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Hey chicas! (or guys also if u were unfortunate enough to receive this nightmare from a partner if yours) ... I have diabetes, not very well controlled meaning LOTS of miserable yeasty infections constantly. I dont have a lot of $ to buy those 20$ kits all the time so I checked this site out and definitely found many interesting theories but I personally think its weird and uncomfortable to shove cloves of garlic up my whooter so I took a few diff. remedies&combined them&found a winner for me, so I hope it works for u. Here we go:
1st take a small bowel&combine 1tbs of table salt, 1 cap full of vinegar (white), and 1tbs of HOT water then place a tampon in it to soak all those bacteria fighters up
2nd(while thats soaking) combine 1 liter of water with 2tbs of salt&2 caps full of vinegar(white) and shake well. wash urself (inside and out) and rinse then repeat but dont rinse the 2nd time. Let it dry.
Finally, use the tampon change every 4hrs&cont.4-5days& symptoms r gone! goodluck!!!


Hello ladies! Well, I have been having problems with a YI for about 2 weeks now. It was beyond painful and I was really desperate to find relief! So all I did was search around the house for anti itch cream/powder. Didn't matter what kind of itch cream/powder I found! I looked in our bathroom cabinet and behold! Goldbond foot powder! Of course I read the instructions to make sure it wouldn't harm 'down there' . All I did was wet a wash cloth with warm water, sprinkle a little powder on it, rub it in the cloth a little and hold to the area for about 5 minutes. It worked wonders! When I took it off I instantly felt relief! No more pain, or itching! This might sound crazy, but it worked! Hope it helps!


Hi ladies, I read some of these tips earlier and decided to try them. I didnt have whole cloves of garlic so made up a little hodgepodge myself. In a bowl I put warm water, salt, apple-cider vinegar, and I had pre chopped garlic, took a rag then put more salt on that and rinsed and washed down there. Then switched to hydrogen peroxide on Q-tips and swabbed all around. Warning this hurts like hell, but alternating helped and now I feel much better ! Good Luck everyone.

Savanna T

I inserted plain yogurt external and internally with my hands and immediately I felt relief.

Mike Rogers

The best way to cure yeast infections at home is to make sure you stay away from following stuff:

Junk Food
Avoid sugars of all sorts
Rotate the foods you eat
just eat fresh fruits

Get some decent probiotic and make sure you are eating your garlics on the side. I also think Eric Bakker from New Zealand has a great white paper on candida diet so check the diet as well.

For me probiotics + garlic did the job but the hard part is keeping up with the diet for very long time and then not going back to your normal diet once you cure yourself.


Okay, so Im in the middle of my first yeast infection ever. I'm so embarrasses, and fed up. Im itchy and it burns. I read that if you soak a rag in a bowl full of hot water and salt and use the rag, you feel better in 10 minuets or so. However I want relief quick. So I ran a rag under warm water, and then poured salt on the rag. I think holding the salt directly worked quick to relieve symptoms. Now if anyone has something that will get rid of this quick and easy(without garlic) please help! Thank you so much.


Hi gals! ive had a yeast problem for a long time now but I've read through most of the remedies here but the only problem is, is I don't have any irritation or itching I just leak yeast (i guess the discharge) And I'm wondering if there is even a cure for that? please this has been going on for so long it annoys me and it really needs to go away.



Yes, it was definitely a little weird shoving a clove of garlic up my vagina. However, surprisingly provided instant relief and my vagina was no longer itchy in the morning. I put two cloves in there just before I went to sleep. Definitely a cheap and effective way to relieve your infection.

I did however go to my doctor first thing the next morning and he recommended diflucin.


Hello, so I spent about a week trying to find remedies that would work and then I read a bunch of them on this website and then I did pretty much my own take on it.

So what I tried was the Apple Cider Vinegar, salt, and water. I took a big bowl, poured about 1/2 of cup into a 1 1/2 liter of warm water (I was really desperate!), then I poured about 4 cap fulls of ACV in the bowl and mixed them all together.

When I fist placed it on my vag it stung a little then I got used to it. After about 5-10 minutes I took it off then it really hurt it stung for a little and I was disappointed it didn't work. I waited about 2 minutes then realized I felt SO MUCH RELIEF IT WAS GREAT I WAS SO SURPRISED AND NOW MY VAG FEELS SO MUCH BETTER! TRRYY

S. Hutchins

For Yeast Infection and burning, itching: I had terrible, horrible burning and itching...God blessed me to discover this remedy, which relieved all of the symptoms: 16 oz. tepid tap water, 1/4 c. vinegar (white), 1/4 boiled and cooled unsweetened tea, 1/2 c. salt water. I mixed it in a 1 quart Powerade bottle, shook it up and poured over the affected parts a bit at a time...TALK ABOUT RELIEF! YES! PRAISE GOD!

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