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Cut out sugar and breads from your diet.


Hello, the corners of my lips are sore and red. Recently I've tried applying hydrogen peroxide on the corners,
and I realize there is an instant effect of 'whitish gooey substance' surfacing on my lips.

1. I've tried applying to both the corners, top lip and bottom lip, and the picture would should you that
the whitish gooey substance is only forming on the two corners and the bottom lip.

2.Nothing is produced when I apply it on my top lip.

3. A stinging sensation could be felt when I applied hydrogen peroxide to my lips (especially on the corners)

What exactly is this white gooey substance that produces instantly upon contact with hydrogen peroxide?


Thank you for your advise. I tried a Garlic clove and worked well. Today is my second day.


Hi ladies! Thank you for all your wise contributions to this thread. I'm 23 years old and have been dealing with recurring yeast infections/BV for 4 years. I was about to lose my damn mind because it never went away and was absolutely disgusting...I had to scoop the discharge out of my vagina every morning (TMI) while trying not to throw up. Don't even get me started on the itching...basically, I hated my life.

Anyway, I tried literally everything on this forum (ACV, coconut oil, garlic, yogurt, tea tree oil, every probiotic brand, AZO, etc.) and NOTHING worked for me. Even the prescriptions from my doctor only kept it at bay for a week or two. I went as far as cutting out all sugar and carbs for two weeks to starve the yeast, but that only lead to an unhealthy drop in weight and a very hungry me.

Then I read somewhere to try Grapefruit Seed Extract and it has literally changed my life. It pains me to use 'literally' twice in this post but I speak the truth. I ordered the GSE in tablet form off of Amazon and started taking it immediately. This first few days were hell because I guess my body was detoxing; I felt like I had the flu with killer stomach pains and hot/cold sweats and misery. But after a few days, the craziness subsided and -wait for it- the yeast infection was gone. For the first time in YEARS. I was in the shower trying to scoop out the discharge but there was nothing there! I may have cried in the shower from relief...

I'd like to add that I was also taking oregano oil and caprylic acid softgels, but it wasn't until I added the GSE that the detox happened and the yeast went away. Now I just take the GSE. Also, be sure to get grapeFRUIT seed extract, not grape seed extract. The kind I take is by Nutribiotic and is 125 mg. I usually take one in the morning, but if I've had a lot of sugar and feel the slightest itch, I take another. It's been a miracle for me and I hope helps someone on here too.

Best of luck my dears!


Ok ladies i hav a question been on antibiotics for a week have a severe yeast infection and started my monthly cycle is it still ok to use th2 clove of garlic


Since turning 40, for reasons unknown, I have been getting a yeast infection about one week prior to my period starting. I have been taking diflucan, which cures the problem, but I wanted to explore more natural remedies. Ladies, I've found one that that WORKS! you'll need some organic extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil and some tea tree oil. When I feel one coming on, I first take a sitz bath with warm water and pure Himalayan sea salt. I then make suppositories out of the coconut oil ( about 1/2 a teaspoon worth) and drop in 2 drops of tea tree oil. I mix this together well, the wrap in plastic and refrigerate. I insert one in the morning and another at night. This has been curing me, thank God.

Linda Alen

Coconut oil acts as one of the helpful cures for yeast infection resulting from its essential fatty acids.

It has been found that these saturated fats of coconut oil posseses features that aid in eradicating Candida fungi.

Use coconut oil on the skin on the affected area for a couple of times a day till you note good results.
Also you can incorporate it in your daily diet. Beginning with one tsp of organic virgin coconut oil a day, steadily extending the dosage to up to 3 tablespoons per day.

Read more from this blog below it really helped me here's the address:

mrs. T

Aloe Vera ( from the plant, the gel) is awesome for the irritation on the outside, and it's soothing and works fasr...


This is the first time I used clover of garlic to cure the yeast growing in my verginal and it works wonder for me!I am a breastfeeding mom so I tried not to take any medication if possible. I inserted a clover of peel garlic into my verging with hesitation and guess what, the itchyness was gone almost instantly. I started it in the morning and by evening time the cotton cheese like discharged has reduced tremendously. I continued putting it for overnight and there is no more itchyness. I will continued using it for 3 more days to ensure the yeast goes away. No uncomfortable feeling or burning sensation to my verginal.


30 Weeks pregnant. I ended up with a bladder infection so they gave me a strong dose of IV Antibiotics and then sent me home with some. The bladder infection cleared up after three days, but even only taking half a dose I still got a yeast infection. It's the only time I get them. Thanks to you ladies I finally have some relief! The RX treatment just made me raw on top of being itchy.
-I iced (with a bag and wash cloth) my vagina for 10 minutes to help reduce swelling.
-Then I rinsed inside and out with sterile saline.
-Then insert a large garlic clove sewn on a string inside.
-Then finely chopped up garlic and mixed it up coconut oil and rubbed it on the labia and surrounding parts.
It's mildly uncomfortable, but it doesn't burn for me. It feels like a 'good' burn so to speak. I mixed some chopped garlic with boiled water and lightly soaked a pad with it. Currently no more itch!! Maybe I can finally get some sleep now!
My yeast infection is more external than internal.

Previously I have use Propolis tincture and AZO cranberry pills orally. My local bee keeper shut down shop so I don't have access to fresh Propolis anymore. The health food store ones used Grain Alcohol instead of oil, so I didn't want to take a gamble and put that on my lady bits.

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