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My mistake for using Q-Tip, never again. I tried to wait it out with warm showers and heating pad, but after 5 days, I grew frustrated and worrisome, so I decided to use ear wax removal ERO. I put 5 drops in and let it fizzle in my ear for 20 minutes then washed it with warm water, I didn't get immediate result. After taking a nap, I still had clogged ears when I woke up, but after 1 hour, I yawned and magically my affected ear popped. I was now hearing sound like never before. All my fears are gone, try ear wax removal before trying anything else.


You can just use some WARM WATER. Make sure that it is lukewarm. It is just hot enough. Take a metal spoon and scoop up some water lie down on your side with affected ear facing ceiling. Insert half of the water in your spoon of until you hear crackling and fizzling in your ear. If your affected ear isn't that bad, just lie on your side for 10 seconds. IF YOUR EAR WAS INFECTED OR STABBED BY A Q TIP, BOOBY PIN, DON'T DO THIS JUST INCASE! Shake the water out in a trash can or sink and your ear should be good! Do the same with the other ear.


Here's something to add that I think helped me: put some warm olive oil in the ear and lay on your side for about 10 minutes with an electric heating pad on medium or high draped over your ear ( a hot water bottle might work too). The heat from the pad helps melt the wax. Wipe the oil out and use the syringe with warm water over the sink or in the shower. I think the trick is to keep blasting the syringe- I had to do it about a dozen times 'til the wax came out.( The stream of water from a water pik sounds like it would be helpful but I don't have one)


I warmed up some virgin oil, and put about 3 or 4 drops in my ear and let it sit for about 2min,then let it pour out. then i used a old alcohol squeeze bottle(didnt have a syringe) and filled it with warm water, did about 8-10 squirts and about 2min later a ball of wax rolled out. i was relieved because i was really at the point to going to the hospital> IT WORKS!


About 15 mins ago I was like so mad that my ear had wax build up with water I have been so uncomfortable for the past 3-4 days and I just read on this page to get the surrenge thing and heat up virgin olive oil and let that soak in the ear for a min or two then flushed it out with hot water and that little surrenge thing and about ten squirts later the ear was cleared.. I sware life saving technique helped out a bunch


I came across a simple earcleaning device named 'Earscratcher'. It really helped me out. My blocked ear is open. I am using it now for some months in combination with warm water. Think that you can also use in combination with ear oil. I can recommend it.

Ear Wax Remedy

I followed the advice on this website and warmed up a few drops of olive oil and left in my ear for a few minutes. Then I emptied out and used a syringe with warm water to flush out my ear and voila! All unblocked! Fantastic! No need to get to the doctor, and after 4 days of using ear wax from the chemist without much relief.


This is not a remedy, it is a warning. Don't be an ear picker!!!!! Why????? I feel such an idiot, I had a blockage in my right ear, I tried everything, went to the doctor, got antibiotics X2, bought antibiotic eardrops etc etc.
2 weeks down the line, no improvement, it was driving me crazy, so today I went onto your site, and I used warm olive oil, and then warm water squirted in with a syringe. Praise God, the lump fell out!!!!! No guys, not wax but the eraser tip that broke off the pencil I was scratching my ear with!!!!!!!! No more earbuds, pencils, keys, toothpicks, matches, or any other object will ever enter my ear canal!!!!! A friendly warning from an old fool!!!


I Just came back from the doctors. I had a clogged ear and had tried many of the things here.

At the Doctors they took a syringe full of water and sprayed it into my ear. They did it pretty hard too.

This worked and cleared out the wax build up completely. I can't remember the last time I could hear so well.

Trust me it works. It doesn't hurt though to put a little peroxide it first to help loosen it up a bit.

I could not believe how much wax was in one ear.


For blocked ear/s from wax build up- Use Mullein Garlic Ear Oil (get from health food shop, or you can just use olive oil), 2 drops a day for 3 days (will soften the wax), then go see your doctor & they will use a plastic syringe filled with water to blast the wax out.. has fixed mine twice now :)

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