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126 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


Detox!!!! Detox is cleaning out your colon... I use meizi fruit capsules from eBay...and smooth move detox tea. Works like a charm. Also drink more water than sugar products. Sugar sits at the tip of your stomach causing belly fat you can't get rid of.


Eating raw carrots or carrot juice (organic is best) stops chocolate cravings!


Try this simple 4 steps:

1. eat when you are hungry

2. dont drink liquid 30 mins before and after and during the meal

3. chew the food 25 times or more.

4. stop eating the food

from 4 Steps Weight Loss Diet No Exercise No Food Plan


o Metabo D is very important for the metabolism and it’s deficiency can slow your body metabolism rate. So don’t forget to add to vitamin D supplement just add foods like eggs, soya milk, tofu and mushroom.


Alkaline diet. I'm 56 and I saw my body metabolism slowing down and fat going up. I was a little overweight and I had a hard time losing weight so I started alkaline diet a year ago and have lost 26 pounds. My weight is now in the normal range, just perfect. I feel lean and slim. With alkaline diet you eat veggies and tempeh and cut down acidic food like sugary food and bread and cheese. It's a vegan diet so you should also take multi-vitamin and flaxseed oil supplements. I also drink ACV and a glass of water with baking soda and do exercises like yoga and long distance running and chin-ups. Google "alkaline diet" and you'll find a lot of info about alkaline diet. It takes discipline and commitment. Very healthy too! You lower your risk of diseases like cancer with this diet. Avoid S.A.D.!

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Nowadays every people want to become slim and this is only possible by losing your extra fat from your body. There are few home remedies through which you can lose your excess weight. Say for example, drink lot of water, after the meal drink Black Pepper and Lemon Juice once in a day, drink Cinnamon Tea once or twice in a day and the most important thing is to have a good sound sleep. You can also reduce your body weight with the help of Capsiplex pills. It has been clinically approved and there is no chance of any side effects as it is made from natural elements. For more information:

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There are various ways by which one can lose weight. It depends on you about which remedies you use to lose weight. I would recommend to use Acai Berry Select which is an useful product and lose you weight as you wish. Acai Berry Select is a natural weight loss supplement, which comes in a form of pills. Each pill comes with powder formula and their main ingredient is acai berry, a small fruit which comes from a palm tree. I have used this and believe men, it really works.


I found a healthy product online to reduce fat.
Name of that product is Cara Trim, I lost 4 kilos in a month naturally by using it. It does not have any side effects. Now it makes me look fit after having shed few kilos of extra fat from my body.

Cara Trim effectively reduces the body fat, boosting metabolic system, helps in reducing bad cholesterol and increases lean body mass with an additional side benefit of balancing blood sugar level.Supports healthy weight control by promoting the development of lean muscle massage. Contains high levels of antioxidants which help guard against free radicals that can contribute to the negative effects associated with aging and disease.


7 Tips for Weight Loss
1. Hydrate. Drink water often.
2. Exercise. Aerobics, running, swimming, jumping on the trampoline.
3. Color your meals! I know at first this sounds stupid, but studies have shown that the more colorful (naturally, of course) your food is, the healthier it is!
4. Increase your metabolism. The higher your metabolism is, the easier it is to lose weight.
5. Navigate proper liver function! The liver is the organ that processes fat, and a healthy liver will completely break down the fat that would eventually store in unwanted areas.
6. Get sufficient sleep. An awake, energized body is highly likely to work all around better than a tired, worn out one.
7. Drink green tea! Some may think it's disgusting, others may love it. All I know is it aids quite well in losing weight.

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