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dip the tip of a tampon in vinegar this method can be drying so lubricate with vaseline first the vinegar relieves itching and soreness it does not sting this method works because thrush thrives in an alkaline environment and vinegar being acid kills thrush


So I'm 16 and I was dealing with a yeast and I read and read about the stuff and was nervous about what to try. I went with hydrogen peroxide. I took a Q tip and soaked it with the peroxide and swabbed everywhere even went up in the v a little and then soaked a cotton ball and wiped all around and the day after no problems so far. I did it again tonight and so far no problems. Happy to be done with it.


Before I tell you how I cured my recurring vaginal yeast infections - ladies, please don't douche or put things inside of your vagina without consulting your doctor or the free clinic! It's really dangerous and can lead to much more serious infections. Instead, take a shallow bath in the remedy of your choice or apply it to the opening of your vagina. Now for the two things that changed my life (and my sex life) forever!!!!

1) My big salvation has been BAKING SODA! That's it! Before I discovered this I was having terrible itching/pain constantly for over a year, no topical medicine worked, and the Diflucan the docs gave me caused an overgrowth of lactobacilli that has the same symptoms as a yeast infection but is untreatable! Baking soda cured both. I keep a little jar of it in my shower and wash the outside of my vagina with it and I have not gotten another yeast infection since! When I first had the infections I washed this way twice a day, then once a day after the symptoms subsided (it immediately takes away the itch BTW). Now that I have my blood sugar under control though, as described below, I only wash this way once in a while. A couple of things to keep in mind... they are IMPORTANT!!!! DO NOT use baking soda if you have had bacterial vaginosis or other infections other than a yeast infection. DO NOT use baking soda unless a doctor has confirmed that you have been having recurring yeast infections and/or an overgrowth of lactobacilli (both have the same symptoms). STOP using baking soda if it causes unusual discharge. Baking soda works by raising the pH level of the vagina enough that the overgrowth of lactobacilli or yeast cannot survive. Raising the pH level can cause or worsen other infections such as BV though if it kills too many of these healthy organisms and allows others to take over. I never have had BV and all my infections have been 'acidic' infections, so this remedy works wonders for me.

2) As others said, control your blood sugar. I was already really healthy, but I went on the Atkins Diet and holy cow what a difference! That was when I was able to stop using baking soda. You don't need to do such an extreme diet though, just switch to whole grains and cut out added sugars, maybe cut down on the amount of fruit and grains, and it will make a big difference. I also had my hormonal IUD removed around the same time (for other reasons), and I read an article stating that they can make it harder to control your blood sugar, so that may have helped too, I can't be sure.



im 20 years old and very sensitive to birth control everytime I get my depo shot I get a yeast infection shortly after even tho I do everything your supposed to(eat yogurt,change wet clothes asap etc.) what helps me is a warm salt n vinegar bath fill your bath tub with just enough water to cover your hips dissolve salt n pour in vinegar soak for about fifteen minutes it helps to sit with your legs bent. A 50/50 hydrogen peroxide n water douche helps and a tampon soaked in sugar free greek yogurt clears it up in two days...I said greek yogurt because your yogurt has to have active cultures in it not all yogurt does but im certain greek yogurt does.hope this helps


I read here about using garlic and yogurt for yeast infections. I was very skeptical about placing a garlic there but I was desperate because the over the counter medication hadn't worked and the itching was driving me crazy. So, I went for it and tried the garlic and yogurt solution. As I read on the forum, I put a needle and thread through a single garlic,dipped that in plain greek yogurt and placed it in my vagina. It was instant relief, i couldn't believe it! I also put more of the yogurt outside my vagina. It was kinda messy, but it was so worth it! After the treatment, I was even able to ride on my bike and nothing happened! No more itching! I just wanted to thank this forum and the comments that helped me. I would definitely advice others to try this method!


Note this is only for desperate measures I was going nuts and have to be up in less than 5 hours now for itching was so bad and I found this site and decided I would combine some of them in my own I took a water botel added a tablespoon of garlic 5 tablespoons of peroxide 8 tablespoons of white vinager and one tablespoon of salt filled the rest with cold water.I then poked holes in the cap of the water bottle.I soaked a tampon in it and inserted that. Then I squeezed the water bottle so that it sprayed the mixture all over my lady parts til half of it was used quickly rinsed it off with cold water and removed the tampon.then ran a little water in the tub poo red the rest of the mixture in it and sat for about two minutes splashing the mixture in the tub all over the lady parts then drained tub and ran cold water over my lady parts about 5 minutes and dryed off very well. Keep in mind if your lady parts are severally irratated like mine its gonna sting VERY bad to do this but desperate times call for desperate measures and it worked for me


Ok ladies I have read a lot of your remedies and must say that you are extremely brave trying some of the remedies here. I am 59 and have suffered YI since I was 13 the last few years I came across something that helps sooth and get rid of the infection but it's best to do this as soon as the itching starts. Put half a cup of baking soda in a warm bath and soak in it for half an hour. I lie in the bath relax and push as much water up my vagina as I can with my cupped hand then just lie there. It really does work. I am going to try the raspberry leaf tea as well.


Ok I know I wrote a long story but please take the time to read it because it will help you! So I am 14 and this is my second yeast infection, with my first one it was small and went away within a day and didnt have any problems ever again. Now this is my second time having one I thought it was going to be the same thing, but sadly it's not! I have been having this terrible itching for 3 days now so I have to figure out how to get rid of it! I am on summer break right now and the last thing I want to do is sit on the toilet all day with this pain! So below is what helped me!
1. Every time you shower or take a bath mix salt and water together and put it on a cloth or a spray bottle (whatever one works best for you) and put the salt water on the areas that are burning and itching for about 5 minutes.
2. Every night put plain unsweetened yogurt on there and put a towel under you because it will be messy, and sleep with nothing on. And when you wake up wash it off. Also eat plain unsweetened yogurt too.
3. Repeat those steps for a few days even if you feel no pain.
Make sure you don't eat any sugar because that will cause the yeast infection to be worse. I made that mistake -_- As a cheerleader I wear underwear, spankies, then shorts. This can cause yeast to come because there is no air coming through. So make sure to wear not many layers. And change out of wet clothes as soon as possible. I know the pain your dealing with and I'm so sorry! And I hope this helped!


So, I've been a consistent sufferer of both bacterial and yeast infections, so I've been doing a lot of research on this topic. So far, very little has helped, the exception being tea tree oil getting rid of my bacterial infection. However, it did not help my yeast infection. Tonight, I did an Epsom salt bath and I'm trying something else very new. Coconut oil soaked tampon overnight. The itching is already subsiding, and I'm hoping it will continue to help through morning.


Everyone on this thread, thank you so so much!! I have been in so much pain for about a week and over the counter creams did absolutely nothing. After trying some of the less scary suggestions like salt baths, I tried a yoghurt tampon. Instant relief!! But I found it only lasted a couple of hours. In a moment of desperation I created a 'garlic tampon' by using a needle and thread through a clove of garlic (casing taken off). I had it in for one hour yesterday and over night last night.. Feeling 100% better today. Wish I had tried this a week ago! Anyone contemplating the garlic trick but is a bit weirded out by it.. Do it!! I promise it will help. Garlic kills yeast!

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