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miss relieved

I had a really bad yeast infection for about 2weeks tried over the counter Med and nothing worked I was already to the point where it just felt raw I tried this remedy that told me to use a douche bottle fill it half with water and half with peroxide then to follow by filling the bottle with water rinsing 4 to 5 times next you use plain yogurt the applicator will be fr a tampon I was surprised that within a few hours the redness went away and I feel a lot better and it was cheap too


After alot of research as well as trial and error, I finally found a cure for me. I never thought the garlic clove on a string idea would be it, but I'll be darned. I can get rid of an infection in a night or two. Simple take a fresh clove of garlic, poke a hole through the middle, thread some string through, tie, then insert. I just keep it in overnight, then discard in the morning. One or two nights should take care of it. And weirdly, you do not smell like garlic the next


I have had my fair share of yeast infections. Recently, I had an infection so bad that, it didn't clear up after 3 rounds of Monistat 3! At $16.99 a pop, I was really getting frustrated. So, I started looking up home remedies for yeast infections, and I eventually found what worked for me:

At the first sign of itching/irritation, put a large clove of garlic into the vagina. (The larger the clove, the easier it is to remove.) I prefer to make a few shallow slices in one side to 'increase' the dosage. Then, I take some dental floss, thread it through a sewing needing, and sew a string through the garlic clove. This latter part is just to make removal of the garlic as easy as possible. You may choose to do this at night, since you do get a 'garlicky' taste in your mouth when the garlic is inside you. Sometimes it really tastes like garlic, and sometimes it's just a tickling sensation in the back of your throat. Most of the time, one night of doing this cures the infection. If the infection is really bad, repeat this procedure for two to three nights.

For outer irritation, I have found that diluting a few drops of tea tree oil in about a tsp of olive oil (no flavored provides instant relief from the itching and burning when applied to the irritated portion of the outer labia. It's very economical too! The relief usually will last about an hour before you need to reapply some of the tea tree oil mixture.

I hope this helps!


After reading several pages of suggestions I opted to try Garlic. The itch and pain had become so intense I couldn't even leave the house to head for a drug store.

I chopped the garlic and put it in a spray bottle. Ten minutes after spraying the effected area I felt immense relief.

I continued to spray for the past 24 hours and, althogh I smell like an Italian restaurant, I feel a thousand times better.


I was using some old monistat I had from a few years ago. I ran out while I still had symptoms. I decided to use yogurt. I think any PLAIN one would work, but I used Dannon Greek Oikos because it is of a thicker consistency. You want to get as much in your vagina as possible.

1. Get plastic tampon, aluminum foil.
2. Remove smaller applicator part, cotton part.
3. Spoon yogurt into bigger tampon part.
4. When you have filled it up enough, wrap aluminum foil around top of smaller applicator part (you don't need alot of foil)
5. Re-assemble tampon.
6. Apply like Monistat treatment!

I like to put mine in the freezer. Really helps to soothe that burning itch.


I wanted to share this with anyone that is having a yeast infection problem. I started having yeast from having sex or bubble baths it got so bad that the over the counter meds were just taking my money. My doctor gave me a one day medication and it did nothing.I started going to the health food store and buying pills to clear it up but once I stop taking them the ugly yeast came back. I started researching and found this site and decided to use the Hydrogen peroxicde to douch with for 7 days.I replaced the bubble bath with epson salt and peroxicde and still enjoy my me time. I now have no more yeast infections. Thanks for post it saved me from going crazy, such good information.


Ok so I've never had a yeast infection and didn't know the symptoms so I looked up different diseases of the female anatomy. I think it was a yeast infection starting. Anyway I applied some colloidal silver (about 8 drops) to my vagina and let it be overnight. In the morning I felt good and throughout the day I felt a little pain coming on, but not as bad as before. I also ingested a little CS as well. The next day I think it was healed because there was no pain or anything and even almost a week later I'm pain/irritation-free and I think the colloidal silver really helps. I use 500ppm Nature's Path brand. I hope this can help you as well.


I have found that folic acid twice daily will rid your body of yeast. I was skeptical at first but it has been the only thing that got rid of a terrible yeast infection that I had off and on for a course of 9 months. I hope this helps.


hi..i got a yeast infection too actually for a month now this is the longest...coz before in 7years up to now i got yeast infection 6times as i remembered but the previous is like 1 day or a week then it was gone.. my doctor gave me antibiotics and some flagyl suppositories before but i think my body is immune now to this this time its the longest then i do some research and found this site..i tried hydrogen peroxide, garlic,apple cider then i decided to try this epsom salt that i've read here..after douching with warm water w/ apple cider vinegar 2tbs. and 2 tbs of epsom salt, i put epsom salt directly..what i did is coated my fingers with epsom salt then put it inside my vagina it really hurts,then went to bed with no undies...when i woke up i notice a less discharge and everything..the following days i still put epsom salt but it doesnt hurt now ...its still itching but not like before.salt really kill yeast.thank u for this advice. but everytime i did this natural remedy i pray to God to heal me coz above all this remedy He is the one who can heal us all...Godbless ladies and Goodluck!


Okay, so, I've been stuck with a yeast infection for the past two days. It hurts, 'down there' is swolen and red. Here's what I did to help. First, I took some benadryl (not sure if I spelled that right.) and drank a cup of tea. Sleep helps your body heal itself faster. I washed off the outermost parts with hydrogen peroxide. It hurts, but it's worth it, trust me. Then I filled up my bath tub to where the water is just above my hips, as hot as I could handle. I took a turkey baster (sounds gross, I know, bear with me.) and sat in the bath tub. I used the baster to flush out the inside of my vagina. The INSANE itching has stopped. It still aches, but it's not nearly as bad, or as red. I dabbed my vagina and inner thighs dry (trying not to put too much pressure) and sat for five to ten minutes to let it air dry. Tomorrow, I'm headed to CVS to pick up some diaper rash ointment. (It helps with the pain and the burning/itching.)

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