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My hearing suddenly became reduced and I felt something pressing on my ear drum, so I figured it was a build up of wax. I researched the home remedies on the internet, determined that candles is a hoax and decided to try peroxide.

I put 3% peroxide in my ear, layed on my side for 10 minutes and tried to flush it using warm water in a baby bulb syringe (available at any baby supply store). After 3 or 4 attempts this procedure DID NOT work. Our peroxide was old, maybe that's why, because other people said this method worked. Or maybe I didn't use a strong enough flush with the syringe.

Then I tried the olive oil method. I squirted a few drops of olive oil in my ear with an ear dropper, layed on my side for 10 minutes and then did a flush with warm water and the bulb syringe. This time, I made sure the stream from the syringe was strong. I tilted my ear over the sink during the flush and voila! Just like others had reported, a pea sized ball of gooey yucky wax was laying in the sink. First try! So I decided to use the olive oil method again on the other ear. Sure enough, a ball of wax came right out the first time!

I don't know if peroxide did not work due to something I was doing wrong, I can only assume that is the case. One thing to keep in mind is the peroxide irritates the ear and causes minor discomfort for some time, while the olive oil does not. Next time, I am doing the olive oil first!


You can go to a healthfood store or drugstore and get what are called 'ear candles'. Just follow the directions. You will be amazed at how much nasty stuff will come outta your ears after using a couple of those. it is also fun to watch because the process consists of putting this long tube/candle looking thing in your ear and lighting the opposite end on fire and somehow that heat draws all the earwax and nasty junk out of your ear canal and when it is done you can open up that ear candle and see everything that was drawn out of your ears. Works Great!!


for those who never listened to your mum when she said never put anything bigger than your elbow in your ear...

You probably use a cotton tip aye?

well have you thought about that?
those things can only just fit in so ofcourse its just pushing the wax backwards toward your ear drum aswell as layering it on the walls of your ear.

what i found useful and almost disturbing was using a bobby pin. you know those hairpins with the loop at the end?
the actually act as a hook and scoop the wax out.

My sister used to swear by cotton tips and said her ears were clean, when i convinced her to use a bobby pin she was amazed at how scummy her ears still were after daily cotton tip cleaning and the releif and clearness it brought.

Caution do not try if you are not 100% sure about what you are doing.

also can become addictive as your ears become so clean you can feel new wax in them


Hey try this take baby oil and soak an end of a Q-tip and put it your ear. Let sit for about 1 min and remove let oil sit for about an hour. Then take a nose sucker (commonly used for babys) new one preferably suck luke warm water up in it and tilt your towards a sink and squirt the water in the affected ear and after a few times the wax should come out. Worked great for me.


They make ear cones at any health store you lite the end of the cone on fire, lay on your side, and you can feel it pull the fluid out of your ears. You ear ache will feel much better as soon as you lite the cone and place it in your ear.


OMG!! I can hear again. First I thought it was because of the snorkeling trip I went on. I thought I had permanent ear damage due to diving deep in the ocean, but then again the symptom seemed very familiar. A few years back I went to the doctor and he said I had excessive ear wax build up and would need to perform an ear cleaning, which involved a 50/50 combination of warm water and peroxide. He used a special syringe which sprayed the solution into my ear until the wax flushed out. Immediately, I was able to hear after 20-30 seconds of being sprayed or I defined it an ear lube like an oil lube. A huge ball of earwax flowed out of my ear. Well, same thing happened when I was in the shower with my $2.39 empty ketchup bottle I bought from Ace Hardware. I couldn't wait to go to the doctor and I saved a bundle. I no longer have this ringing noise in my ear. All I did was hop in the shower and used warm water in the ketchup bottle. After 6-7 trys of spraying my ear about a half inch a way from my ear I could begin to hear better, but then I stuck the end into my ear to get better pressure and the wax suddenly fell out. You can also tilt your head down and spray up and let the water come out of your ear. You will also see the wax fall out. If this doesn't work then you have some other problem.

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