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39 Home Remedies for Vaginal Odor


I use v-freshner it works and its cheap. I drink a little everyday and I am telling you it was fast. I love home remedies but I also like remedies that I can do for myself at home!


I have had so much sucess with this website. I've become a champ at curing simple colds, or uti's (which are such a pesk) however an odd thing that I recently experienced was vaginal odor. I found a comment (sorry for not giving the name, I can't remember) on here about going to target and getting a probiotic for the digestive tract for under ten dollars. I decided to try that and use apple cider vinegar (what can't apple cider vinegar cure...) as a wash. As promised by the posts I read, my odor was gone in a couple of days! I normally don't post or put myself out there like this but I really really hope this helps some women out! Ps. I think every woman needs to have some apple cider vinegar stored for all purposes!)


Hi ladies I'm from South Africa and after reading all the comments I rushed to the chemist and bought '9-Strain Probiotic'. It's day 2 and it works. I'm so happy, I've been having this problem for years. Please try it.


I originally posted about Chlorophyll. It is still a great solution however for those like me who start to see a green tint on your teeth here is another alternative.

Wash with Peroxide (once a week)
Always use a mild soap without perfume (I use ivory)
Take Jarrow Formulas Fem Dophilus probiotic (buy at a vitamin store in the refrigerator section)
Stop wearing underwear!

I know some women would gasp at this, but it has helped me tremendously. We all must admin that we need to breath down there. To capture daily discharge I put a panti liner on my pants and use wipes.


Probotics from target really works!!!!!!! I can't believe it, I've had that awful smell for years (dr. Says everything comes back negative) saw these posts and starting probotics on Sunday by Monday def difference and now Wednesday NO ODOR!!!! Yay!!!!


I have tried taking away the odor I have been smelling during the course of the day at work. It wasn't something that high but I could smell it, what i did was to use wipes whenever I pee instead of tissues to wipe down there... This helped for a a while but the scent came back, I am yet to try some of the recommendations I have received on this site.... I can say the aloe Vera is a very effective remedy and I will buy one next week


I was so embarrassed one day when my husband told me that I smelled like we just had sex Right before we were going to have it. I decided one day to get a brazilian wax. Not only did the odor stop but I discovered that once the hair grew back I would start to have discharge, itch and that damn odor would be there. To this day, I still wax down there. No odor, itching or discharge.


You don't need to read anything else after you read this-such a simple cure to vaginal odor. Most women have problems with the PH system in their vaginas. Bacterial vaginosis is very common and causes a funky smell, especially after sex. That is the typical sign. All you need to do is take one capsule daily of a probiotic. I personally buy the Target brand-'probiotic colon support' from Target at $9.99. I am 53 and have tried and heard it all. Trust me, this remedy really works. Within 2 days you will be back to normal and ready to rock and roll!


Ladies Liquid Chlorophyll is the truth. Purchased it online for under $10. I took 2 teaspoons and within 1 day poof the odor was gone. I also started to take baths w/ Hydrogen peroxide (1 cup) no more than a few times a week. Mild soap, I use Ivory. People will say perioxide & chlorophyll aren't proven to rid you of BV, but I am telling you it does. I'm so happen. I'm recently married and was trying some odor block to stay fresh and my body went crazy w/ constant yeast infections and BV. I'm used to BV (been getting it since 15) but yeast was out of the ordinary. This is an economical & viable solution. No more doctor visits. Oh and do not douch ladies we all know better. Please ignore anyone who tells you different.


Cranberries! Eat them, drink them or take capsules; solves the problem from the inside out by inhibiting the growth of invasive bacteria, decreasing kolonisation and adjusting pH. (this also works for a bladder infection)
Also, eating less sweets and more yoghurt helps your natural bacteria to gain teritorry.
Note: hormonal anticonception like the pill or the morning after pill can also cause differences in scent due to a change in bacterial populations.

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