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39 Home Remedies for Vaginal Odor

Abigail Dogbey

The effective home remedy for vagina odor is lime.use small amount on the vagina wall for 30min before bathing and squeeze one lime into a half litre of water and douch with it believe it works like magic and see the result in 21 day! Due to the acidic in the lime it helps destroy and bacteria and restores the acidic lost in the vagina.


Odors down there can be caused by yeast infections such as an overgrowth of candida. If yeast is your problem taking oregano oil capsules, garlic, and probiotics such as acidophilus may help you. Also eating less sugar is helpful because the Candida uses the sugar to grow. When I do these things combined with using Intimore classic intimate liquid wash it helps. the wash contains tea tree oil which is a known anti-fungal I find the wash helps to balance my pH.


I tried everything every gel, wash, and spray on the market before finding Essence for Women... I ordered it online. I can't believe how well it worked. The other products didn't do much for me, but I found this product worked and I haven't had any odor since going on it months ago. Hope it helps!


Sometimes if I feel that my vagina has an unclean feeling or odor, I shave or at least trim the hair from my pubic area, & then I wash with Summer's Eve feminine wash. It's very gentle & it neutralizes odor & kills all the bad bacteria. I know how self concious it can be when you don't feel your cleanest. I have never had to bathe in vinegar or anything like that, the feminine wash has always solved the problem.


Get Balsamic Vinegar and mix with honey, put a teaspoon of whisky in the mix and heat for 1 min.. Rub on and leave sitting for 15 min.. This sounds weird, but my grandma did it to me when they first came up and it works like a charm!


I recently started to have this 'funny' odor whenever I had sex with my husband. It was really bothersome to me because I didn't feel sexy anymore and I couldn't even enjoy oral sex like before. About a month ago, I tried something that has really worked. First, I threw away all my panties that were not 100% cotton, then stopped douching, then once a week would insert a garlic clove (peeled) in my vagina overnight and take it out in the morning, also sleep without panties, then take a hot bath in vinegar water, eat a lot of yogurt, and drink a lot of lemon water to detox my body. After a month of these rituals the odor has gone away almost completely. Another thing I did that only if you can you should do; I stopped taking my birth control pills for awhile because the hormones in them messes with your ph balance and contributes to vaginal problems, but I understand if you can't do that one. Hope this helps a little, even if you can't do all these things, a few of them still should help out a little.


First and foremost you should go to a doctor just in case it is an underlining issue that is causing the odor. Once you establish that everything is ok, mix one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water and douche once per day until your symptoms clear. You can use a disposable douche bottle or an enema/douche bag. Normally, it is not good to douche but hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe and kills any candida, bacteria, or viruses. This is also an excellent remedy for yeast infections or Bacterial vaginosis. Personally, I believe this method is not prescribed because the pharmaceutical companies can't make money from it. I only do this after my aunt flow visits and it does not smell fresh down there. Hope this Helps!


You will need : Special Shampoo Head & Shoulders : Generic or Preferred Moisturizing Hair Moose :
1 ) Washing your vaginal and anal area and arm pit areas daily with Head & Shoulders HYDRAZINC 2 in 1 is ideal for thorough cleansing of bacteria which comes from residues caused from everyday urinating and defecating.
2 ) Massage conditioning hair moose into the creases and crevises of your genital areas first, then your anal area second. Then wash your hands. You can use hair moose after using the toilet on both areas then wash your hands thoroughly. This will be soothing and fragrant and actually reduce and stop vaginal itching due to naturally anti bacterial botanical agents which are found in most moose hair products. 3 ) What we eat can be absorbed by our uterus during periods and by our urine and feces during toilet time so be clean and happy.


if you have vaginal odor, say after you menstrate you can get rid of the odor by simply putting in 1/2 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of white vinegar in your bath. get the water as hot as you can stand it and water level should be to your thighs while sitting up. make sure it's mixed in real good then sit in it until the water gets cold. it balances the ph and there will be absolutely no odor.

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