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After much reading on this website, I thought I'd try the waterpik (most use a syringe but it's 5:00am and I didn't want to go buy one). I put it on the LOWEST setting with very warm water in it, leaned my head over the sink and started squirting water in my ear...slowly flakes started coming out, then BAM, after about 20-30 seconds a clump of ear wax almost the size of my pinky nail. it works!! No olive oil or hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol...just warm water and a Waterpik! What a lifesaver. Good luck all


As a pharmacist, I usually recommend mixing 1/2 hydrogen peroxide with 1/2 rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). Lay on your side and fill the ear canal with this solution. Allow it to soak for at least 15 minutes then drain into a towel. Then use a rubber ear syringe to flush with warm water. Several daily treatments may be necessary.


I tried warm olive oil a few times, leaving it in for about 10 minutes laying on my side then washing it out with warm water, about 1/2 gal. No luck. But it might have loosened it up a bit for my plan B. I then went to a 1 to 1 ration of hot water and peroxide. Let it sit in the ear for about 10 minutes again. I could hear it working, dissolving the wax. Flushed it out with warm water, cleared me up. Thank goodness. Took me about an hour to go through the whole process. I was really worried, but it worked. Good luck.


Holy hearing batman!!! After about two weeks of exhausting efforts, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I had tried several ear candles, ear oil and an ear wax removal kit. I still coundn't hear out of my left ear. The first doctor said they were booked two weeks out. The second doctor looked in my ear and then said she didn't have the tools. The next doctor made an appointment for me seven days from now. I came home pretty mad and frustrated. Decided to get online and found your lovely website! Thanks to all the posts about olive oil and blasting it with warm water, I can hear again!! I was in such a hurry to hear that I had forgot about the oil though. That little blue thing is a life saver!


I tried to clean my ears by tilting my head in the shower, which resulted in impacted ear wax plug pressing on my eardrum. What agony! Tried ear wax removal kit from Walgreens, peroxide mix, irrigation. Went to my primary physician, she tried several times, failed. Seriously, including dr's attempts, must have done this about 40 times in two days. Problem was getting worse, not better. Terrible pressure on the ear drum, pain, no hearing on this side. Tried ear pick (pinched from dr's office), no luck, the stuff was too hard to dig into, plus it's a risky procedure. I was going nuts, felt like trying a paint can opener, a long screw, anything to get this stuff out.
Finally went out to Walgreens and bought Debrox kit. One 15 minute application, two forceful and well-directed irrigations with warm water and the rubber bulb from the kit, and the plug came out. What a relief! This plug was hard as a rock, but Debrox dissolved the outer layer, which allowed it to come out. So I stand by Debrox, and they should pay me for spreading the word! Good luck, folks, it's no fun.


I'm an avid ice fisherman so when I could not take the head pressure from ear wax build up I rented a power auger from Joe's rent-all and remedied the problem in ten seconds flat. I did work up a sweat trying to pull start that old smokey brigs and stranton motor though.


I can't believe how well this works! I used olive oil and then flushed with warm soapy water in a small syringe. It did take a few attempts as I think I needed a bigger syringe and I was surprised at the amount of wax that came out. I can hear again after being practically non-hearing all day. Thankyou


I attempted to use the store bought ear wax removal drops and that didn't work so after reading all of these remedies I went with the warm olive oil approach and flushing with a syringe since it appeared to be the most commonly successful and it worked for me! Afterwards I put in a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol to help remove the moisture and I had no side effects from the whole procedure.Thanks to those of you who shared your remedies, sure beats going to a doctor.


Baby oil works great. Place several drops in your ear then lie on your side for a good 15-20 minutes, then repeat the other side. Then take a hot bath with warm, soapy water and submerge so water enters your ear canal for a good ten minutes. Lastly, take a shower head or syringe and spray water into your ear to rinse. Works wonderfully.


I had a problem with a blocked ear yesterday, which felt sticky from wax, it wouldn't unblock and I had a horrible throbbing sensation and couldn't hear properly. I put some olive oil in 3 times about once per hour, then used a home ear syringer (a simple syringe which has the tiny jets of water that come out, bought on amazon). I had tried using it before but no success. Then I read the posts on here about making sure the water is warm and using pressure with the water. I got a large amount of warm/hot water then leaned my ear and head over the sink, filled the syringe then squeezed it quite forcefully into my ear. Straight away, lots of lumps of wax started flushing out! With 3 goes my ears were unblocked. I was amazed/horrified at how much wax there was but it sure felt good once it was gone! Definitely recommend this method. I did try using Hopi ear candles a couple of years ago, but got severe ear ache following it and a telling off by my doctor when I went to see them as it was so bad!

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