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my Grandparents are big fit and health junkies. Unfortunately thick thighs, wide hips, and big butts are common for the women in my family but to maintain your curves and body fat distribution my grandmother recommended that if you drink 16oz of water mixed with apple cider vinegar a day you could lose fat without losing your shape. also if you cant get over the taste try eating a 100% fruit popsicle to mask it.. i like
EDY'S 100% FRUIT BARS IN LIME AND WILD BERRY W/ LOTS OF ANTIOXIDANTS. I've been doing this for 3 days now so far and my skin has cleared up and have been more 'regular'. i dont look at the scale but i feel great and my jeans come up a little easier :) hope this helps. remember that you could still be curvy AND healthy.


The trick to losing weight is making yourself feel full. Part of this is contributed to the taste buds. If you eat something plain and bleah your tastebuds will tell you to eat more because they want flavor. What I like to do is take a hunk of cheese and put it on a fork. A very small hunk of cheese. I use the little laughing cow circles that come in net bags. I hold one end of the cheese in the candle flame and wait till it is just about to drip(it will be black, but that is the smoke, not burnt cheese)then eat the sizzling part of the cheese. It will have a nice smoky flavour. Keep doing that till all the cheese is gone. Your tastebuds and your stomach will be full, even if you were starving before. Also, if you must have a dessert, eat a piece of fruit. Everyone groans because that sounds tough. But there are many varieties of fruit that are easy to eat you don't have to stick to strawberries, grapes, and apples! Instead of peeling a kiwi, cut it in half and use a spoon. If you like peaches, nectarines are similar but have edible skin. Blueberries are great and enexpensive. Start out eating a piece of fruit and a cookie, then cut it down to just fruit. Your tastebuds will change and you won't mind the fruit, especially if you have variety. Enjoy!


Great news eat what you like then stop eating by 6.30 pm. Drink green tea or any other herbal tea after this time and watch weight fall off like leaves off atree in autumn x


I am a teen tryn to lose alittle weight so my aunt sayd she would drink some green tea twice a day and eat light, and drink alot of water and excercise and she lost 10lbs in 2 wks! when i tryd it, i only lost seven but its still cool! hope it works 4 u! :) (lipton green tea)


Simple, I lost 2 stone in 2 months.

Basically I ate an apple/orange and drunk a glass of water before each meal and took a bladderwrack slimming aid tablet aferwards and chewed gum.

I did not eat much sugar apart from fruit and NO BREAD/ PASTRY etc. The only carb was a healthy brekkie cereal as I found it gets you going...

An example would be:
(remember the apple/ orange/ water/ bladderwrack rule for every MEAL)

breakfast: cup of tea, 30g alpen with semi skimmed milk, 20g strawberrys, bananna

Mid morning: fruit smoothie no added sugar/ cream/ ice cream. 1 hard boiled egg.

Lunch: pure orange juice, low fat soup (vegetable, tomato, chicken noodle) anything with no fatty meats or potato in. small fresh salad with tomatoes (sea food, lean meat or plain) NO cheeses or fatty meats. Cup of tea

Afternoon snack: 3 rashers of grilled bacon NO fat/ trimmings. peach/ pineapple.

Dinner: Grilled small chicken breast or 1/2 a large one. 1/2 cup carrots. 1/2 cup leek.

Evening snack: crabstick/ small slice of chicken, 1/4 cup of mixed carrot sticks/ celery. teaspoon if pickle.

Dont drink sugary pop.

Another example could be:
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, cup of tea, 20g peaches, banana.

Mid morning snack: small pot (20g) mixed beans/ dried fruit, small low fat cereal bar.

Lunch: salad with 1/2 grilled chicken breast, beetroot, onion, tomatoes. cup of tea. small pot (20g) of seafood (no sauce)

Afternoon snack: cup of tomato soup (not a full bowl), 20g grilled parsnip peices.

Dinner: small grilled fillet of cod/ lean beef. 1/2 cup red cabbage, 1/2 cup peas.

Evening snack: 1/2 cup carrot/suede mash (hot), fruit salad.

Also after a month or so i started introducing other meats such as lamb and pork, still no bread/ butter/ pastry though.

After a further month I introduced low fat cheese spread on riveta with tomatoes, and 20g baked beans with lunch.

I hope this helps... ust a rough guide :) keep healthy LETS MAKE GB AND USA SLIM!!


I have tried all kinds of diets,Green coffee,slimming tea,diet pills,you just name it.At last i resorted to the one thing that makes a little more sense EAT HEALTY and EXERCISE.Make use of WATER its so good for you.At last I am wwhere iwant to be(healty.It worked for me,it may work for u.


