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Well after getting a YI and not having the money to go get another over the counter treatment for the next few days, I was desperate to figure something out to end my discomfort. That led me here to this site. I mixed a few treatments I found on this site and a few ideas of my own. The first night, I syringed 1tsp hydrogen peroxide and 1tsp warm water up my hoohoo. I did this in the tub.. Then I proceeded to clean up by getting a bath with some epsom salt in it. make sure to put plenty in it. I got just enough to cover my lady parts in the bath. Make sure to wash down there thoroughly. I also find that oatmeal baths can be pretty soothing but the relief doesnt last long after you get out. The next morning I got up and looked for more remedies. So this is what I did for the next few days. This treatment took care of both internal and exterior discomforts and itching. For internal : get a small bowl and add 1Tbs table salt, 1 cap of apple cider vinegar, and 1Tbs of hot water. Then place a tampon in the mixture and let it soak up as much as possible. I left mine in the applicator and pushed just a lil out to make sure it got soaked up. While that is soaking up you can make your mixture for the external treatment. You get 1/2C warm water, 1Tbs salt, and 2Tbs of apple cider vinegar. Clean out as much of the infection from your hoohoo as possible. With a clean and soft rag, soak your rag in the solution and then GENTLY apply to labia and vag opening. Do not put rag inside you! Hold the rag the rag there for a few mins or until the slight pain goes away. The longer the better. Its not a searing pain with this one. I did this twice just to be safe. Then with a fresh clean rag, soak a corner in hydrogen peroxide and again Gently apply it to yourself. This will be the most comforting thing. Then you take the tampon you have been soaking till now and insert. There will be some discomfort along with it but just bear with it! If you can do this, you are on a fast track to feeling worlds better! Go sit down on the couch and relax a little while. The longer you keep it in (a movie length is best) the more I felt I was getting rid of the infection. Then remove it. If you are uncomfortable down there after you remove it, then apply the peroxide as same before with a clean rag again. I didnt experience any more external itching or internal after this. I did this twice a day. After three days it was about gone! I finally had the money to get a regular monistat 7 treatment but only had to use it twice! The treatment is used while you are asleep so I still did my home remedies during the day. Just to be safe I followed with it another day. All this is said also with me taking a garlic pill each morning, and changing my underwear very often. Also I wore loose fitting clothing to help keep the air flow going down there. If you are a stay at home mom, then be free and wear your underwear around the house! I even went to the extent to wear my husbands boxers around since they were more freeing. Making sure that they were washed properly before he wore them again of course though. They feel just like shorts! The yeast cant grow in the air. It grows in damp, moist areas. I feel I may have caught mine a bit early but thats a key when it comes to these kinda things too. The earliest the better! I hope I helped and I hope you feel better too!


Well I'll get YI's from time to time either Before or After my Period and had Nothing to use But Dove Body Wash which also Helps.. But I decided to Mix in a Douche Bottle 1tsp of Vinegar, 1 tsp Perioxide and the rest full of Water and used it like a Reg Douche.. I did i once that day then again the Next Day And when I Say It Helped I Actually Caught it Before it got Bad The Relief was gonein Mins and the Infection was gone in 2 days.


This will burn like hell but it DOES bring relief. No need for money on this one or oils or anything. Just warm water and tons of salt and a cotton wash cloth. dip it in the water/salt mix. Spread, and place the cloth (sort of need to fold the cloth) on your vag. Leave it there!!!! Up to 20 mins at least. Get another cloth, or rinse the one you used with extremely hot water. Put more of the salt/water mix on it and rub it GENTLY (don't push a rag in your vag) just inside. Then, get a fresh cloth, or a cup, and wash down there if you don't want to shower. I did. This is just temporary and will NOT treat it. I will be going to get something for this asap. I was 16 last time I had a YI. I'm 22 now. I DID NOT MISS THIS!!!


I was on a heavy dose of antibiotics as well as pregnant and got a yeast infection. the doctors heavily recommended NO DOUCHING!!! Whether ur pregnant or not because it removes good germs and causes moisture which grows infections. however eating yogurt daily and washing with palmolive dish detergent has worked wonders. sounds crazy but it works!


SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT!!!!!! This saved ne!!!! It doesnt matter how to put the salt on ther, just get IN ON! u can put it on a towel or mix it with water whatevrer..... I needed instant releive so i just got a salt packet, wet my finger, dipped it in salt, and rub it in! I did JUST THAT! It burns a little but thats how u know its working!! Keep the salt in for as long as u can take the burn (the longer the better) then just wipe it off! DONE SALT IS KEY!! Stop reading all these other comments, vrab that SALT and go! Quit waistng time! SALT! D


I am a sickly female who constantly goes on antibiotics for treatment but everytime I use them, I end up getting a yeast infection. Currently I am treating one and for my remedy I am using the following ingredients... Vinigar, water, salt, poroxide, cotton balls and panty liners. I would mix all ingredients together and dip cotton balls and keep applying. It will burn like crazy but trust me the result is amazing. After your finished -put on a tight fitted underwear with the panty liner and relax . Repeat process atlease 2 times a day until yeast infection has disappeared


I'm on my fourth yeast infection in a years time meaning if I get one more soon I have a recurring yeast infection. I've tried the garlic clove and I'm sorry to report there is little to no change. I'm thinking of trying a cut in half clove soon hoping the garlic juices will do the trick. in the mean time I've resorted to a compress consisting of three cups water 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar six drops or tea tree essential oil an six drops rosemary essential oil. It doesn't really burn unless I get a really tender area. I'm going to try salt water soon.


I used this remedy & got major relief. It took away the pain & itching fast! 5 drops lavender essential oil, 5 drops tea tree essential oil & a few drops water. Mix together in small glass container. Then suck up mixture on cotton ball & wipe the affected area. You will feel a light burning or warming sensation at first. It doesn't last long though. Repeat every 4 hours or so.

Kristin Evans

So i've been looking around on these for a way to supress the itching from a yeast infection, in the middle of a search one night my son woke up screaming, he has a diaper rash, so as i started putting diaper rash cream on him the idea hit me, diaper rash creams are made to releive chapped an chafed skin, soothe burns, cuts, scrapes, seals out wetness from affected area, and most contain acetaminophen (pain releiver). So i used A+D diaper rash cream on my vagina and almost instantly the itch an burn was gone. this doesnt cure the dreaded yeast infection but it definately helps.


My yeast infections do not respond to Diflucan anymore, so I came looking here.

I was hesitant to try douching or injecting any vinegar or peroxide into my vagina, so I went with the this solution:

about ½ cup warm water
1 Tbs. salt
2 Tbs. apple cider vinegar

First I carefully cleaned out as much of the discharge as possible. Then I moistened a washcloth with this solution and applied it (GENTLY) to the labia and vaginal opening. I held it there for a minute or two and then repeated with more solution and a fresh cloth. It did sting just a little but honestly I liked that because it felt like it was working—and it wasn’t this searing pain that all else were describing. Afterwards I soaked a part of a washcloth with hydrogen peroxide and applied that too (again, GENTLY being the key word here.) Then I used those applicators that came with KY jelly and put yogurt in my vagina, and spread it liberally around my vulvae and labia. Wore a pad for a while but the yogurt was soothing.

Symptoms were much better after one of these applications. I went through the ritual 2 times a day. After 3 applications, the infection was totally gone. I plan to continue this treatment for a day after all symptoms are gone just to be on the safe side, but really—very quick relief, very inexpensive, not as invasive as douching with vinegar and/or peroxide.

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