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I rarely get a yeast infection but when I do I want to punch everyone! It's miserable and I feel like dying would be a much better path! But I read all of these and its 330 in the morning and I had nothing they were recommending so I experimented. I used 1/2 or more cups regular table salt and just added it to warm bath water just enough to cover your lady parts! I soaked for around 5 minutes and I feel it got rid of the burning and itching and maybe I can get some sleep now! You can stay Im the water as long as you would like but for this experiment I think I did really well! <3 I hope you feel better!


YES!! SALT KILLS YEAST!!! I tried 2 tablespoon of salt with 1 cap of APPLE CIDER vinegar and about 1 litre of water. Wash the area, insert finger during wash... U will feel a little tingly burning, but it will ease up alot!! No need to rinse, (as salt kills bacteria)...

Hold a warm soft cloth with some salt there for 3-5 mins.. Wipe with a warm damp cloth after...The itching was gone. yeast may have too. Let me know what u think!


Here is what seemed to work for me.
You can make a mixture to soak a tampon and insert, or take some and make your own frozen suppository!

In a little bowl, take about 2 TBSN coconut oil,
about 7-10 drops of tea tree oil
2-3 drops of Apple cider vinegar.

Mix well and soak your tampon and insert. I would do a tampon during the day, and before bed, do a suppository.
The mixture was totally soothing. I did for a series of 4/5 days. Seemed to clear things up. I love this remedy.


I have had a severe burning and itching due to a yeast infection and I did some research. The thing that caught my eye the most was the frequent honey remedy. I tried it and it gave me immediate relief of the vaginal pain.

1) put creamed or clear honey on irritated area
2) wait approximately 5-10 minutes
3) bathe in hot water to wash off.
4) repeat once or twice a day

It sure helped me! I hope it helps you.


Hey so I'm 19 and I have been suffering from a terrible reoccurring yeast infection for over a year and it takes over my life when it comes back. I have read almost everything everyone has posted on this website and I've tried almost all of it. Tea Tree Oil cured my first one with little effort at all but as time has gone on each one has been harder to kill than the last. On my latest one that started this past saturday with just a small tickle (today is wednesday) and now is full blown (red ichty inflammation, huge amounts of discharge) and now I'm trying apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, coconut oil, garlic (which I've had up there since sunday changing it every 6-8 hours), and it still isn't working 4 days later. Everyone here has been so helpful! I am going to keep going on the track. I also have added something new to my yeast infection defense. I make this 'soup' with hot water, apple cider vinegar, and salt. Right before I shower I dip a rag in then hold it against the irritated area. I hold it there basically until I can't stand it anymore. It hurts more than anything I could ever describe. My next move will be to try hydrogen peroxide. I've read a lot about it and it hopefully will work. I'm scared to douche down there so I'm going to try to find another way to have it help! Thank you again everyone who have posted their stories they all help someone like me who's trying to fend for themselves against our common enemy.


I suffered from recurring vaginal yeast for 4 months before finding a cure. After another day of complaining about symptoms my boyfriend, at his wits end, went into a health food store and asked the woman what else I could try. She called her mother and the recommendation was to dilute pure grapfruit seed extract and apply it after showering as a 'wipe' and leave it on. Within days my symptoms were disappearing! I started to add it to my bath water and even ingested it by mixing it into my drinks (this is safe to do it says right on the package). Nothing else worked for me and I would try this remedy again and again at the first signs of yeast - and hopefully end theproblem sooner!


Hi ladies this is my first yeast infection at age 14. My vagina is really itchy, red, and swollen. I have tried creams and they dont work so I tried a clove of fresh garlic. You peal the clove of garlic get a needle and thread. Push it through the garlic a few times to be safe. Then push it finger length inside you vag. It may burn a little but it has been working for about 20 minutes now. No itchy feeling and less irritated.


I used to get yeast infections a bit but they have subsided. I now don't use soap and am careful if I am in the bath with the bubbles.

After sex I go to the toilet ( but that's more for uti) and am careful with tight pants ie I wear skirts during the week if I can

Also do b careful in misdiagnosis I though I had yeast infection but it kept going, medication didn't help. After a month the doc took a was bacterial and cleared up overnight with antibiotics


Garlic is a miracle!!! I've had a yeast infection on and off for 4 consecutive months and could not for the life of me understand what was going on. I thought since they were going away on their on I didn't really need to do anything. But I got tired of being uncomfortable and feeling 'less than'. Yeast infections make you feel dirty and ashamed even though they are natural and typically harmless. I was fed up and needed relief.

I'm a person who rather use a natural home remedy than to use prescription drugs. So I went to the internet to find some possible solutions. Apple cider vinegar, though has great benefits, did not aid in my infection. I would draw a bath just as the suggestions stated, poured in the 1/4 of ACV and soaked but to no avail. So I figured I try something else. As I was about to try the yogurt method I saw an article about garlic. Not one person said it didn't work for them, not one, so I was eager.

I've had this particular bout for 4 days so I figure I would need a stronger dosage. I did what all the reviews said to do. I bought fresh garlic from the grocery store, a needle and thread. I peeled the garlic until the papery skin was removed, broke the clove in half, threaded the needle, pierced the clove and tied a knot to secure it on the thread. I inserted it in my vagina and YES it did burn a little. But it was a nice sensation considering the insatiable itch. Most reveiws said to do this before bed to avoid the garlic taste in your mouth but I needed relief so I did it mid-day while at work, lol.

When I got off of work I came home cleaned up and re-inserted another clove and kept it in until I woke up this morning. I feel great!!!! The swelling has gone down, the itch has completely disappeared and I feel like myself again. Thanks to all of your recommendations of this rememdy!


hey in the last week i had been in total distress because of a yeast infection and after looking over all the remedy's here i looked through the house, and we had NOTHING but salt. i was skeptical but desperate for relief and at that point willing to try ANYTHING. so i got a bowl filled it with hot water and poured some salt in it. then i soaked a rag in the water and put it... well you know. i even recommend putting salt on the rag, yes it will sting a lot! but just rinse off and hold cloth there for maybe 5 minutes cleaning the area. at first i didn't think it helped at all and i actually started crying (it was midnight) so i went back to bed preparing myself to live through it. but within 5-10 minutes the itching and pain was gone! I don't think it will cure infection but it will help you wait it out till morning at least! (Also thought i would mention that another time i tried the garlic thing, it was disgusting i don't recommend, within a minute i could taste garlic and like half an hour later i threw up! but everybody's different i guess) hope this info helps someone... good luck =)

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