I was a 450+ lb WOMAN, & I have lost almost 180 in 14 months. This is what I did:

-Cut down soda & junk food to a huge minimal.
-Drink 1/2 to 1 gallon of water daily. Drink 2 glasses of water before a meal to curb your appetite.
-Eat lots of fresh veggies & fruits
-Take the stairs when you can.
-Heavy deep breathing.
-B 12 vitamins help promote weight loss

I also took a fat burning supplement called Simerex-ex with ephedra extract. A lot of people are against 'diet pills', however this supplement helped me to lose weight, gain energy, & help with regular bowel movements.

There is no miracle cure. Losing weight takes discipline & hard work. It doesn't have to be torture though!

Good Luck


i lost 15 pounds in four months doing this:

july and august: biked 5-10 miles everyday and water-skied and windsurfed twice a week. eating style: ate pretty much whatever i wanted to. I lost about 5 pounds of fat and gained about 5 pounds of muscle.

september and october: became a member at a women's only gym and went 2-4 times a week while eating very strictly. this means: breakfast:plain non fat yogurt with strawberries, sliced up plum, grapes, one kiwi. lunch: half of a grilled chicken breast, one apple sliced up, grapes, 10 pretzels. dinner: other half of chicken breast, a few pretzels, an apple, a glass of milk. i lost 7 pounds.

november: just starting this month, i've made my diet even stricter by changing my grapes at lunch to carrot sticks and baby tomatoes-this is for less sugar but also to get essential vitamins. i've lost 3 pounds so far (about a week).

overall, i noticed my weight loss from cardio because it gave me so much more muscle that burns fat. on my thighs, which used to be all fat, are now dominated by muscle with almost no fat at all. also, eating strictly healthy foods (of course once a month i might eat something not so strict) i've lost a lot of fat. i don't rule out all foods, i'll give myself a little taste of chocolate when i really want it or a chip or too here and there but never more than it and there's never a day when i completely cheat. it makes me feel guilty and upset. i find that i'm so much happier now that i'm at a healthy weight and my nails and hair are so strong and shiny now. i feel more flexible and active overall and i finally love my body.

one tip that has come in so much handy!!!: whenever i feel the need to eat sugary or sweet foods (aka at night or watching t.v)-i eat sugar free orbit gum. the spearmint and sweetmint flavors are awesome and they are less than 5 calories a piece. i get these huge packs of them at BJ's, which is like costco, and it helps so much to keep me on track. i've also noticed that i don't like junk food anymore. the other day, my friend offered me a bite of her kit kat and i didn't want to be rude or say no (she's naturally stick thin and doesn't understand why i eat healthy) so i took a bite and didn't like it! it was so weird, i used to love kit kats but it tasted gross!! i think that my taste buds are changing and instead of wanting junk food or candy, i want fruit.

i know people are always looking for a quick fix to lose weight, but it isn't out there. i've tried just about everything, trust me. i've tried diet pills, they just make you have migranes and gain weight and feel guilty for wasting 20 bucks. i've gone through a year of yo yo dieting and even throwing up and starving myself, it only led to weight gain and depression. the only thing that helped was working out and slowly changing my diet to become more healthy. you cant' just eat cake and chips one day and then veggies and fruit the next, you'll binge and eat a ton of fattening foods by the end of the day. it took 4 months to bring my tastebuds to where they are today, its not easy but its so worth it. working out also released hormones that make you happy and feel good about yourself! they'll prepare you to make changes in your diet! and don't have cheat days!! they only make you feel guilty, gain weight, and make it that much harder to break the pattern and go back to eating healthy. it's better to have most days be healthy and then some days have a couple bites of the food you love, it's all about portion sizes!! don't give up and don't fall for stupid commercials about pills or surgery that don't work! anyone can lose weight, it's all about their attitude! don't give up, just work hard, remind yourself of what you want to look like and that little bikini you want to fit into and you'll do great! also, buy a weight scale but don't obsess over it! check your weight maybe twice a week to make sure that your on track but not everyday, your body changes with water consumption or muscle mass, you don't want to feel bad about your weight if you really are on track and are losing weight! i hope you guys all work hard and get really strong and healthy and feel great about yourselves!!! :D


Lose weight.

Do Yoga.
Drink Water (sip it regularly all day)
Eat really Vegies & Fruit, wholegrains and if you can cut as much sugar out of your diet.
Breathe deeply everyday


okay, i know this world is now sooooo obsessed with being pencil thin. who can really blame us with all the media goes around glorifying? but, there are many ways to loose weight. i know everybody is different, but i'm gonna post what helps me.

1. drink LOTS, LOTS AND LOTS of water. soda, alcohol, and sugary drinks make things WORSE. WAY WORSE. i'm not saying to completely stop drinking them, but just drink them in moderation

2. exercise.

3. don't eat super late

4. don't be afraid to sweat! sweating is your best friend when it comes to loosing weight!

its honestly just that simple (for me anyways). i've NEVER once changed WHAT i eat. i just cut down and exercise afterwards. i've lost more weight recently due to my braces. i can't eat certain things and certain textures. that's another suggestion; just get braces and you'll loose weight!

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