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So, I figured out 2 nights ago that I had a yeast infection and it was driving me NUTS! I went online and didn't have most of the things they suggested on how to treat them, but I did have vinegar. So I soaked a hand towel in vinegar and held it down there. OH MY GOD it burned...but now, 15 minutes later...the itching is gone!!! So if you can handle the fire for a few minutes, it really helps :D


Ok, so I have suffered with YI for a long time. This time, I couldn't take it! Thr itch was so bad I reallywanted to scratch down therr with a toothbrush.. I didn't have anything and was desperate for relief. I used pure vanilla extract for my kids when they cut a tooth and thought why not try. I dipped a q tip in and coated all areas. What do you know, INSTANT RELIEF!!! no major burning. No more itch. Fantastic


Put A Little Petroleum Jelly Down There, Not Inside Your Vag Though. Just Put It Inside Your Lips And Wherever Else It Itches. Do It After You Shower And Make Sure Youre Dry Down There And Put A Lil Baby If You Want (it will work with the petroleum jelly) You Dont Have To Though. I Did This Because I Had A Very Annoying Itch Although It Was Mild, It Was Annoying. And I Cant Make A Doctors Appointment Til Monday So I Tried Petroleum Jelly And Its Working Fantastically. :). I Hope This Helps You Guys. Oh And Dont Wipe Too Hard When You Go Potty Cus The Itching Will Possibly Come Back.


I suffered from yeast infections throughout my whole pregnancy. OTC treatments weren't helping and I couldn't take an oral medication. The only thing I found that helped was completely cutting refined sugar out of my diet. No soda, no cookies, no cake. When I didn't eat sugar, I didn't have any itching or problem. If I cheated and ate something sugary, I sure knew it the next day. Yeast feeds on sugar, so if you don't give it that, it helps a lot.


Here is a cool, and I mean COOL, way to insert yogurt (always plain greek style yogurt, no sugar, no Danon or Yoplait) to help combat the dreaded YI. Take a disposable exam glove which you can pick up at any drug store, from the wrist opening roll the glove down to the finger openings. Take a spoon and fill the fingers of the glove with the yogurt. Put it in the freezer, wait a few hours, remove from the freezer and you'll see you now have 5 perfectly formed suppositories. Peel the glove off the now solid finger shaped suppository and insert gently into vagina. Ahhhh relief. Freezing them not only helps to hold the shape for easier insertion but soothes the burning/itching. Be sure to use a pads or pantyliners as the heat from your inflamed vagina will quickly melt the yogurt.


I woke up this morning about 3 am. Felt mild itching. Figured it was because my bf and I had sex last night. Had sex again lol and it was worse. I took a bath and it didn't help. Thought oh crap I have been on amox from a tooth infection. So I knew right away what it was a yi :(. I found this site and read about 10 pages of remedies. I live literally across the street from a 24 hour walgreens (thank god!!) Walked over there to get some garlic capsules and inserted 3 I also made a mimixture of melaluca oil (4drops as I'm running low) lavender oil (6 drops) vinegar (1 tbsp approx) salt and 1tbsp water. Dipped in a cotton ball and wiped the area. I feel a bit better. I also took 3garlic capsules. Hopefully this helps. I just bagan some mild cramping but my period may be coming and I have ibs so I know that may be my issue there. Good luck ladies!!!


I've had a handful of yeast infections in my day, but this one is by far the worst! I found this site and after having garlic tucked away in my naughty bits I decided it was weird and I'd give salt a try. I hot my towel laid on the couch, thinking I would just chill with a warm salty cloth. OMG I put it on and I felt like my vagina was literally on fire! I ran to the tub to rinse asap. I brought the rag to the tub in a second attempt thinking i all just rinse again if I can't handle it. Again, it burned like mofo but 5 mins later I am feeling relief.


So, the other day i had very little discomfort. But, I emediately knew what it was. So i went to cvs and baught monistat 1. Its been 5 day and.ibe had no relief! And lastnight i searched high and low for something to help... To my suprise, i did. I used aple cider vinager, garlic powder, salt and warm water on a wash cloth. And i also soaked a tampon in the mixture (1/4 cup water, 2 tbs. Vinager, 1 tbs salt, 1 tbs garlic.) It relieved the itching, and my symptoms are much more tollerable. Hopefully this will go away after a few days of this routien. I also did a epsom salt bath, with tons of salt!


Okay, so I had sex with my boyfriend a lot this past weekend because it was the Fourth of July and we were celebrating a lot. Then all the sudden my lady parts started itching uncontrollably. It kept me up all night. It was so irritating. So I thought maybe it was too much sex, but then after searching the symptoms realized I had a yeast infection. (Probably caused by not changing out of my swimsuit right away) So i mixed up a salt water mixture and soaked a tampon in it. (Use LOTS of salt) it may sting but its worth it, then place the tampon on your vagina. that worked IMMEDIATELY. felt so much better. but it probably wont cute it alone, so I went to Safeway and bought Miconazole Nitrate Vagina Cream (2%) which is used to cure yeast infections. Immediately it started working but it will take up to 7 days to fully clear it up. You can put the cream on the outside of the vagina in the morning, and at night use the applicator and apply it inside and outside, put a towel under you, and don't wear underwear. Do this EVERY night. For a week. Make sure you keep your vagina clean, take a shower every morning. And lay off on the sugar, I've only been drinking water and eating very healthy. No fruit though. Yeast feeds on sugar. I hope this helps because it sure is helping me! Xoxo get better girls!


Well I'm 14 years old and this was my second Yeast Infection I think, well I used vanilla Carmel tea and salt water the tea works then I used a blow dryer and heating pad and they helped so much a relieved it I just did it to and it's 3:30 in the morning but I love the way it made me feel I love it so much I can actually go to sleep with my boyfriend and not get up and wake him up but ny ways HEAT APPLY HEAT!!! It helps more then anything

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