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Okay, so I have been reading the posts on this page and I cannot believe some of these things! I understand desperation but, wow. I had a yeast infection that hurt so bad I didn't want to walk or even sit. I have two remedies.

1) hot Epson salt bath. I have witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol as well as Epson salt on hand at all times so, I add a fair amount of them and sit and relax.

2) 3 table spoons corn starch, and same amount of Crisco ( yes cooking oil ) add 7 drops of water. Mix to a cream and apply. Usually remove and reapply after each bathroom visit.

When my son was wearing diapers, he had an allergic reaction to a diaper and overnight ended up with a bloodied bottom. ( I cried for him) I applied this cream and in 24 hrs it was cleared up.

Good luck Ladies and Gentlemen.


I've only had one yeast infection in my life before Saturday. Well, Friday. That's when I became itchy. Figured it was just time to shave, since I had just gotten off a ridiculous TWO-WEEK LONG, ultralight period. So, needless to say, my normally clean-shaven vee needed a shave (Weed-whacker status). I showered Saturday morning and shaved and my vee was beautiful again, no itch. About an hour later, it began! And I thought 'Oh No, my poor hubby is expecting sex tonight, this better stop!' So I got ab extremely, sealed baby medicine syringe we Had lying around, some ACV, and shot that shit up my vagina. OUCH!! BUT WHEW, a big help. Then it stopped helping, my pussy looked like it was puckering, Waiting for a kiss! Soooooo swollen. I kept pouring ACV on it, bearing through the pain, Reminding myself that I've gone through child birth so I will live through some silly 'Burning.' Woke up Sunday to the worst feeling I've ever had on my vagina, Second to postpartum soreness. We went grocery shopping (I waddled whenever no one was around:D), and after reading every single tip on this website, bought two heads of garlic (we had Garlic at home but I pre-mince and refrigerate it). We came home and threaded a needle, Made a tamponesque pull string through my Clive of garlic, and inserted it right up myself. Immediate relief and now I feel fabulous. It is Monday morning and my only regret is not sending my hubby out for garlic on Saturday night, or at least wrapping some minced garlic in a cheesecloth. Silly me. I will keep doing the garlic for another day or two, but thank you to everyone who posted on me, I'll never forget about the garlic remedy. And I'll never NOT have an unminced garlic around, Haha. Thanks ladies, I mean it!!!


I am so grateful for this site and want to thank every lady for their input!
I have been reading everyone's testimonies about using the garlic, salt, tea tree oil, etc. I was using the over the counter creams, which is so embarrassing to shop for and buy. I had no improvement and thought I had nothing to lose by trying one of these remedies.
First, I tried the hydrogen peroxide. Believe me, I was not prepared for that pain! It almost sent me through the roof! Later, I tried again and it still felt like I was shoving a white hot poker in my private area! I still felt itching and decided to brave the salt. I only had table salt though. I mixed up very strong salt water up in a water bottle and douched with it to clean out the yeast. I also squirted the salt water over my vulva and it stung severely, just as bad as the hydrogen peroxide did! The last time it tried any treatment was about 7-8 hours ago and my vulva is still sore! However, I have not felt any itching at all. Plus, before trying the salt water I researched how it interacts with yeast. There are several explanations, but the important thing is that YES It will kill yeast!
I am hoping and praying for the best! These YIs are a horrible affliction!


So i've had a YI for about a month now, after two rounds of monistat, two doses of a prescription and all the garlic and yogurt one can consume, I decided to give the AZO yeast pills a shot. BEST DECISION EVER. I've been taking three a day for about 4 days now and I am completely back to normal. I have also been douching with a 1-4 ratio of h. peroxide and water. I started both the same day so I'm sure that has been helping as well so give both a try! Being prone to HORRIBLE YI, I will probably continue on these magical AZO pills for a couple more days, then go down to one a day forever :)


I found a natural remedy that alleviated my symptoms and ultimately eliminated my yeast infection...olive leaf vaginal spray. I got mine from Seagate Products, and it worked for me in about a week+. I used it many times a day, and eventually my symptoms finally disappeared. I feel like it didn't take any longer to rid my infection than when I've taken monistat or diflucan, so I will be using this again whenever I feel the onset of a yeast infection.


