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Oil of Oregano!! miracle stuff check it out on the internet all the things you can use this stuff for. It clears up the Yeasty Beasties! Every time I am having some vaginal itch or odor, I start taking my oil of oregano and within a few days it is gone!


After dealing with terrible mouth pain from an abscessed tooth for a week, I've come to find that due to the antibiotics I'm taking, I've gotten my first ever yeast infection. Having to spend the last of my money on the antibiotics and my dentist appointment, I was desperate to find a cheap alternative. Luckily, I had some stuff here at the house already. Here's what I did..

I took a shower with the removable shower head pointed directly at my whoha. I wanted to get the pieces of yeast out as much as I could.
Then, after patting dry, I took some toilet paper, a couple of pieces and put some hydrogen peroxide on it to make a Tucks pad. I gently patted all around and let dry. (It kinda burned for a second) Then I used A&D diaper rash cream with Zinc. I good for a while. Enough to make it through the day without wanting to run to the bathroom every 5 seconds to scratch my area with a fork.
Later on, before bed, I took a bath with salt water. I just sat in the water for 15 minutes or so. I did the above steps, but added putting salt directly on the affected area. I read on this site that it causes you for have a salty taste in your mouth so it's better to do it at night. I didn't really have a problem with it. But, I took a shower in the morning and checked to see if there was anymore curds. There wasn't. There's no itching, no nasty gunk coming out of me. I'm going to keep up with the salt bathsffor a while longer.


i got a yeast infection from being on antibiotics from a severe infection in my ear amoxacillin. weird cuz i didnt have one till i took this medicine... i need some remedies ladies im going crazy ive never had this before.


I have struggled with reoccuring yeast infections for years now. Up until recently I have always gotten those monistat kits. I am starting to think that all they do is cover up your symptoms and then bam! Another yeast infection. I have done a lot of research on home remedies. I have found one that work very well for me. First I got one of those plastic douchers. I filled half of it up with hydrogen peroxide and the other half with water. I douched slowly with that until the bottle was empty. It will sting a little, but that's how you know it's working. I immediately felt relief after doing this. I then douched with just plain water 4 times to rinse out the yeast that the peroxide killed. Lastly I took a capful of acidophilus powder and 1 teaspoon and mixed that in the douche with water and douched slowly with that as well. I did this process twice just to be safe, but it really worked wonders for me. Even after the first time you will feel so much better! This is a must try remedy!

Sarah J

I have had a yeast infection on and off for the last 3 months. Long story short is that I had sinus surgery and was on antibiotics that cause it by killing off all of my good bacteria in my body. Then I have had two sinus infections since. The yeast infection has yet to go away.

Reading all of the methods people were trying on here, I tried a couple out and they failed to work. My doctor has had me on fluconazole at least 6 times. And I have been to the my doctor 3 or 4 times to cure it.

First I tried a yogurt approach. It was recommended to freeze yogurt in tampon applicators and put them up there for a couple of hours. I think that made it worse because it landed me back into the doctors office. I took fluconazole again, twice but it didn't work.

Next I tried garlic. I poked a a hole through a clove with a fork and used unflavored dental floss. This did not work. My yeast infection was more of a discharge that would not go away. I didn't have itching symptoms, or redness. Just uncomfortable a little bit, and pain during sex. I just knew something was wrong.

I also tried over the counter creams like monistat, and the generic ones.

I finally went to the doctor one more time, to the walk in clinic on a Sunday, and saw someone else who was a female. She game me four fluconazole, and told me that sometimes it takes women four weeks to get rid of it. Also, she told me from her experience that the over the counter form of Boric Acid works miracles for yeast infections. So I picked it up from a Fred Meyer Pharmacy, I had to ask the Pharmacist they keep it behind the counter. It's a powder so I had to make my own little pills. You need to buy empty capsules that are the clear ones and can dissolve. However I was in a rush and had no idea where to buy them. This is silly, but I found some capsules with vitamins ground up, but ended up emptying them for the boric acid powder. I found empty ones really cheap on amazon but was unwilling to wait to get them.

Needless to say, after using the boric acid in the capsules and putting them up there really worked! A remedy that can be used at home, and that my Dr. even recommended. The boric acid for a huge bottle was only 9$.

I have been diagnosed again with a chronic sinus infection, and am on Anitbiotics for a whole month. I started taking probiotics, the ones that are refridgerated in pill form under the doctor's orders, but that didn't stop the yeast infection this time. So the second day taking my month long round of Antibiotics I noticed a little more discharge. So I started doing the boric acid right away. It was gone the next day. It works so well, and I am so excited I won't be paying to go to the doctor anymore because of this problem. You need to make sure you do it at night like all the creams. Then it stays up there longer. Also, wear a pad because when you get up in the morning it seems like gravity kind of takes over. Good Luck!


I have been about to claw myself to death for several days and dont have the $ to see a dr to get diflucan or those expensive monistat creams so i found a solution by experiment that helps me! Tucks hemorrhoid pads!!! I wiped the inside and outside of the area with those then put plain yogurt on a maxipad and wore it around and got immediate relief!!! Im also eating yogurt internally! I dont know how much longer this will go on but i know the Tucks and yogurt really help!


I read all the entries and went with just plain ol' salt....I have been dealing with a yeast infection for about 2 months, taken so many prescriptions, tired of it not going away I decided to just wash with a wet wash cloth in salt water, then just a wet cloth and proud salt on it, held it to my privates, then put salt on my finger and just put it in between the folds and at the opening of the vagina before going to bed...I will have to say that I could taste the salt in my mouth all night and drank and peed all night....but I did not have any white stuff on the outside when I got home....still tasting the salt, glad I didnt do the garlic!!!! This morning in the shower I just washed and then put salt on a cloth and held it there, and I feel so much better. I have been taking AZO yeast pills and aciddolpholis (sp) also.....Feel 100% better!!! Pray that it lasts!!! Thank you for all your comments!


Hello all! My personal advice is: STAY AWAY FROM ANTIBIOTICS! I know that the infection can get bad and the antibiotics temporarily cure it but they also kill all the good bacteria in your system and you will get multible infections. Of course all doctors prescribe antibiotics (diflucan, name it, they are all exactly the same, the active incredient is fluconazole in all of them) that's what drug companies pay them to do. Eating probiotic yoghurt and garlic does help though. And I will certainly try to insert a clove of garlic into my vag hole when I get a chance.


Organic virgin coconut oil unrefined. Douche with about a 1/4 teaspoon oil and purified water at bedtime. Depending on how bad it is you should be cleared up in 1-3 days. The oil also makes a great lube and is a strong antibiotic but does not effect your natural flora. This stuff is God's gift research it for all of the benefits.


There are many things you can do to relieve a yeast infection. The more immediate is inserting garlic. However I just take it in pill form that you can buy for relatively 3-5 dollars in your local vitamin section. Most of us know our bodies pretty well and you will know the times you get them the most. Examples swimming in lakes/oceans, camping, after periods etc.. I usually take garlic by mouth four times daily if I have done anything that might cause a flareup and it usually does the trick.

Keep your whooha clean.
Use Dove unscented soap
Stay away from fabric softeners(especially in loads that contain your panties)Wash panties separately in unscented soap.
Stay away from anything that has dyes or scents on or near your whooha.

I know you love them ladies and I love them too, but if you feeling not so fresh stay away from tight a** jeans. Until you get better if you get another yeast infection right after you got better you might want to think about going up a size in your jeans.

And absolutely DO NOT Douche.

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