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127 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


Honestly drinking water does wonders! In trying really hard to lose weight by just eating healthier and excercizing more. I stopped drinking sugarying drinks and it really helps! I only drink water, milk, or unsweetened iced tea( zero cal,carbs,sugar,etc) and it helped me. I used to drink diet soda thinking it was healthy but it makes you bloat. Changing what I drink and doing 25-50 sit ups at night has flattened my stomach a lot! Try it, it works!


'they' say 8 glasss of water a day. I dont care much for plain water; I use (generic) crystal light packets for wate bottles. I probably dont drink enough but every littl bit counts. One glass/bottle before each meal to fill up without eating too much, and EXPECIALLY before bedtime. I enjoy my veggies but often get too lazy to buy clean and cook them-though I do enjoy raw crunchy veggies-with low-fat ranch dressing or in a salad. (I likefat free crutons too) My favorite way to get in my veggies is a small can of V8 a day. During the day,meals and snacks are pertinent.
Breakfast: low fat or fat free yogurt with optional granola (I like min with coffee)
snack: a piee of fruit, or granola bar, lunch: I like to make lunch my bigget meal (a heavy lunch slows you down and a heavy supper is too much too late in the day) lunch can be the all food group meal-meat-lowest fat cuts possible (baked or grilled) veggies (or V8)-helping should be double the meat serving, whole wheat or multigrain bread/roll, tall gass of low fat milk.
another snack-small salad with some lowfat cold cuts or grilled chicken pieces in it or another piece of fruit.
dinner-stick with something light-I like 1-2 bowls of hearty cereal-something with protiens and fruits-my favoritesare great grains and basic 4. Water before and between meals (add flavor if necessary) get some fresh air and sunlight with a good walk at least 3 times a week if not each day. DONT DENY YOURSLF-getting frustrated on a diet and cheating is what causes diets to not work. Treat yourself to a 'naughty day'.
Make one a week-treat yourself to what you've been wanting or craving all week. Taking the day off helps to ease he stress and frustration the whoe dieting thing. ust make sure you still get your water and best done on a walking day.