Hello again my fellow superwomen!!!
Ok, so when i first post few days ago I forgot to post under a name. I also wrote the post stating i caught food poisoning and a yeast infection. I also explained how using yoghurt externally will help. WELL...... LADIES TRUST ME AGAIN. I FOUND 2 MORE AWESOME REMEDIES!!!!!!! Yes they sound weird and might even sound un normal at first but that itching wont think so.
Heres the 1st remedy: In my first post i explained to rub yoghurt very generously on the external vulva. After trying it for myself it worked very well. But i noticed the itching came back the very next day. So as usuall, i panicked to my husband then did my research. And heres why: SUGAR is a yeast best friend. They love each other. Just by drinking some applejuice or eating a piece of candy, your feeding the yeast down there. YOUR BODY WILL CRAVE SUGAR BUT STAY AWAY FROM ANY KIND TRUST ME IT SUCKS BUT IT WORKS. So before, i was using rasberry/any flavored yoghurt (big mistake). It helped for an hour or so then the sugars started to feed the yeast.
So, i sent my hubby out on a PLAIN/UNFLAVORED yoghurt find. He went to three stores but finally found them. It was the storebrand generic plain unflavored yoghurt. I didnt care who made it, i was in pain down there. So here comes the weird part ladies lol. Now did you know yoghurt can be placed internally as well. Heck yeah. Now you gotta understand, i tried what im about to tell you because monistat is too expensive for people on tight budgets and money or not, i dont believe in alot of those manmade laboratory simulated medicines. When we have all we need growing from earth. To do this you must have some kind of (clean) plunger that can be inserted internally. I searched high and low and came across my 1yr olds SAFETY 1ST pouch given to us at baby shower. Inside i found his medicine plunger that was luckily never used. It was see thru and looked like a miniature turkey baster. Here are the steps: (Advice to do this at bedtime, VERY VERY MESSY)
STEP 1: buy plain/unflavored yoghurt
STEP 2: refrigerate it for about an hour or so (feels better cold)
STEP 3: open the refrigerated yoghurt, stir the yoghurt with a clean spoon then scoop about 1/3rd of it into a plastic tuberware or cup. Place the rest back in the fridge.
STEP 4: clear off bathroom sink and place the container of yoghurt, q-tips, plunger,baby wipes.
STEP 5: lay a large clean towel on the side of the bed where you lay at night.
STEP 6: remove all clothing
STEP 7: take the plunger and suction as much yoghurt as possible into it.
STEP 8: This step may be done standing with one leg propped up in front of mirror, squating, or lying flat on your back. (I do the 1st one)
STEP 9: If you are unsure with this step what or how deep just pretend like your inserting a monistat tube. Insert plunger slowly because area is tender. Squeeze yoghurt into the vagina.TIP: (keep plunger into the squeeze motion while pulling out or you might suction some of the yoghurt back out)
STEP 10: Repeat step 9 three times making sure to thouroughly rinse the plunger after each pull out with hot water so your not reinserting bad bacteria/yeast.
STEP 11: Use the q-tips to also rub externally any yoghurt that is left. On the vulva on the hole between the lips everywhere.
REMINDER: When you awaken in the morning there will hard little white crumbs all over you and the towel. Its just the dried up yoghurt. Its morning and your good to go now! Get up shower regularly but gently down there (i use baby aveen wash down there its not so harsh). Make sure when bathing to open the vaginal lips and gently wipe clean the old yoghurt and hidden yeast.
I must go, my 16 month old is also now commando in his sisters room lol. I know i said i would share 2 remedies with you but no time rightnow. I will however try to post the other later today or tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE DRINK PLENTY OF WATER WATER WATER!!!!!!!


