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I had a very bad yeast infection, took 2 baths in Epsom Salt and it was instant relief.


I have itchy, hurting in my vajay jay, no burning but I pee a lot ! Also im 8 days late so I freaked out , told my husband lol but test came neg, so I thought hmmmm! YEAST INFECTION, ahhh. Well I went to take a extremely hot bath , and I sat, there for about 30 minutes. Besides a relaxing bath, when I got out no itching! No hurting! <3


This was the first time in about 6 years I had a yi. It came with vengeance. The itching and burning was terrible. My whoo whoo was so swollen and red. I couldn't even go to work. But none the less I went to the drugstore to get monastat 7.. The first day I used that alone at night before bed. Also I ate yogurt for breakfast as it has active cultures that promotes healthy bacterial growth. The second day before my shower for bed I used apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and I also wet it with water. I wiped my labia and even in my whoo whoo with it. Nothing will prepare you for the pain that will come from this. It will literally take ur breath away. But endure the pain... Then I jumped in the shower after a couple minutes. I have a removable shower head so I cleaned my whoo whoo with water. When I got out I used the monastat.. And again for breakfast I ate yogurt.. I would also eat it again if I found time. I did this for four days. So by the 7th day I had no symptoms. No itching no burning no discharge. No swelling and my whoo whoo wasn't red anymore. I forgot to add during the day I used vagisil anit itch wipes if I had any itching during the day which I usually didn't. I and I used light days to protect my underwear from discharge. I changed often.


I started noticing itching and automatically knew what it was a yeast infection... well being in the middle of the night and broke I looked up some natural remidies. Some of them I read and was like wth. Well not being able to stand it anymore I decided to try a few. I took a seringe and filled it with hydrogen peroxide and inserted it into my hoo ha and it burned like hell but started to notice a difference so I took the step alittle further I filled my tub up with salt water and using a seringe I injected salt water it stung for a while but continued to soak and rinse myself out. Then I took a tampon and put about 10 drops of tea tree oil on the tip and down the side of the applicator and inserted it. Instant relief... hope this works it seems to be so far. Try it. It might work for you too.


I have always had frequent yeast infections. at least once every two months. I was in the midst of one when I came across this website. I didn't wanna spend another 18 bucks on a monistat. I used a cup and a half of hydrogen peroxide, 3 cups of hot water, and a half.cup of salt and wiped down below with a clean towel. I then took a little salt on my wet fingers and inserted a little salt inside as well. now I'm not gonna lie, this burned like hell at first, but that quickly subsided. I then took another clean towel, soaked it in the hydrogen peroxide and held it for about 3 times. repeat 3x with the hydrogen peroxide and instant relief. can't believe it worked but I'm glad it did.


I just did apple cider vinager on a wash cloth and held it on my vajay until the burning stoped and it hurts like a mother f'er then rinsed with peroxcide and it feels like i never had an infection at all.


Take one capful of apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of salt, and about half a cup of water. Pour onto a washcloth and hold for about 2 minutes. Then put baby powder on a pad and on your affected area. Worked for me!


Look I tried all of this the vinegar the peroxide the sea salt and all these things did was burn the hell out of my moo and after all that it made it worse! I had taken diflucan used monistat and all then called doctor again and she called me in terconazole 4% its a cream. It was instant relief!! I'm telling you if you do all the crazy stuff they list on this site you will be on your knees praying to God that you never had a moo like I was!!!!

Hope Sheehan

After reading through 13 pages squirming the whole time cause of the itch of yeast infection, i decided to go the internal vag route . created a douche of a 2tbs apple cider vinegar about 5 drops of tea tree oil,a couple tbs of un sweet tea about a tbs of salt and a tbsp peroxide and top the rest off with water omg instant relief! the tea tree makes for a tingly not quite burning affect but holy heck is the itch and burning gone! its been about 20 mins now still symptom free even if it is temporary i dont care at this point relief is relief.


Soak a tampon in 1 part vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar) to 7 parts water. Insert and lay down until you get bored. It will sting for a couple of minutes. Also rinse all your knickers after washing in the same solution and hang to dry. I used to get infections regularly but have been infection free for about 10 years despite antibiotic use.

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