I am 22 years old I am 270 lbs I have PCOS “Poly cystic ovary syndrome” witch makes me border line diabetic. I also can not have a child till I loss weight because of the PCOS at the weight I am I do not ovulate. I have tried every diet I can think of and diet pills. Non have worked... I would Loss 8lbs and Plato... Think you can not Plato at 8lbs? I am here to tell you that you can. any who I would get depressed and then gain 15lbs so I was higher then what I started. I got tired of this up down roller coaster. I thought to myself if I am border line diabetic than I should try and eat as a diabetic.I though that I would be so limited and would not be able to have anything I enjoy. Still I bought a few book and looked though ! There were Amazing recipes for every meal of the day. My grandfather was a diabetic and so is my Father. They have to eat 6 times a day. Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack! 2 to 3 hrs apart. I was thinking Man this is a lot of food but doing this keeps you sugar level. I only eat foods that came from the diabetic book I picked 3 different breakfast! First I take my vitamin “ I use Centrum” With my breakfast I would heat Water in my coffee pot and make green tea with 2tbs lemon 2tsp apple cider vintager and1tbs agave nectar. eat then 45 mins later have a cool glass of water burns 2500 calorie’s.before snack I would drink a glass of water. Then for my first snack I would have an apple eating fruit early in the day is best because it takes your body a lot of time to process the sugar from the fruit. I also am a BIG “Nutella- German peanut butter now in America ” “it’s like chocolate peanut butter not high in sugar or sodium” Fan so I warm up 1 tsp to eat with my apple.Then would have a glass of water. before lunch I would drink a glass water and have a cup of green tea with 2tps apple cider vintager and 1tbs agave nectar. My biggest issue is at lunch I don’t have time to make some big dish I need something I can get on the go. So I picked 2 soups “ I shop every 2 weeks for food so 2 soups would be 1 soup a week” and I put a measuring cup for 1 cup of soup “ which is more then you think” I added 1 serving of crackers 5 Whole grain or non salted tops “ I love the whole grain because they are kind of sweet” .Then after “you guessed it” 1 cup water . before a snack about 30mins before I again “Drink a cup of water or bottle”. For this snack I am usually running home so I pack a serving of gram crackers with peanut butter. Then “1 cup of water” I love dinner! Dinner to me is relaxing “BUT” i like to snack while cooking “Which is a NO-NO” so what do I do during this time I sip on a glass of water. with dinner I make my “Green tea mix” and cook something from the diabetic cook book. the goal is that you want to have 3 fish 3 poultry and only 1 beef a week. Since you can only have 1 beef a week my hubby and I always get a big steak I cut it in half then cook one half then after cut that half in half its a big steak lol. I love doing steamed veggies Broccoli and asparagus are my favorite why you ask well.... “Broccoli..... burns more calories while Digesting then to eat” “Asparagus....... absorbs water” also I like Zucchini and peppers and jalapeno’s. After dinner then I drink a glass of water “ Lots of Peeing involved LOL” then for my last snack I have a yogurt... I do no like Greek that is some Nasty stuff YUCK..!!! But I do a vanilla one and I put it in a zip lock cut a corner and on a cookie sheet do about 1tbs drops and freeze them but then in bags so all I have to do is pull a few out suck on them and WAM- BAM thank you Ma’am I drink one last glass of water and I am done. sound like a lot but really it keeps you full and I don’t think about food all day! I also Joined the gym and I zumba Monday -Saturday I am addicted to Zumba its AMAZING!!!! I have been doing the for 3 weeks I have lost 10 lb but I have gain muscle and I am down a pants SIZE...... that is AMAZING.....!!!!! with exercise you tend to stop loosing lbs on and off but loss Size instead. then the weight then the size you see! Tone and loosing you look and feel amazing! I hope this helps you out I know it is working for me. My lvls have gone down blood pressure, Sugar, bad cholesterol...... i.e.... I mean its amazing!♥GOOD LUCK♥


get a 32oz cup fill water add ocean spray 5 calorie flavor pouch and mix in 3 table spoons of apple sider vinger

Ramona Flowers

Green tea is a complete expert when it comes to weight loss. I've been drinking it for just a few months now and have gained incredibly visible results. I am also not dieting or taking any weight loss pills, which just proves the power of the tea. One to three cups a day should be fine.


Drink loads of water
Eat as many fruit and veggies
1 type starch a day
Try not to have a lot of milk
Before sleeping drink a tsp apple cider vinegar (will burn fat while you are asleep)
Stay away from sweets, chips, chocolate.
If really craving something sweet have one canderal chocolate bar,
Only have once a week, if can help don’t have at all.
Oats for breakfast with 2tsp sugar….not aloud sugar in anything else..
Only have tea or coffee twice a day, no more than twice a day.
Try to exercise about 30 min even if just walking but you must power walk.
Do twenty sit ups daily.

nKIIA :]

My story: I'm 19 years old, 5'5', 255 lbs (but if you looked at me you'd be like well where the heck is it?)Its basically in my thighs and....ass lol. My stomach is starting to catch up. BUT if you are in the same situation as me:

1) To lose weight in your stomach try swimming or water aerobics (I used to swim every single day until we found out that I was allergic to chlorine)

2) Arm fat? Don't worry I have it too. Lift a few light weights while walking or stick your arms out to the side and rotate them in circular motion.

As far as dieting...I would say MINE is weird. I have tried MANY.

1) The Ramen Noodle diet. I bought 30 packets of noodles (different flavors) to represent each day of the month (I only eat once a day) This saved me money and helped me drop from 265 lbs to 255 lbs.

2) Vinegar water. I usually put a cap-ful in a bottle of water and keep it in the fridge. Take a few sips and then be on my way.