Ok so, I've read everyones ways of getting rid of a yeast infection. I tried the garlic cloves..well about 10 mins ago...and my vag feels like its on fire!
Earlier in the day I took a shower and sat down and soaked a rag with vinegar and garlic powder... Man did that also burn but after I was feeling a little better.. I'm still still sitting here on fire. If my boyfriend hadn't JUST broke the shower if be in there! Anyone know any better less burning methods??


Ok so I just developed a yeast infection two days ago. I also developed food poisoning not long after (one day ago). So this sucks pretty bad. I have terrible diarreah with an itchy vagina :( I am a mother of 3 under the age of 8, so long spouts of rest is a no no. Grant it my husband is awesome and does a great job but he cant do it all alone.
So anyway, my yeast infection has become so unbearable and itchy and burny to the point where i didnt want to get up and walk around the house. I cried to my husband. We cant make it to the doctors til the morning for an exam. So as usuall i googled home remedies.
There were so many, I didnt know what to look at first. But a few stood out the most. Also i hadnt gone grocery shopping so i didnt have many of the ingredients for the other remedies that i wanted to try. But one stood out the most. Yogurt and salt!
I showed my husband, and he said it wont hurt give it a try. I just so happen to have two yoghurt probiotic (rasberry, strawberry banana) in fridge. So i ran a lukewarm/hot bath and poured 2 tablespoons of salt in the running water. I got in sitting on my knees, slowly sitting. I let the salt water cleanse my vagina for about 3 minutes (try not to soak long). I then gently washed the dirt from my vagina with baby aveeno wash. Then rinsing all soap from vagina with clean warm water.
I got out the tub and gently patted dry with a towel. So then i ate 2/3 of a yogurt and used the rest of for my vagina. HERE'S HOW: (MY HUBBY HELPED).
1.grab q-tips and yogurt and a mirror,few pillows
2.lay your head on the pillows while on your back
3.have your partner/husband/friend/someone hold the mirror up so the you have a view of your vagina
4.dip a q-tip into the yogurt coating it generously
5.look into the mirror while spreading your vaginal lips and coat each lip top to bottom left to right with yogurt
6.repeat making sure to coat entire outside area of vagina (if some slip in its really ok it will only help)
Once doing these steps. Lay a towel on the bed and lay down immediately. Get a book or watch tv. But please give it 5 minutes or so. I remember telling my husband 'this sucks it doesnt work at all'. To my suprise 10 minutes later i was so into Startrek 'next generation' lol i didnt even notice my entire symptoms had dissapeared completely. I am a real mom 27yrs and this will work. I had to right this post immediately because IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! EAT PROBIOTIC YOGURT, WARM 5 MINUTE SALT BATH, AND YOGURT ON THE VAGINA!!!!!!! COMMENT AND TELL ME HOW IT WORKS FOR YOU! GOOD LUCK


After reading all the comments on the effectiveness of salt, I decided to try using H2Ocean. It's a sea salt aftercare solution for piercings. Worked like a charm! It comes in a aerosol-style spray can so its much easier to use than the wash cloth method. Just spray on while in the shower or sitting on the toilet. You can buy it at Hot Topic or most tattoo/piercing parlors.


Hello ladies,I got one for you that I have not heard from anyone.I have eczema and have to use a steroid hand cream.My yeast infection got really bad with alot of swelling.I started washing 3 to 4 times a day with anti-bacterial liquid dish soap.Then I would use my hand cream after and several times throughout the day.It was instant relief.No burn at all and stopped the itch immediately.The name of the cream is Betamethasone Valerate cream USP 0.1%.You do have to get it in a prescription from your dr.I hope if you need it your dr. will let you try it.Like I said,instant relief.Hope this helps.

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