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for wax in your ears get siome stool softener capsuales, poke a whole in a couple, heat it up and put it in your ear lean yopur head the other way and wait about 5 minutes, then rinse out with a great big plastic syringe(use warm water) or use the shower spray. This is how they do it at the hospital ER here and it works great! I have vertigo and the Dr said 95% oif the time it is caused by wax pressing on my ear drum, they said you can do it yourself, I do.


Put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear and let it fizz for a while. When you are done, lean the other way to drain the peroxide out. Happy Hearing!


Plz dont try ear candling, as it is a hoax. The ear wax reported is actually from the candle and can cause severe damage. Read about it.
I recommend, tho, ear irrigation at the doctor (when they squirt water and have wax come out.)


Get an old sock and fill it with rice. Microwave the sock for 30-45 seconds (depending on how hot you can stand it) and then lay down with the sock under your bad ear. Once the sock has cooled off, sit up and try cleaning your ear with a Q-tip. (Always be careful when you use Q-tips! Don't stick it too far into your ear!) The heat will melt the excess wax and make it easier to remove.


Here is a revelation! Every day I syringe out peoples' ears. And what do we use for this? Warm water under considerable pressure. You'd think it would be obvious to people that the KEY to treating wax buildup in the ears is to prevent it building up in the first place. And the best way to do this is with what? Warm water under pressure!

For some reason, many people are under the mistaken impression that it's 'bad' to let water in their ears. So they avoid it at all costs in the shower... and then present to the doctor's office every few months to have it done there. When examining peoples' ears, you can always tell who allows water in their ears and who doesn't by the state of the wax buildup - quite simply, there's none in the ears of people who regularly let water in their ears.

The procedure for prevention is simple enough - tilt your head so that the warm or hot water flows in from the shower - it should sound like Niagara Falls! Repeat on the other side. Make sure to tilt your head and let the water run out fully after your shower. This warm or hot water effectively melts the wax, while the pressure washes it away. Lake water can sometimes cause ear infections, and heavily chlorinated pool water can cause inflammation, but tap water shouldn't contain bugs or chlorine, so neither infection nor irritation shouldn't be concerns.

Once you're ears are 'plugged up,' you probably will need to try oils and syringing at the doctors, but regular flushes at home in the shower will make these efforts a thing of the past.


Use a few drops of ear oil - Check out what Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide has to say about it. Google 'harvard med ear oil'. Personally I prefer Wally's Natural ear oil, I don't trust pharma companies and I'm not comfortable making my own solution. I'm pretty sure there are other ways of doing it, but I like the smell from the wallys one.


A few years ago, after days of trying various remedies, I found on-line a product called the Master Blaster. Google it. If I recall correctly it is an FDA approved device developed by a man in Florida. I called, and he mailed it to me right away. Used it in the shower (basically a big syringe type squirter), and voila, I could hear again. It wasn't cheap, but definitely cheaper than going to the doctor's office, plus then you have the device for anytime you or someone you know needs it. And it is safe -- you just use warm water, and it is designed so it won't damage your ear.


I suffer with bad ear wax, i have mine done every year, as far as im concerned there is no way of getting out all the wax yourself, im a painter and decorator and the dust is a big factor, your ear drums are very delicate so be careful when trying to remove it yourself!


I think it is great how everyone is trying to help one another to get better. The world needs more of this.
PLEASEEEEEE everyone listen for a moment …..I am not an advocate of Doctors, and have tried to use
home remedies or self help whenever possible. Only if you are having problems with your ears go to a DOCTOR ! For 2 months I suffered horribly, I tried everything, decongestants, peroxide, alcohol, vinegar, olive oil, yoga, saline etc. Nothing worked, I could not afford $300.00 for an ENT and do not have medical
insurance. I just woke up one morning with both my ears plugged, followed by an ear infection, once the infection was gone the plugged feeling was still there. I could barely hear, the t.v. would be on but I could not hear the sound, everything was muffled, “What and Huh “, was all I could say to everyone. The sound of my own voice was distorted, I felt like was in a tunnel that was nearly silent. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being good hearing I was a 2. I did not want to go anywhere for fear of talking to anyone because I could barely make out what they were saying. It began to effect me mentally, I just wanted to cry. I was convinced I had gone deaf, nothing this bad had ever effected my hearing . I even thought I had a tumor or something horrendous. I finally went to a free clinic , I could not bare the loss of hearing anymore . I stood in line, waited and finally saw a Doctor who cleaned out my ears. It hurt a little bit, but BEHOLD, I could hear again! Birds chirping, dogs barking, sirens, my kids fighting, to hear is , WONDERFUL ! Removing a wax and gunk build up sparing the gross details, allowed me to hear again. I could not have done this myself , no matter what type of over the counter wax removal product or squirting device on the planet I could not have managed to get the hard build up of wax out myself. So please see a Doctor , if you cannot afford it, send me your zip-code, I will try to help you find a low cost or free clinic in your area. Do not take your precious ears for granted . I am going to post this wherever I can and try to help whomever I can . Good luck to everyone who is having ear problems it is an awful thing to go through. Peace.


Through the years, I've lost some hearing several times due to wax build up. Each time my doctor's assistant squirts some mineral oil into my affected ear. She squirts pretty hard. Gives me the willies, but it works. Out comes a ball of wax. I've never been able to do this myself successfully. Perhaps I'm too afraid to squirt with vigor?

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