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I've been on antibiotics for a throat and ear infection. And of course, as I expected, I started experiencing symptoms of a yeast infection -_-. I started looking up a few home remedies, and I know it's a pain to go out and buy a bunch of random ingredients that you may not have at home and that may not work. Hell, with yeast infections it's a pain to move anywhere. So here's what i did.

I took a papertowl (because I don't have any tampons and they're rather uncomfortable for me) made it damp with water, unfolded it and poured the following onto it, garlic salt (i figured this would work better than just regular salt), garlic powder (the more garlic the merrier lol.), apple cider vinegar (i just so happened to have this. i use it to cleanse my natural hair), and regular white vinegar. I folded the paper towel back up. At this point the paper towel started to dry out so I added a few drops of more water to it and rolled it/folded it until it almost looked like a tampon, or something I could insert into my vagina. I put it up there, and now I have some relief, sitting here typing this up. I figured all of the ingredients should do something to combat the yeast and hopefully kill it.

Also, I drank water and added some red cayenne pepper and garlic salt or powder. That also could have helped. I figured I'll continue this regimen throughout the day and see how it goes. So far so good! Oh, and the salt and vinegar doesn't burn. :) just relief! Also, when folding the papertowel for insertion, try to make sure the area that the ingredients are on will be the main part of the papertowel that will be inserted. Unless you decide to drench the papertowl in the ingredients, then you'll be good to go!

I feel pretty normal right now. Minus the feeling of a papertowl up my wooha, i feel functionalable! If you want to try this method with a tampon, just make sure you coat it with an oil like coconut oil so the tampoo doesn't absorb the ingredients.


Hi girls.I am 45 and have only had one other infection when I was 15.This one is a bad one.I got some monistat that is helping.they say you need to stay dry and cream doesnt do that.I tried some anti-fungal powder and it is very soothing WITHOUT the OMG burn.Try it.


Being a chronic sufferer of yeast infections, I've got a number of home remedies. Either way, it's a two step process- first you need to kill the yeast, then you need to repopulate good bacteria so the yeast can't move back in.

To Kill Yeast (choose at least one)
1. douche with tea of garlic & oregano (neem, tea tree, & lots of other herbs also work, but do your research!) I also add a splash of vinegar.
2.Garlic oil pills vaginally.
3. use boric acid capsules vaginally.
4. insert fresh garlic cloves vaginally. I sew a thread thru it and scratch up the outside to release the oil. People say to do it at night but it stays in just like a tampon. Heck I had one in at a music festival and didn't miss a beat; its a lot messier than most of these. Change frequently for effectiveness.
5. mix coconut oil with boric acid, garlic oil, a drop of tea tree oil, acidophilous, etc and refrigerate until it becomes solid and then you can insert the mixture.
6. buy Yeast Arrest. i buy them on luckyvitamin (website). They can also be used preventatively, especially if you are prone to YI's at certain times of the month.

Ok, so after you've done at least one of those things, you need to get the good bacteria back in you to fight off future candida. This can be achieved by inserting yogurt, acidophilus pills or other probiotics. Generally, I fill a douche with straight yogurt, but sometimes I add a drop of tea tree, garlic or oregano oil right in the tip.

Other things to remember-
Diet! Don't eat sugar! Don't forget about the sugar in fruit & especially processed foods. Eat lots of yogurt, garlic and fresh vegetables.

Air circulation is important. Only 100% cotton panties, or go without if you can. When you're at home, go commando in a skirt if you can- it really makes a big difference. Carry spare panties so you can change 'em when they're damp. My gyno told me that YI's are super common during the summer here (Arizona- it gets 120!) because wearing sweaty underwear is just as bad as sitting around in a wet swimsuit. Also, heat grows yeast; try to stay cool.

Athlete's foot is another form- if you have it, put your socks on before you step into your underwear, don't sit on your feet, careful with your towel, etc.

