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127 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


Stick to the Basics...the foods that nature provides to you will help you lose weight but also keep you young and healthy. It is how I lost 50 pounds and have keep it off for 10 years. I will be fifty in May and no one can believe it...


Double your doseage of water during the day. Experts say to take your weight and divide it by 2 and that is how many ounces of water you should drink a day or more. It will flush your system of all it's crap and you will have clearer skin and unchapped lips and feel more energized as well. It works for me and it's cheap.


don't eat after eight. the body's metabolism slows down at night so its easier to gain weight. if hungry, drink water or tea.


Reduce your meals to 45 carbs per meal. Have 30 carbs for snack (between lunch and dinner), and 15 carbs for evening snack. Cut out sugar completely. Drink diet soda if you must. Trust me... you will see results in the first couple weeks. I lost about 30 lbs in the first month! It'll work.


Do NOT skimp on healthy carbs. The Atkins diet is asking for a heart attack and numerous other health problems. Any good doctor will tell you it is horrible. Eventually you will break down and go off it, and when you do you will gain weight SO much faster than going off any other diet. Some good diet tricks are: go running and if you can sprint at the end of your run, tone the parts of your body you hate like you stomach, thighs and butt. So do sit ups or that machine the Ab Slider is really good if you start out with a little each day and keep at it. To avoid getting a really sore stomach do a backbend after you exercise it. For you butt and thighs, put your hands behind your head and crouch like you are going to sit down, then come back up to standing position. Do this repeatedly, or you can just hold the crouching position. Also whenever you are just sitting around flex you thighs or but or move your feet or something so you can get even more exercise in. Drink lots of Green Tea preferably organic and decaffeinated. And eat healthy, all natural foods, as much organic as you can. Dont eat white flour, and skimp on sugar fat and salt. and drink lots and lots of water. Ice water helps you burn calories because your body has to work to raise its temp again. Eat when you are hungry and eat until you are comfortably but not overly full. Have 3 meals a day plus one or two snacks. And every once and a while eat something unhealthy so you dont go crazy. Always eat whole grains instead of bleached flour and bran is wonderful too because when you s*#@ you lose weight. And bran cleanses your digestive system. Plus remeber that appearance is about 1% as important as tv would like to make it seem. Please dont become anorexic. I wish you infinite good luck and blessings, oh and sorry for the very imperfect english but its not a term paper. Rock on


Drink 1oz of water for every pound daily or 8 glasses if you dont want to do the math, my dad lost 50 pounds in 3 weeks so can you!


Drink a cup of the tea Yerba Mate every morning, and more throughout the day if desired. Yerba Mate has a thermogenic effect on the body that makes it burn more calories, naturally boosts metabolism, and tames cravings and appetite. It also comes in pill form.


Stay away from fattening foods or foods with carbs. When eating, eat smaller portions and exercise daily. Protien is also good for you. I started working out regularly and eating more protien and I lost 15 pounds. I am now 115 lbs. an a size 2.


drinking metamucil 3 times a day will help you lose 7 lbs a week


Salad, i ate one salad a day for lunch every day and it doesnt bother me doing it but best of all i have lost so much weight. Try it i swear you will not be dissapointed. i dont even use light dressing.

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