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127 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


Alright, well this APPLIES TO EVERYONE


People today lean, when they're at school, at work, even when walking. They hunch their back. You will look like one of those old ladies with hunchbacks. Anyway, what you have to do to get toned and loose some weight is sit/stand with you're back strait. I don't mean somewhat strait, I mean so strait I can put a ruler to it. When you're sitting like this, lean back a bit so you're body is like an obtuse angle. Whenever you sit, sit like that. It's tough but the outcome is great so good luck!


Grandma Lola

A five year old's weightloss tips:

Ok ...seriously folks! One day my 5 year old grand-daughter gave me her tips on weightloss as follows:

- Eat all your vegetables.
- When you are hungry, drink lots of water.
- When you are tired, take a nap.
- After your nap, go to the store and buy more vegetables.

Wow!! She covered it all! ... Eat right (eat all your vegetables), drink lots of water, get plenty of rest (take a nap) and get your exercise (go shopping). So there you have it! If a 5 year old can figure this out, we should be able to as well.


I heard that doing situps and crunches won't be effective to weight loss from the stomach. Because there is little muscle in the stomach, I heard that you should instead do walks, and excersize you're thighs and legs more and your stomach will follow. I don't know how true it is, but it seems to make sence.

Also, GO VEGITARIAN! Its moral, and you loose weight. Meat has a lot of fat in it, so its all good. And, one more thing that can help, but not anyone should do, is if you have ADD take adderall, it makes you're apitite less.


REDUCE YOUR PORTIONS When you start eating fill your stomach up with salads,and then a little bit of real food.


Weight Loss
For married females:

Take a table spoon of lal masoor ki daal and boilit with 4 glasses till a glass remians. pour that liquid in a glass and keep it till daal sttles down at the bottom ( better do it at night) - pani nithar lein and drink the water and daal ko phenk dein. drink this water for 40 days.

For unmarreid females:

Take a table spoon of lal masoor ki daal and boilit with 4 cups till a cup remians. add some salt and pepper, onion ginger galric, and blend it well . take this soup daily


I have heard that is you drink ice cold water you will lose weight. One because the water acts as a natural antioxident and two your body burns calories when it warms the water. Good Luck!


get an active dog. i got a dog 2 months ago and i've lost 10 lbs just by exercising with her. we jog one day and walk the next (for 20 -30 mins or so) i've always hated to exercise. i get bored in gyms, or walking...etc. but exercising with my new friend is so much better :)


If you are just looking to tone, and loose a few inches quickly I would suggest trying a herbal body wrap. Going to a spa and getting this is around $90 per treatment. I am going to give you a recipe to create your own. It worked for me, hopefully it would work for you as well.


Clay Body Wrap Recipe
1 cup bentonite or green clay
1/4 cup sea salt
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 cups water

You can also add some herbs and esential oils.

herbs: Alfalfa leaf powder, ground basil, chamomile flower powder, rose petal powder, rosehip powder

esential oils: Lavender, sage, lemon, sandlewood, lemongrass, rosemary, grapefruit, olive oil

Boil water and add sea salt until it is dissolved. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Adjust the water if necessary to form a wet paste.

Rub the mixture over your entire body and cover yourself with thin towels or a clean white sheet. For better results wrap yourself in plastic wrap over the exsisting towel or white sheet that is used

Lay in the tub for a minimum of 45 min. to one hour

This is also a good way to draw toxins out of your body. This can be messy so I would suggest taking the wrap in the bath tub




Bake the lemons @ a low heat in your oven (250-350 F), until the skin cracks. Juice your lemon, and use at least 2 tablespoons a day! This aids in the digestive tract, strengthens the gums,cures most gum disease, and boosts the immune system!! Lemons are a 'body disinfectant', killing those 'bad' bacteria. Go look on the web, for may find that some doctor or naturalpathic doctor has the simular info out there somewhere.!! Very effective at weight loss too.!!

Try making your favorite iced tea, slice lemons up and put them in the jug, add sweetener to taste. (mmmm YUM!)


There is no magic cure for all people. Each person is different. But, here is the general idea to loose weight.

Consume less calories, exercise more.

I assume that I am going to get nasty comments, but the combination of those two things are what will really help in the long run. You may drop 20 lbs on the latest fad diet, but you'll gain it back when the diet wears thin!

One piece of advice I want to share is this though. If you are craving chocolate, eat chocolate. Or ice cream, chips, what ever it is your craving. But do it in moderation. This is how I would end up....

Hmmm I want candy. I will have an apple.

10 min later.....

Apple didnt do it, I'll have some fruit snacks.

10 min later......

That didn't work. Maybe a small cookie or two.

10 min later....

Argh! Fine. I'll just eat the whole king size candy bar.

I would end up consuming WAY more calories than if I would have just eaten the stupid candy.

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