. The peroxide is a quick kill.
Lastly, I called my mom, who is a total hippie and she said eat a king's ransom in garlic and plain active culture yogurt for the next three days. So, 1. I swabbed with peroxide, thoroughly. Just short of soaking myself in it. I also swabbed around the inner thigh and buttocks with a different sterile gauze. I used about seven gauze packages and washed my hands after each. I let my self to the 'Ouch Ouch Ouch' drying dance, telling myself 'Suck it up, Woman!'. Then I took the tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste and slathered myself in it, and inserting just enough inside to ward off demons. Lastly, I am having chopped garlic in butter over penne tonight, with a side of thyme and garlic tea and a cup of thick plain greek 100% organic yogurt.

As far as the Butt Paste... It's like someone put out a 5 alarm fire in my nether regions. All it took was 5 minutes.



I read all the remedies for yeast infections and decided to go with garlic. All I have to say is WOW! The pain and itching went away so fast and I noticed a decrease in the cottage cheese goop (for lack of a better name) All I did is cut a square of cheese cloth, place a large piece of garlic on it (I lightly ran a knife down the sides of the garlic a few times before placing it on the cheese cloth) I tied a string, securly to the cloth right under the garlic and inserted it right in...well, you know where. I, personally, did not get a burning sensation. Just instant relief; no itching, no pain. AMAZING! I also had yogurt for breakfast and one at dinner (the low calorie has less sugar, I can't choke down plain)and last of all I drank 1/4c water with 1tbls of apple cider vinegar, once in the morning and once at night. Good luck!

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