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drink 5 cups of green tea a day. drink 8 cups of water a day with about 1/4 tsp of apple cider vinegar per cup. it speeds up your metabolism like crazy. eat healthy breakfast, with lots of protein and veggies, make lunch slightly smaller, and dinner the smallest meal of the day. can loose about half a pound a day doing this and you dont have to starve or work out :] and love your body! it makes it work faster somehow


ive lost 13lbs in about a month and a half and all i do is eat one big meal once a day and walk about 2miles 4days a week. it sounds unhealthy but works for me and make sure u drink lots of water i prefer the flavored waters.. plain water in my town is nasty...


For Breakfast mix together 2 Tbs of honey and squeeze out the juice of half of a lemon. For lunch eat an apple and drink 2 cups of water, Then exercise (about 30 min). For dinner drink 2 cups of water and or a cup of tea and eat whatever you want. After that exercise (about 30 min to an hr).


There are many people wants to loss their unnecessary weight.Foe weight loss purpose, you must have to choose the right diet plan, effective exercise, do yoga and walking. Drinking green tea is very helpful for weight loss. I prefer and choose my best flavour of herbal tea.


I'm currently trying to lose weight after having a baby 5 weeks ago... So far Ive lost almost all the extra fat around my waist... Someone once told me if you can stick to a diet plan for three weeks it will come naturally after that, your body will be used to it! All Ive been doing is drinking water CONSTANTLY!!! I keep a big jug of water by my side and everytime I feel the urge to eat I drink water... It fills you up and once you get to the point that the water no longer quinches the hunger I will eat Some steamed veggies or a turkey sandwhich on wheat bread... Im not taking any diet pills and Im not excercising any... I take a super B complex tablet every morning for energy... Once I have my 6 week check up with my doctor I will start running and excercise, but so far so good....

I also heard of another great remedy for weight loss and its a gallon of green tea with and sliced tagerine and a cup of mint leaves... As soon as I get a chance to get to the grocery store Im going to try it out and see how that goes!

But cutting back is hard but if you can make it through the first three weeks it will be a breeze... It just takes alot of determination!


There is no magic pills or extreme dieting tips here just good old fashion REAL Food. I gave up processed foods. I eat fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meats.The more you cook yourself the more comtrol you have on what is put on your food. Examples for braekfast i have 1cup of plain oatmeal with splash of milk and scliced berries or honey,1cup of coffee with milk and 1tsp of sugar and 1strip of turkey bacon or sasage. snak will be 1 piece of fruit or raw veggies, lunch is broth base soup and whole wheat sandwich lean chicken breast and all veggies you like, snak befor dinner might be raw veggies with hummus, dinner consist of baked sweet potatoe steamed veggies and grilled lean meat of choice. drinks lots of lemon water all day


okayy guys soo i use to weight 162 Lb i was really overweight and i was desperate because i would try some of my old cloth on and it was depressing noticing the cloth not looking good on me and i could see all the jelly roles and the fattness surrounding me soo i felt sso frustrated with my body that what i did was drink Herbaalife Tea in the morning and in the afternoon eat but i would not weat bread and at nights i would dring a Herbalife tea and a milkshake <--herbalife milkshake lol,and i lost around 25 in one month it's amazing because iv been doing that the past 3 years and my weight right now is 130 !:) i am really haappy of how i look youll should tr it it really worrkss!


ok so im totally trying to lose weight i would wrap myself really tightly in plastic wrap and run a mile than i wouldnt eat any sugar and drink tea with no sugar (it might taste bad the first couple of time butt it gets better)then i drink LOTS OF WATER with apple cider vinegar (2 tsp. to every cup) i know it taastes really gross but i lost 9 pounds the first week i did this hope it helps


Heres a Great weight lose remedy~Get out run a nature trail at your own pace~Can be a slow jog~At least 3 or 4 times a week~Take music with headphones along~Drink lots of water try to cut out soda and sugar drinks~When i feel the need for a great drink i use Wylers light drink mix add water~It taste great flavore of your choice~I like raspberry and lemonaid~Once you start jogging you wont feel the need to over eat~You'll feel great and stress free~Its okay to treat yourself to desert or soda twice a week~I love weekends~But since I've been running i really dont care for foods loaded with sugar~For great toned armes I use 10 lb weights every other day 15 or 20 mins~Doesnt take long before you see results~weights are also good for breast~Remember to let your arms rest between days~The weight will start to fall off slowly in the first few weeks~Life is beautiful get out and enjoy it~You'll look amazing~Its great for your health~Remember to treat yourself~Life is short~Be happy and stress free~If you can,get out early and run~Then you have it out of the way and the rest of your day to enjoy~Also remember to laugh and smile~You want to be beautiful inside and


In reality, sorry to say U HAVE TO EXCERSICE. There is no way u can accurately and safely loose weight without gaining it BACK, if u dont exercise; trust me that was me back then.. Anyways i think any would prefer looking toned than i kno

Well this is my remedy, i lost 25 pounds..

First off i do drink tea twice a day specifically Tadin ZENDO DIETERS TEA.. i switched from lipton green to this tea and it works so much can find it in walmart and it only cost $2..One in the morning and one at night

2nd, the hardest part FOOD...well i do eat healthy but when cravings kick in i eat in moderation..lets say if i want a burger(no fries), ill eat it before 3pm because the rest of the day my body is busy..or wuts best is eating 2days healthy and the third day have urself wutever u want..try not to eat after 7pm..if ur hungry eat fruits(like anyone does that) honestly i eat a bowl of cereal with skim or 1% milk.
try not to eat more than ur calorie consumption..that helps me alot..

3rd. one hour of excercise everyday 4-5times a week..pick up a excercise video from walmart, run w/ abdominal excercises..anything..just excercise

and last drink lot and lots of water!

the tea and healthy eating is the key.. also if u can find an aloe drink that cleans out your system naturally..i make my own by slicing the aloe and water then blending it together.

well thats my info sorry if its long
-Hope u try the tea :)
-love helping ppl loose weight,if any questions there's my email..i was teased when i was fat in middle school:(
NOW im in college and the guys that use to tease me want me hahahaha! cant have my curvy body though..LOL

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