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3 Home Remedies for Freckles


Iv always had dark freckles that layer over each other and splotch so bad even heavy makeup can't cover, I hate them! But their are tons of things to do :) 1 acidic fruit juice like a lemon or lime (must be fresh) rubbed on the skin twice a day, I leave it on an hour at a time but it will dry your skin so do it every other day! 2 every few days I exfoliate to get rid of dead skin, it brightens skin and gradually fades freckles 3 lots of lotion will heal the skin and make your skin cycle go faster so the freckles will fade faster. 4 sunscreen!!!!!!! Everyday! Sunscreen wears of about every 2-4 hours so keep it with you and apply it every 2-4 hours and stay out of direct sunlight so you don't get more freckles or darken the ones you already have, Also the SPF in makeup does not count, turns out that the amount of SPF on makeup isn't strong enough unless you cake it on in layers! Hope it helps


there's no real way to get rid of freckles... just wear lots of quality sunblock to prevent more. If you really don't like them, than use a powder matching your skin tone to hide them a bit.


To get rid of unwanted freckles - cut a lemon in half, then rub the lemon on the unwanted freckles try to this twice a day and in a couple of day you shoud see them dissapering or fading

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