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As bad as my YI's are, I cannot bring myself to put garlic up there. Or anything for that matter. Instead, I tried soaking in a bath. I used an aveeno packet (the kind for poison ivy, sunburn, bug bites and other skin rashes) combined with about a 1/2 cup baking soda In a half filled tub. The itching subsided but I thought it would be temporary. Instead it helped with the itching for the rest of the night. It didn't take it away completely, but helped tremendously.


Hi ladies,

I am currently going through one of these lovely YI's which I get regularly and thankfully found this site. I've tried the OTC treatments and it's not working this time so I will try some of these suggestions. One thing that I do use every time I have one of these is called Zeasorb AF, it's actually a foot powder for athletes foot. My doctor suggested it to me years ago and I can't believe how instantaneously it works. Just sprinkle some on the outside of your vagina and it is IMMEDIATE! I still have to treat it internally, but this stops the itch while I wait for treatment to run its course. I have told several friends about it and then randomly months later they will call me to thank me for mentioning it too them when they have gotten one themselves. I always have it at home and use it as soon as I feel itchy. Good luck to you all! Hope this helps!

Dana B

All of us seem to suffer from YI at some point.

if I've been overly stressed, if the weather is too hot, if I haven't been consistent in my drinking water, if I've drank too much alcohol, had too much sugar, or had sex too frequently.

1) I buy some gauze tea bags (at either a natural grocery store or kitchen supply store), skin a garlic clove, and slit little cuts (not to cut completely through but to just let the juices ooze out), put garlic inside the gauze tea bag and close opening with the tea bag strings, and insert into my vagina. Be sure the tea bag strings are hanging out of your vagina (like a tampon string). Will sting just a little at first...but truly helps. I leave it in during the day, then replace with a new one at night. When done with one teabag, I take out garlic, wash used gauze tea bag in soapy water, and boil in water to disinfect, and reuse.

2) Purchase some plain Greek Yogurt. Either you can insert it into your vagina with a infant syringe, or simply with your fingers (although a bit messy). Also spread some of the yogurt on the outside of your vagina/labia lips. I put an unscented Stayfree cotton kotex in my panties... to catch the escaping yogurt. Change kotex frequently to not spread yeast.

3) Daily, I take Acidophilus PB8 supplements (from nutrition section of store). Typically, without a yeast infection, I take 2 capsules daily.
But when I have a yeast infection, I'll load up,and take 3-4 capsules in the morning, repeat in the afternoon, and again, right before bed.

4) I drink 2 tbls. Apple Cider Vinegar in a small cup of water, in the morning before a meal. Helps with weight loss too.

5)Also, be sure to shower/bath regularly, so the yeast doesn't grow. Keep dry, free of scented perfume products, wear loose, cotton underwear (not nylon or tight fitting) and follow this regime. Should clear up within a couple days, as well as give you instant relief.


i used that bragg vinegar found in the health food section of some stores. put it in a douche and kept flushing myself out. the bragg stuff is unpasteurized so it will sort of 'plug up' the holes in the douche thing. just rinse it off if it plugs up. burns like crazy but once you use the whole bottle (32oz?) you are all cleaned out of yeast and cured!

Chante White

I just want to say that whoever figured out sticking a clove of threaded garlic in your vagina is crazy, but it is awesome. Weird feeling at first but it works. I stopped itching immediately. Since my husband and I are trying to can imagine what's been going on with that. No bottoms and a threaded garlic clove has done me wonders tonight. I'm ecstatic to not be itchy!


I'm 19 with the curse of being prone to YI! It's aparently normal in my family to get them semi frequently.
Well this one I'm dealing with at the moment feels like razor blades and lemon juice have attacked my goods! I found out sugar was a big no no AFTER I took a big swig of Mountain Dew. Literally, not a moment later I had the worst burning episode. So I looked up this site.
Well, I had petroleum jelly so I decided to lightly put that on and around the goods and bam! Instant relief. It's not completely gone, but just enough to finally get some sleep.
I do not take any sort of medication if I do not absolutely have to. So, these tips are going to be highly useful.
Also, I noticed sleeping nakey is also fantastic. Spread out with a fan blowing on you. Not only keeps your goods dry but it's refreshing.
I also take the depo vera shot and have realized I have been having flare ups when I need my shot. Needless to say, I'll be getting something else for a while!
Thank you for all the tips girls, and good luck!

Chante White

I just want to say that whoever figured out sticking a clove of threaded garlic in your vagina is crazy, but it is awesome. Weird feeling at first but it works. I stopped itching immediately. Since my husband and I are trying to can imagine what's been going on with that. No bottoms and a threaded garlic clove has done me wonders tonight. I'm ecstatic to not be itchy!


MUST READ REALLY WORKS!!!! I battled with a yeast infection all week so I googled home remedies and found this site!! I have looked up home remedies in the past before and thought most of them sounded crazy...the thought of sticking garlic in my vagina sounded crazy! But this time I already tried 2 1 day treatments over the counter along with AZO yeast pills and they weren't working, I live in a small town and the last thing I wanted to do was go buy another treatment! The burning and itching was so bad I couldn't take it anymore so I got desperate and this is what I used:

first step:
I took approx. 1/2 cup of iodized salt and 1/2 a cup of arm and hammer baking soda and mixed it into a shallow bath. I got in and let it soak and tried to push some of the mixture inside the best I could. Got out and dried myself off thoroughly!

second step: (I know is sounds crazy)
I took and peeled a clove of garlic and with some thick black thread and a needle I put thread through the center of the garlic a couple times so that it was secure and had about 5 inches of thread coming out the top and the bottom of the garlic clove, then I brought the thread together and braided it and tied a knot in the bottom. I inserted it into the vagina just like a tampon and left the string hanging out.

Instantly the itching and burning is gone and it has been hours and it hasn't came back. I don't even smell like garlic! And the discharge is already going's a miracle and I will use this every time in the future! The garlic starts killing the yeast immediately!! So if you want a cure this one is amazing!!


Yesterday.. My yeast infection was unbearable.. I scratched it so much to the point where it bled, and then peeing was horrible, it burnt to pee so bad that it brought me to tears... so i took a warm shower(not hot.. Warm) and let the water run over my vag... It felt good needless to say it soothed it temporarily.. Then i washed my vagina with baby wash.. Its gentle and soap-free. (Soap will make Yi worse) i washed it twice with my hands, then got out and immediately went to bed with No pants or underwear on with a fan right on me so it stays nice and dry. Sleep commando. My yeast infection was cured this morning i peed with no pain and have not itched yet. I hope to god its gone. The best advice i have for you is DO NOT ITCH YOUR VAGINA no matter how bad it itches, itching it only makes it worse. Best of luck to all you ladies, i feel your pain..


I emptied a probiotic capsule into a warm douche and used it. The symptoms were relieved within a day and gone after 2. If the probiotics kill the yeast in our gut I thought they could be beneficial elsewhere. What a simple solution.

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