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I use a mixture of half vinegar,half rubbing alcohol. The vinegar creates an acid environment to keep fugus at bay (a real problem if you just use non-steril water). The alcohol helps the fluid dry out to prevent swimmers ear. My Dr agrees with the mix.

I use a seringe I found at a craft store. It had a long curved tip that I cut short enough that I was sure it wouldn't be to long an puncture the drum.

If you have a severe case, you can use a softener first. Then draw the mixture into the seringe and with ear over sink, flush out the ear. Take care to not get mixture in your eye. Does smell, but have had much success with this method. Cheap too. Do before shower to reduce vinegar smell.


I used water ear drops normally used for water blocked ears and after two nights it was all gone! I saw how much wax came out of my ear! When you put the drops in, lie on the opposite side until your ear starts to tingle/tickle, that means its breaking through. Once that feeling subsides, timely your head. Reapply as needed. A heating pack on that ear also appends things up!


I wear two in-canal hearing aids, so wax buildup is a genuine concern and issue for me. I tried every remedy listed on this site to no avail. I finally went to my doctor and his nurse came in with a squirt bottle ('The Elephant Ear Washer') that was filled with a pink colored liquid, which she squirted into each of my ears.

The wax plugs that were flushed from my ears were almost frightening to see, because they were as large as a couple of cigarette filters. Even more amazing was the fact that the liquid she used worked almost immediately.

When I asked her what it was she chuckled and told me it was a laxative: diluted Colace! I haven't been able to find a liquid version online, so I continue to go to my doctor's nurse, because it's the only thing that has ever worked and worked quickly.


Used the squirt bottle method after soaking each ear with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide for 3 days maybe 5 minutes each day. Worked like a charm. I followed advice of previous posters and squirted strongly. After a few big squirts out came all of these large white flat flakey looking pieces of wax from 5 year old daughter's ears. I didn't have a build syringe so used a clean squirt bottle out of my tie dyeing kit. Dropped a couple drops of home made garlic infused olive oil after ear canals had air dried.


Yeah! I can hear again. I followed the remedy of using virgin olive oil and the rubber syringe. I heated the olive oil, filled my ear canal with it, lay on my side for 20 minutes, massaging my ear lobe, then flushed it out, using the syringe filled with warm soapy water. After about 10 hard squirts, I couldn't believe the amount of wax that washed out, pencil eraser size. Thank goodness for the internet!


I had the same problem, drove me crazy as it was if I was deaf from one ear... It was definitely ear wax, as I often use my earbuds at work and they must somehow have compacted the wax inside my ears.

So here is what ultimately worked.

I bought one of those blue srubber syringe thingy, that are used for nasal and oral cleaning or whatever. It was 2$ over at the local drugstore.

I took a bath, with just enough water to be able to lie with my head flat and having warm water enter my ear, but not enough so that I would be able to breath over the water. I stayed perhaps 20 minutes.

Then, using simply warm water and the syringe, I repeatedly injected warm water into my plugged ear, with my head facing the sink, my eyes directed towards the ground. (I was out of the bath)

Each and every time water came out with specks of cerumen! (Press the syringe with force as you want the water to have a chance at dislodging the wax) And after perhaps 5 time, my ear popped and I was back into the land of the hearing. Hurrah!!!

Prior to that, I also used hydrogen peroxyde, that I piped into my ear, but it didn't seem to do anything to the wax, as I read in a medical article afterwards. Same article seems to say taht water is more efficient than H2O2 or whatever they sell at the pharmacy.

Warming the wax seemed to work much better for people, so I just tried that. Warm water, and just enough pressure.

Good luck in unblocking that ear! :)


OMG , i was going mad as my ear was totally blocked,felt like i was having an outer body experience, found this web site by accident.just used the olive oil and children's calpol syringe technique,was just going to give up after three jugs of water, then it started to fizz and a blob of wax came out and i can hear,so don't give up


This worked for me and saved me $300! My hearing had become distorted and I know I have a problem with excess wax so I go to a 'doc-in-a-box'. They say it is impacted pretty bad and it will cost $300+ and take an hour or two. I decline the costly procedure and find this website. I wanted to try the warm oil but I didn't have a bulb syringe. I go to Walmart and a bulb syringe is like $3 but they have a ear wax removal 'kit' right next to it for the same price which contains the bulb syringe and a solution with oil and peroxide. Scherer Labs 'E.R.O'. I apply the solution and let it set for about 20 minutes. I take the bulb syringe and fill it with warm water and flush the ear several times. I squirted the water in with pretty hard because gently wasn't doing anything. I had to repeat the solution and flushing about 2-3 times for each ear. Finally flakes of wax started coming out and finally a clumps of wax comes out. I repeated until nothing more come out. I can hear again!


My left ear was clogged for five days. After trying various over the counter ear wax removal solutions with no success I read about a formula with one half rubbing alcohol and one half vinegar. After a few applications with a syringe, letting it settle in my ear for two minutes with tilted head, it did the trick. Be sure to flush with warm water. It burns a little so use a towel so it does not touch the face.


If you dont have olive oil, you could also use baby oil. I put about 2 or 3 drops in my son's ear before bed. I made sure he laid on his side for a few minutes to make sure it worked itself down to the ear canal. then the next day all the wax worked itself out without flushing with water. my family doctor is who suggested this to me.

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