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I've suffered with an excess wax build-up for years and my hearing starts to deteriorate every 2 years or so. The wax becomes hard & I can't remove it. I've always soaked my ears with olive oil for around 4 days and then go to the nurse/doctors to get my ears syringed. these days they use an electric pump syringe as apparently it's safer. I've always been told not to get water in my ear as this makes the wax build up worse and can cause infections.


A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when I 'resurfaced' in the bath, the water in my right ear wouldn't drain away, and I needed to gently slap my ear to get it to drain out. This got worse, and then started to happen in my left ear. Tonight, I just could not 'unblock' my ear at all. This was the first site I came across, and the solution I used worked in 5 minutes flat! Using the kids medicine syringe, I filled my ear with olive oil (extra virgin, I don't know if that makes a difference)I laid on the bed on my side to keep it in for 2 minutes, then went to the bathroom, and filled a measuring jug with hot (not boiling!)water. Then I used the syringe to shoot the water up into my ear. I could actually feel the wax ball after 7 or 8 squirts, and rather grossly, it actually fell out on its own! I cannot believe the size of the ball, but can fully understand now how my hearing was poor. Same for the other ear, now I can hear clearly again. From now on, I'll rinse my ears every time I shower as suggested.


I simply used warm water (body temperature) and a rubber syringe and the pressure of the water being squeezed into my ear loosened the earwax. Little by little ear wax should come out, just be careful not to apply to much pressure because you could damage your ear drum.


Just use hydrogen peroxide !!! I know it may sound scary, but try it because it really works!! All you'll need are these:
1. Hydrogen Peroxide
2. Towel(preferrably big so you won't drip everywhere
3. A CUP that you don't use for drinkig out of
4. Water (optional)
Lay down on anywhere comfortable but it has to be a flat surface. Put the towel around your neck so you won't drip anywhere and make a mess. Now pour the hydrogen peroxide in your the ear that you want to start with. Remember you have to do this laying on your side. Make sure you don't overfill your ear so that it can splash everywhere!! Just wait for it to stop bubbling inside your ear. Now get the cup and put the rim underneath your earlobe. Slowly sit up to drain your ear . Repeat on other ear. You can rinse your ear with water if you want !


Being a sister of a child who has clogged ears, I know what a struggle it can be to find the best cleaning remedy. But luckaly my uncle brought ear wax candles one day to solve the problem.They are about $3.00 a piece and around a ft. long.You take one a put a paper plate at the end and stick the pointed part in the ear hole and light the other end. It will take about 20 minutes to burn completely down. The heat will draw all of the wax out and you can see the resalts in the burned candle.It works incredibly good and cause NO pain at all and that is a coming from a 4 year old.The candles are sold in most walmarts or fred meyers.

Shelly L.

I've suffered from ear wax build up for years and going to the doctor was just too time consuming and costly. A friend on mine gave me a packet that was a god-send. It was a packet that he found at the local market called Earvana - Ear Hygiene System - google it. It had 4 squiggly plastics sticks that were designed specifically for itching and blockage. I've since ordered another pack and it was the best $6.99 I've spent.


Pluged Ear when showering, tryed ear drops and a few remedys here, none woked. Then I tryed the peroxide & cider vinegar trick, 2/3 peroxide & 1/3 vinegar, a full eye dropper, let it fizz & crackle for 25 minutes, then rinsed it out, 5 or 6 times, with warm water useing a baby nose syringe, (rubber squeeze bulb)and wa-la, chuncks came out & I could hear again. What a relief. this is a great site and thank you all.


if you have never had surgery on your ears, hole in your eardrum, and no recent pain/drainage: put a couple drops of mineral oil or baby oil for a couple nights, then use a bulb syringe to gentle squeeze in a mixture with equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and water (not hot) water. Do two rounds on one side then move to the other side and then let each side sit for a couple minutes then proceed again. This can be done about once a month if you produce a lot of wax. Other than that routine, allow the shower water run in your ears in the shower. Pull the ear up and back, let the water run into the ear canal for about 5 seconds on each side (might cause some dizziness if you do it for much longer), then after the shower use a tissue or the towel to wipe your ears and to help sop up the water in the ear; DO NOT USE Q TIPS IN YOUR EAR CANALS! It pushes more wax in than it gets out, and next time you reach for q-tips look at the warning on the side of the box which says 'not for use in ear canal'


This worked! Pour some hydrogen peroxide in your ear for a few minutes. Use a Waterpik and fill it with warm water and turn on lowest setting and go from there... raise the pressure as you can stand it. Just keep streaming it in your ear and the wax will eventually come out! It is gross but it is so worth it! My boyfriend had a lot if problem with ear wax build up and he went to the dr and this is what they did. It worked for him just thought I'd share! Good luck!

Rolf Norbom

Mix in equal parts: Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, and White Vinegar. Store in a dropper bottle. When needed, tilt head away from afflicted ear, and squirt several several drops into ear. Wait until the fizzing stops, and then rinse wax out of ear with warm water using a rubber syringe. The wax will be removed with no negative effects and no after effects.

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