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Worms (Children) Home Remedies

9 Home Remedies for Worms (Children)


For worms: I found this REALLY affective and it got rid of my worms in 2-3 days.

You get 2 table spoons of body cream that you often use to moisturise your body.

A small squirt of hand sanitizer. (The more you add the more effective it'll work, but if using on your child only do a small amount since the hand sanitizer can cause stinging if too much is added)

And 1/2 tea spoon of paw paw ointment.


Melt the paw paw cream in the microwave for 5 seconds and add to the cream and mix thoroughly.

Then proceed to add the hand sanitizer into your mixture.

Every morning and night put some cream around the anus, this kills the eggs and reduces itchiness.

Soon, the worms will go away.

I advise also eating garlic cloves raw as well.


Once again - food grade diatomaceous earth. Search it on the web...the stuff is useful for many thing...including ridding pets and people of parasites (worms).

Best taken on empty stomach, mixed with water, and drink plenty of water during course of treatment - figure starting off with 1 teaspoon twice a day, (mixed with 6-8 ounces of water)then (if no problem) increase to 1 tablespoon twice a day for about 2 weeks.

It has to be stirred well and drank while floating around, or it settles to the bottom of glass and stays there.

When it comes to 'remedies' the simple, natural approach is very often cheaper, safer, and better.

Praise God!

Patentees need not apply.


A handful of shelled pumpkin seeds for a week (two weeks to be on the safe side) worked for my 4-year-old.

My mother used this remedy for me and all my siblings and cousins and it works very well.

I crushed the seeds up and mixed them up in peanut butter, sprinkled them over ice cream, etc. Anything to get her to eat them.


Eating a raw potato every day for three days will cause any worms you may have to pass.


When your child is suffering and complaining w/extreme anal itching, when they fall asleep at night, take a look with a flashlight beneath their underwear at their anal opening. If they are suffering with worms, you will see them as they reflect light and try to crawl back inside the darkness of your child's anus. Take your baby to the doctor the following day for treatment.


Use Black Walnut. Mix in water, juice, or milk. You can get this at a health store, the bottle will have recommended drops, use more or less accordingly. I did this for my son, his poop in his diaper looked like shreded beef afterwards!!! I did this for one to two weeks, more drops at the begining.


This is usually caused by playing outside. Simply take a snippet of the childs hair and shred it into a glass of milk, water, juice, etc then have them drink it. Because hair doesn't digest, the hair literally slices the worms and then they are pooped out. The works well with mild constipation of children too.


Eat garlic cloves or take garlic pills. Eat a piece of garlic clove a day or take a garlic pill once a day until the worms are gone.


Have the child eat a small piece of jaggery after each meal.

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