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I loooove this site. I tried the sea salt for my yeast infection last night and i haven't felt any itching or burning since. I tried apple cider before then and it only made it itch worse. Thanks alot for the remedy.


I have had a YI for almost 2 months. And after reading, I decided to run a hot water in the tub (only enough to cover your lady part) then I added peroxide, apple cider vinegar, and table salt. Yes as soon as I sat down it stung, not much I felt better. I took a rag with some vagina wash and cleaned my area. This has been the first relief ever. Also with the swelling I used an ice pack.

Try it


OMG!!!! Ok so im 19 and yea i didnt know what it was at first so i icnored the itching, but tonight it got worse so i read up on yeast infections (never having one before) and found out what was wrong. So i looked for home remedys cuz money it tight right now :/. My lookings brought me to this site. I read the salt and warm water remedy and OMG did it hurt but once the stinging went away, its so much better. My lady parts thank this site SO much :)


I have had good luck with garlic. I don't worry about it getting stuck. It always comes out with my morning BM.
I have read a couple times that other women have tasted the garlic when it's inserted in their vagina, and I just read that someone had the same thing happen with salt. Anyone know why this is??? It's such a strange phenomenon. I'm so curious about it...sitting here right now, and all I taste is garlic...


I have been getting these unpleasant issues lately. It's after pharmacy hours and I can't get my prescription till tomorrow morning. So I'm in desperate need of relief. This is what lead me to this site. I read almost all the posts here. I didn't have the guts to go the peroxide route so I tried a salt and water wash. It lead to a little relief. So I took it a step further as some have done and I did the salt in my whoo hoo. It wasn't the most pleasant thing but it helped get all the discharge out of there. After rinsing with warm water I patted dry with a clean towel, coated with A&D (figured it helped sooth my kids diaper rashes) and then topped with some baby powder. I am feeling so much more relief. Thank you to everyone who has posted and helped out.


Thank you ladies!!! Relief!!!! I didn't have all the fancy salt and ape cider vinegar and reading it all was overwhelming but I got warm water 2 caps each of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar and lots of salt! It burned but not as bad as it itched so I held it on my lady parts and cleaned the area well after I soaked it using a soft paper towel over and over again..... It has finally been a relief.... I was skeptical on the yogurt filled tampon and inserting garlic but this was much better than the creams I have been using I have had longer relief and they say yeast grows in a warm moist area so why keep it wet with creams!!! I plan to continue this regiment but THANK YOU! Too much antibiotics will make a woman crazy


I tried the salt, so far I see it's working the first time burned like crazy tried it again 2 or 3 days later BURNED then skipped a night but tried it the next morning ...didn't really burn.

Does the burning stop after the yeast is cleared up?



You ladies are SO SO SO SO RIGHT! In fact, your helpful salt tip saved my sanity (and my lady parts) tonight. Long story short, i bought the wrong thing at the drug store earlier (bought a homeopathic something or other that did nothing) and was DESPERATE for some relief. Stumbled across this magical site and sat in a shallow bath full of loads and loads of sea salt. Even rubbed some sea salt in and around -- and as warned by another woman, it HURT LIKE HELL! But i tell you what -- i reclaimed my evening! I feel AMAZING!!! I will be doing this the next few nights as needed. Wow, you gals are good. Thanks for saving me.


So not long ago I had a UTI and took some anti-biotics and as a result: Yeast Infection. As a 17 year old girl who isnt that close to her parents and is not allowed to see the doctor on her own, I felt way too embarassed to say anything, so I looked for home remidies, and ended up here.

A recurring remedy seemed to be salt, I was skeptical, but decided I had nothing to lose.
Word of warning: Stings like a muthaf***er.
Washed the lady area with warm water to clean it, then applied just some table salt to a washcloth with some water and rubbed around the area. Started to sting a little, but thought, it must be working. Decided to go full monty and throughly washed my hands and dipped my fingers in salt and up they went. Holy hell. I managed a couple of minutes before I climbed into the tub and rinsed away, however, I already feel as if it could work, as the pain is part of killing the bacteria. I plan to do this once again tonight and twice tomorrow with hopefully positive results. Any other simple treatements would be appriciated!


Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I cannot even begin to thank all of you ladies for the suggestions. I have been beyond miserable all day, and at last (and at 2:15 am) think I might now be able to sleep! Here is what I did: I mixed 2 tablespoons sea salt and 3 tablespoons white vinegar with herbs (all I had in the house, ha ha) with about 3 cups warm water. I stirred the mixture well. Then I soaked a washcloth with the mixture and stood in the shower with it pressed between my legs. I reapplied every few minutes. When I was down to about a cup of the mixture, I slowly poured it over myself. I then put the cloth (which I'd kept below me to capture the liquid) back between my legs and rinsed off my legs with plain shower water. I then went to bed and insert one large garlic clove with lengthwise slices in it. My pain and itchiness has gone from a 10 to about a 3, and I think I might be able to sleep tonight after all. THANK YOU! Here's to relief!

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