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So I'm a 17 year old with my first yeast infection ever. At first I had burning and itching in my lady part when I took a shower so I assumed I cut myself shaving went on thinking nothin of it. Then the next couple of days it was really irritated and so I told my mom about it and she believed I had uti since I had no discharge but the next day I had so much it was honestly nasty. So I knew right away yeast infection. Since I've been to embarrassed to tell anyone I was just dealing with it. I couldn't take it anymore so I went to google. I found this site and decides something was worth a try. I was too keen about putting anything up my vajayjay so I decided to try salt rinse which does burn but helps relive so much. I did it this morning when I showered and since I was at the river all day just didnt it again before bed. I still felt discharge so I decided to soak a tampon into the salt water and insert it and it has helped so much. But from goin to the bathroom so much, my vajayjay is a little raw so I put Vaseline to help.
I'm pretty sure i got my YI because of birth control so I'm going to talk to my doctor about getting off since I don't plan on having sex in the near future.


AZO! also, try salt and water. leave on for about 10 minutes and use ice to soothe the burning feeling, then wash off. hope it helps


I had used OTC yeast infection treatment and even after I finished the doses, I was still very itchy. I was reading hear about vinegar, salt, and peroxide and I had dilute vinegar and salt water already prepared because I recently had a toothache and that's a remedy for it. I used a 2-3-16 ratio of peroxide, vinegar salt water, and warm water and douched with it. After, I dabbed any excess off my labia with a warm rag, dried the area thoroughly, and applied otc vaginal itch relieving cream. I feel fine, just a little sore because I got a bit in a area that was raw from itching.

Vinegar salt water = 2 tbs vinegar, 3 tbs salt in a 16 oz water bottle, fill 1/2-2/3 of the way full with hot water, shake until salt dissolves and let cool.

Meghan G

This website and all the tips were SOOO helpful to me. I had decided I was going to use a tipped plastic bottle with an epsom salt and warm water solution. I also added Agrisept. AGRISEPT. I added 25 drops to my little 1 cup solution. and now I swear that EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH NEEDS TO KEEP A BOTTLE OF THIS ON-HAND.

Agrisept is made from citrus seeds, it's all natural anit-fungal and anti-viral. You can drink it daily to kill the yeast in your blood stream. You can put it into pink eye and ear infections. Using it for me and my horrible yeast infection just made sense.

I'l warn you, it burned. But the tissue was so irritated I'm sure anything would burn. But I got through it and used a washcloth to squirt the solution on, applied, waited 2 minutes, then applied a cold water washcloth. Repeated. Within 15 minutes all itching was gone and I slept through the night. This morning, no itch! Agrisept and Salt are two powerful natural medicines. Try it! Just google agrisept


YI's are sooo frustrating and I know when were in that much discomfort we are willing to do just about anything to make it go away but even with that being said I still wasnt quite ready to put fresh or raw or loose garlic in my vagina lol just yet!! sooo I improvised with the dietary version (odorless garlic soft-gel pills) they are really cheap and you get a whole bottle they are very small and with all the heat and moisture from the inflamation they disolve very quickly and easily without a ton of drainage for those of us who work and cant take a day off to deal with this crap :) it said take 1-- 4 times a day orally so i inserted 4 this morning just to see and within 30 min i have no itching or discomfort i will probably do it again before bed ALSO I read somewhere online to take garlic, acidophilus pills, and echinacia pills and tried taking them the way the girl said orally and ended up with horrible gas and nausea yesterday on top of being itchy and this morning it was worse because ate sugar last night not knowing that sugar feeds the yeast and makes it worse!! so this am iv been researching like crazy to come up with something that will get rid of this and iv been reading alot that the acidophilus pills can be inserted too!!! so that is next and i will rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar when i take a shower here soon i just wanted to share because i wasnt crazy about the yogurt and garlic options and i dont have a douche and have never used a douche before so i wanted to try this first good luck ladies!! i will repost tomorrow if it works just so you guys can learn from my success or mistake lol :)


Yeast infections can easily happen at any time. Some woman are more susceptible than others. It is more likely that syptoms of a yeast infection occur one week before starting your period and may clear up on their own afterwards. Yeast infections can cause terrible discomort, however, if your symptoms continue or get worse, it is important to speak with a healthcare provider right away.
Woman who suffer from chronic yeast infections can try these natural remedies. Depending on the severity of the infection, these remedies may offer some relief.
Directions: Take a shower, be sure to only wash the outer-portion of your vagina and avoid soap getting near the inner labia and opening of your vagina. With clean hands, try these natural remedies for yeast infections:
1. Take a clove of garlic and wrap it in cheesecloth or a gauze, insert the garlic into the vagina at bedtime and in the morning, remove the garlic.
2. Using clean utensils, take two spoons of yogurt with active cultures and close the spoons so that the yogurt is held in between. Insert the spoons into the vagina and open the spoons, releasing the yogurt. The active bacteria in yogurt also comes in capsule form and can be taken by mouth.
3. White Distilled Vinegar douche twice a day, for three days.
4. Herbal remedies include: making a tea with 1 teaspoon of dried thyme for every 1 cup of boiling water, steep for 30 minutes and drink 1-4 times a day. For itching and irritation, make a tea of rosemary using the same method as the thyme and use it as a douche or dab it onto the external vagina. Rosemary has very strong anti-inflammatory properties.
These are just a few home remedies for yeast infections. It is important for women to understand that vaginas are self-sufficient. They are self-cleaning and maintain a natural balance of both good and bad bacteria, including yeast. Upsetting this balance can cause problems. Taking anti-fungal medications when you do not have a yeast infection can cause you to develop one. A major side-effect of antibiotics can cause yeast infections. Douching, use of feminine deodorant sprays, powders, creams, exposure to foreign substances and bacteria can all cause an imbalance in the vagina that can lead to yeast infections or other types of infections. It is important to maintain good hygeine and keep the vagina free from irritants. Yeast loves moisture, so when inside the home, if possible, stay bottomless or wear only cotton underwear. Sleeping in the nude can also keep the vagina away from any heat or moisture that may develop while sleeping. Changing out of clothes right after exercise or a wet bathing suit can also decrease the chances of developing a yeast infection.