3) The Special K diet (Works only if you do it the CORRECT way and you absolutely HAVE to stick to it just like Weight Watchers)

4) Every Thursday I walk about 10 miles. Due to it now being the summer time I have to keep 2 bottles of frozen ice water in my small bookbag (I have asthma and when my skin gets overheated I have random nosebleeds) If you are not trained to walk 10 miles (20 in total for me, there and back) don't try it. Just walk a few miles a day until you are ready.

5) Cut out chocolates and sweets. I have menstruals for about a week so that would be the ONLY time I'd eat some junk...If you happen to slip and eat it walk it right back off or play a Wii game.

6) When you are walking suck in your stomach.


8) Don't sit in front of the t.v. and eat. Don't lay down and eat. Why? Because you won't even REALIZE that you will go back for more or wind up overeating. Plus you are also building up calories because you aren't doing anything active to burn them off.

9) I'm not really a fruit and vegetable person (this would probably help out big time in my diet) but...DEFINITELY eat your fruit and vegetables.

10) Stop stressing. Meditate. If you are religious turn off every single communication electronic in your house and talk to God :]

This might help a few people out. I should probably try to stick to my diet. I am out of high school now so I can focus more. :] Good luck!

OH wait one more! NEVER let somebody tell you that you can't do it! Constantly tell yourself over and over that you can do it. Keep positive thoughts in your head because negative thinking can also be heavy on your weight...IF you know what I mean. Hold your head up. When someone insults your weight just laugh and laugh and laugh until they wonder 'dude wtf are you laughing about?' :]

kelly c.

combine 1 tea spoon apple cider vinegar and 1 cap (approximately 1 tea spoon) lemon juice for every cup of water.

The water will keep you hydrated while the apple cider vinegar works to boost your metabolism and the lemon juice makes the vinegar taste a little more bearable.

Since 8 glasses of water are recommended a day anyway, try making a bulk batch with 8 tea spoons apple cider vinegar, 8 caps lemon juice, and 8 cups water. Keep it in a pitcher and drink one 8 ounce glass every three hours.

Stephanie G Salazar

That is not a healthy way to diet. You can eat 3 meals a day. Make breakfast the largest. Dinner the smallest. Stay active through out your day. Drink filtered water with lemon juice. Deep breathe for ten minutes daily, with no distractions. Inhale threw your nostrils feeling the oxygen cause your belly to rise, hold for 2-3 seconds ( avoid causing your chest to rise) then exhale out your mouth. Go to sleep at a reasonable time, between 830 -10 arise between5-7am. Eat organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts, etc. Avoid hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, anything with chemicals, ( read ingredients).
Think positive, think your way thin. Meaning imagine yourself thin, how you will feel and appear. Avoid saying I'm fat, say I am thin every morning when you arise, really believe and feel it as if you are at that very moment.
Laughing is a great way to become thinner, workout while watching a comedy on tv.
Avoid fast food restaurants and fatty foods.
Eat honey
Swap cooking oils and use- organic Coconut oil
Drink organic apple cider vinegar diluted with water.
Take herbal supplements daily
Get sunlight at least 30 minutes daily overweight people are vitamin D deficient. So get sunlight!

Make A change!

Okay im 16 years old 5'6' and weighed 184 pounds..clearly overweight.i saw my love handles get bigger and bigger!but mom would buy me whatever i pleased for >.> i'd snack BIG!on cheetoes and what not!but i saw my image in the mirror one day...and began noticing that i oughta start losing some weight...if i wanna live healthier and longer of course.
So i took action the very next day...Getting my hands on lots of water and watching my calories.keeping my distance from junk food.And refusing junk food from friends and family.Switching to wheat bread,low fat milk,eatng fruit instead of junk!So i kept a well balanced diet and consumed 1000 to 1200 calories a day.I lost 24 pounds in exactly 2 months!i could not believe my eyes!i weigh 160 and im still losing! :)

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