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127 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


The best things to keep in mind is that weight reduction is linked to health. And exercising on a regular basis at your level and eating a healthy diet {the 80% healthy 20% non rule applies} then you will see massive results in weight reduction and health and energy! :)


Apple cider vinegar. Make sure it's not distilled add 2 teaspoons to 8 oz of water 3-4 times daily before you eat. You can add a little cranberry juice or with apple juice you can't taste it at all. If you stick with it you will feel better and it's great for you!! Seriously google it apple cider vinegar is FANTASTIC for you and not just weight loss but your skin as well.


WOW! Stan you just made my day. I'm really short but I'm overweight and I agree. I don't think whats on the outside matters at all. I was like these other people who were looking to ways to lose weight. then I read what you wrote and it totally changed my mind. I will chose to be happy in my skin for now on. I think everyone should unless they are doing it for a good reason. If you are unhealthy or have a 1st stage to a bad disease I think everyone should be happy :)


ok i did this and it really works

to lose weight stay on a diet of toast and tea twice a day for one week. i did this and i lost 20 pounds in one week.
but you stay full so its good for you too.

Brandon Fitz

My suggestions are:
- Drink lots of water
- Eat more and more often (every 3 hours)
- Eat the same amount of carbs, fat and protein (good ones)
- Exercise 2% of your time and work bigger muscles
- Avoid sugar completely, you can replace it if you like sweets
- Do power walking within your exercise routine
- Calculate your RMR (
- Don't ever cut calories more than 20% of your RMR
- Watch your body fat percentage instead of your weight
If you want to know more, look for the Fat Melting Program


Oh my gosh. Okay so honestly like really honestly half the 'remedies' on here have wird names of oild or herbs or wraps and medicine that normal people probally dont just carry it around waiting for something of use to come up for it. If your a majorly over weight, or too skinny, or a couple extra pounds, or even just big in some places: try this and maybe no it will help you
okay so my sister Mary She is gorgeous like really pretty but shes not a twig so she thinks shes super fat:o i dont get it but she and i started going to the fitness center!!! it was great painful in the mornings but great!! We first would wrap our selves in platic wrap really really tight- then we would go 30 mins on the bikes that dont go any where:) then 15 mins on the tredmills- then use those wight things try not to make it all serious your more than less likely to quit have fun with it stand next to a cute boy/girl exercise with them !! i dont know bring bottled water doesnt have to be expensive just purified! then after about 3-4 hours go to the sauna !@!!!!!! be sure not to wear makeup it tends to make you look like hell!! ( i learned the hard way:((...) AFTER THIS YOU WORKED HARD ENOUGH go get your self a simple cookie!!! works for us. Its going to work for you


your weight losing friend,

Stan the Man

PLEASE everyone stop stressing about your weight. Try and be happy with who you are. Skinny, short, fat, tall, who cares?

My girlfriend died to this 'EVERY FUCKING WOMAN (or man) IN THE WORLD NEEDS TO BE PENCIL THIN AND WEIGH A THIRD OF A POUND OR ELSE THEY ARE SUPER SUPER FAT AND UNATTRACTIVE' shit. Now I know that that's an over exaggeration, yes, but it is kind of that way. My girlfriend wasn't the only one to literally starve herself to death just because she didn't have Megan Fox's (super hot) body. Personally, I would have taken my girlfriend over Megan. Because I luvver'd her.

And thanks to fucking idiots who look down on everyone else for not weighing 2IB's, she's dead.

DON'T end up like her.



I lost alot of weight by not eating anything after 7pm.I would chew gum if i was hungry.I also drank nothing but water and green tea

Sara ..xX

when you go for a run, wrap cling film around your bum, thighs and legs (not too tight) and you'll sweat like hell .. make sure you drink lots of water.. we humans don't need an other drink

Happy Mommy

Ever since I had my 2nd child I have been struggling to lose the extra weight. I began taking 2 types of pills to help control my weight. Now the will sound weird but bare with me. I take 3 all natural pills a day. I take the first which is the Acai Berry Extract suppliment. Then at dinner I take another Acai berry pill and one pill by the name of Colon Heath. That is the exact name of it. I have found that the higher the Acai berry extract you can find tends to work the best. I found a similar plan online but it was some thing where I had to give these people my credit card number. So I went to my local drug store and found a higher quality dosage there. Now for those of you who don't want to take some weird 'drugs' to lose weight you have no fear here. Both of the pills that I take are 100% natural and can't do you any harm. Since taking these pills I have lost 17 pounds in 5 weeks. I hope this works for you as well as it did for me!

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