Hi, ladies. I currently have a yeast infection in my downstairs and I've tried a few remedies I found around the internet and I thought I'd share them. Yoghurt and garlic seem to be the most popular and I can see why, they do work. I dipped garlic in yoghurt and inserted it and after sitting down for about 10 minutes the irritation and itchiness is almost gone. Also, try some ice. It numbs it, I guess and it worked for temporary pain relief.

i love my vajayjay

AHHHHHH relief! I was miserable trying to sleep tonight because of a sudden yeast infection that popped up today (probably due to antibiotics from bronchitis). Read over all your suggestions and decided to give it a shot! I ran a bit of warm water in the bath tub maybe about 3 inches or so, (i didn't measure because i really didn't give a crap how much i was using i just wanted relief!) dumped in a bunch of salt, some white vinegar, some peroxide and a ton of minced garlic. Sat in there for about 15 minutes soaking the V and wiping it out as good as i could. Oh and also put some salt straight on the washcloth and let it sit between my V lips for a bit, it stung but is such a relief from the itching. I rinsed off my legs with clean water and dried well with a towel. Will this cure? i dont know, i dont care, will call doc in the morning and get some meds but for now I feel wonderful!!! I smell a bit like chicken dinner but i dont caaaaare i'm going to bed :)


I just need to thank almost all of y'all! I'm 15 and I live with my grandma and sister. I started getting a yeast infection a few days ago. Try sitting in a desk for 7 hours a day with your vagina itching like heck. Yeah not fun. I wanted to die. I know I should probably have went to see a doctor because 'I'm so young and I may not know what's going on' but in at that awkward stage. I didn't want to tell my 65 year old grandma my vagina felt like it was on fire. And I tried to tell my sister casually but then she thought I was trying to tell her I was pregnant. Er no, I know to wait till marriage. Anyway that was off topic. Instead I wanted to try home remedies. I didn't have half the stuff that I read but I did have salt! I mixed a bottle of water with some salt and put it on and in my area. That worked like a charm!


Thank you all so much!!!! I cannot believe the relief that I feel today after trying your suggesions. I have been prone to YI for over 10 yrs. I changed my habits and have been trying to be as healthy as far as what I put in and on my body. That lead me to a natural YI treatment. I read all of the suggestions and decided to try a mixture of things. I bought one of those mustard/ketchup squeeze bottles with the pointed tip so I could instert it a little. I chopped 2 garlic cloves, 1/2 tablespoon of tea tree oil, 1/2 tbs. of lavender, fresh ground garlic sea salt from Sam's club, tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or a little more if you like, and last a 1/4 cup of warm water. I shook the bottle up and squirted up there. I had to get in my tub in tilt my pelvis up so gravity would let the mixture get up there. I saved a little mixture and squirted it on my outer parts that had been itchy. Then I sat in squat position for a minute. Turned on my shower and gently rinsed off my vag. I used Birts Bees all natural soap to get off the small chunks of garlic and vinegar odor. This is going to burn a bit depending on your situation. U will most likely still have small amounts of mixture coming out after you shower. I had also bought some plain yogurt, no sweetner, no flavor, just plain. I cleaned the squirt bottle entirely with greenworks dishsoap and spooned the yogurt in the bottle. I saved a little to put on my outer vag, and some I added to my ranch salad dressing (You should eat yogurt for the next few days too). Anyway I insterted the bottle and squeezed the yogurt up there. It was a weird feeling and I couldnt tell how much was going in but you have to estimate how much is enough. DONT DO THIS UNTIL YOU ARE READY FOR BED AND WONT MOVE AGAIN FOR THE NIGHT. If you get up that yogurt will slip right out. Put a towel underneath your butt where you sleep and leave the yogurt all night. NO PANTIES, NO PANTIES. Let her breathe all night and let things flow out naturally while you sleep. The cooling sensation from yogurt should soothe most of the burning from mixture. I got in the shower in the a.m. and gently washed again with with the burts bees natural soap and dried off. This morning I feel amazing! I have not felt this way in a long time. I hope this last. I still have some yogurt in the bottle and plan on using it again at night until its gone. I regret not buying more yogurt for me to eat but I may get some. I'm trying to stick to the plan of not eating lots of sweets. I had to put sugar in my coffee today though. I am eating tons of garlic, spinich salads, and other veggies to boost myslef a bit. Thank you all for submissions because this helped me so much and I give you all the credit!!! Good luck to others suffering.

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