One last thing to consider- women are typically prone to YI during fluctuations in hormones. Women with overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) are especially prone. Raspberry leaf (aka raspberry nettle) is a great supplement for women & is even reputed to be safe during pregnancy. I notice a big change in my hormones (ie crazy pms or break stuff time) when I take it regularly. Raspberry leaf comes in tea, pills or tincture (liquid).

You can fight this thing, so don't give up! Do the garlic cloves at night for a couple days after it clears up if you get them chronically and avoid sugar at all costs. Chances are, you get strong sugar cravings when you have a yeast infection, because the yeast wants you to feed it.

Ok, I don't want to ramble on but didn't want to forget anything. My heart really goes out to the girls who posted on here about being too embarrassed to go to the doctor. It is a medical problem, and its not your fault. If you need to go see someone, please do, but I hope this is helpful.


I prefer probiotics over all other remedies. It's a safe and effective way of preventing and/or curing a yeast infection. I never recommend douching or soaking your lady parts. It's important to keep the area dry. Wear cotton panties during the day and let the area breath at night. You will feel relief almost immediately.


Hello ladies!!! I have had the best luck with an empty douche bottle and garlic cloves!

1 part apple cider vinegar
1 part hydrogen peroxide
1 part tea tree oil
and the rest with water 2x/day

1 garlic clove
** I use needle and thread and create a garlic clove 'tampon'.
Insert in your vagina over night!
You can taste it just be aware!

I usually do this remedy for 2-3 nights and it's gone!

I also have incorporated odorless and tactless garlic pills and probiotic pills daily with my vitamins!

I used to suffer from bad YI, the diflucan pill and it the cream(messy) NEVER worked! This had been a MIRACLE cure for me! Hope this helps! :)


So I've had this yeast infection thing for about a month. I went to the doctor and was given Clotrimazole to use as a suppository for 7 days and some basic antifungal cream for the itching. I noticed it was helping the yi heal but when the 7th day came around I felt that it still wasn't completely gone. I recently started to notice some discharge and decided to get this taken care of asap. I read that garlic is the way to go so I ran to the store and bought some garlic capsules (powder). I went home took a shower, used the little plastic tube thing that came with the clotrimazole and filled it with hydrogen peroxide to clean up in there and then stuck 3 pills in as deep as they could go. At first I felt that nothing was happening, but then I realized that I hadn't felt anything down there for a couple of minutes. It's been about 15-20 mins since I've inserted the capsules and now I feel pretty normal again!


I was reading through some of these remedies and some sound very painful. I actually have an infection now due to my period and using tampons...etc (curse female problems). Well I went the easy way an called the doc and got the one pill they give you. But I need immediate relief. I was looking for the less painful so i decided to go the salt route. What i did is soaked a wash cloth in hot salt water (i used regular salt) let it sit for a little bit to cool down (you do NOT want to put scalding hot water on your lady parts) and the out come was great. instant relief. THANK GOD!!


yeast infections=my friend who's mother is a nurse said to get a cup of yogurt=plain= and put it on the vagina immediately to kill bacteria. Use this until it's gone.


Whenever I get a yeast infection, this is what I do everytime.

1- buy garlic capsules. the kind that has liquid inside. insert 3 pills deep into your vagina. you will experience relief in a few minutes. wear a pantyliner. I would say do this this about 3 days, every night.if any itch returns, insert more capsules

2- buy regular hydrogen peroxide. Go in the shower and douche with it straight back to back until all the yeast particles are Gone.

3- I suggest everyone to up there dosages of vitamin D3 which helps regulate vaginal flora. id say take 10,000ius for the next week daily, then stop or decrease.

if it comes back you may have a serious health problem but this will fix a regular infection.


Hi ladies, i just had a bad oral thrush due to the antibiotics i was taking for my acne i guess. Just as i thought i was gonna die of a extremely painful and swollen tongue, i felt itchy and sore on my lady part. I was like oh no please dont. But still it happened. I've yeast infection down there too. But here's what i did, my mum taught me this after i gave birth to my son. I put a basin in the toilet bowl, one that fits just right and wouldnt drop in, fill it up with warm salt water, and play hayday on my phone for 20-30 mins. And It really helps girls! Good luck! <3

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