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Well i haven't read anyone who used my strategy so i decided to share it. My ears have been bugging me for over 5 years recently and like others my mom used to pull out hard wax when i was little with tweezers! I was so fed up with it today that i decided to try something different as warm water has never worked for me and only made it worse! i used a 14 inch clear vinyl hose and with my mouth suctioned a very large amount of wax from both my ears! i tried to replicate a vacuum type suction as much as possible and couldn't believe what came out of my ears! id imagine this is very similar to what a medical doctor would use to clean out ones ear it worked awesome!


I know this is going to sound a little weird, but something that has always worked for me is my hair. Now first of all im African American and i have long straight/wavy hair. What I do is i pluck a piece of hair from my head, insert it in my ear and it usually starts to break off the hard ear wax. The hair is good for me because it never seems to go in to far to the point where it hurts nd is good at getting out those annoying clumps. The best time to use it is when your having trouble hearing. Just simply first rinse out your ear with warm water first; let that dry out so the hair doesn't get wet; then stick in the hair. If you hear a sound instead of feeling it (you'll know what I mean if you try it) then that means its working. I have done this for 4 years and have had 0 ear infections. This method isn't proven and i can't promise the same results i had but it has worked for me. If you really just need a quick clean just put olive oil in your ear for about 5 minutes with your head tilted side ways then wash out your ear with warm water. Any ear wax in there has been loosened and should come out easily. If you have any questions comment below. :)


I haven't cleaned my ears out with cue tips in prob 2 years. Well 2 days ago I was in my friends bathroom and she has them sitting on the counter. So I used them and low and behold pushed wax further into my ear. I kept digging for the past 2 days to get it out and just kept getting worse. Then it started hurting and was really on the verge of going to the doctor. I typed something into Google and this was the first website I came to. I took some warm Olive oil put about 5 drops or so in my ear while laying on the couch with clogged ear up. I waited about 20 minutes then flushed it with a syringe of warm water. I probably used 8 to 10 ounces warm water and out came the chunk that was pressing against my ear drum. Thank you internet you just saved me a couple hundred dollars not going to the doctor. It really works!!!


I woke up with my left ear clogged today and at 20 years old the last thing you want to cross your mind is, 'I'm going deaf!' Luckily, I remembered last time I had gone to a doctor's clinic, the doctor casually commented that I had a lot of wax build up but he didn't sound concerned at all. First I used alcohol and that didn't work, so then I used olive oil mixed with some warm water and left that in my ear and let it sit for about 10 mins. When I was done, I took a syringe with warm water and irrigated several times before a lump of wax came out. This method worked for me! Thankful I don't have to go see a doctor =)!


This site rocks! I also suffer excess ear wax, always went to doctor for removal. This morning, woke up with ear totally blocked, didn't want to wait for appointment - need to be able to hear today.

Tried the olive oil and warm water combination. Ten minutes waiting for oil to soak in, then flushed with bulb syringe and warm water. Discouraged at first because nothing came out for a long time and I figured the pieces were too big. But, I had been holding my head upright to squirt in the water. Tried tilting my head so that my ear was pointing straight down into the sink and voila - 2 soft globs came out. Oh what a wonderful relief to be able to hear again. Thank you!

sandy waxyears

I have the worst earwax known to mankind totallysticky and firms a massive blob. Went to doc fir a flushing with the syringe and she couldnt budge Iit was feeling desperate-- almost titalky deaf. So I used tge ceremol for 2 days and then took my plant sprayer, tuned it to the finest point I could get, put in warm water, hung my head over the sink with my ear towards the drain and put nozzle to my ear and sqirted the ear for 5 mins. The wax came out in flakes then globs! It works!


I actually had a doctor tell me about the olive oil. the only difference is he told me to put a couple of drops in for five consecative nights without flushing your ears. On the fifth night than flush your ears with water. For extreme ear wax build up this is best to fully loosen it and have success with removal I guess. I am in the process of doing this only on night two fingers crossed this really works. My ears have been clogged over a month now and this is the second doctor I've seen.

Thank you!

So ive had hearing problems my whole life. Mine was only severe at one point, when i was like 10 years old and my dad scraped out nasty black chunks of grossness out my ears. Now a days, ill get a led pencil and VERY CAREFULLY(Note that i used the word very.) pick it out. Except before i did that, i plugged my nose with my finger like a skuba diver and try to push the ear wax out my ear by blowing into my nose. Today i did just that and got one huge clump out my left. Gross as it was it was in the shape of the ear anatomy opening lol At first it hurt when i got a hold of the wax. But once i slowly and carefully pulled it out, it felt soooooooo nice. I still had this slight pain in my ear as if i was bleeding or my ear popped. It scared me and i ended up stopping. I couldnt resist 15 minutes later since i could hear more in my left ear and decided to do my right. Evidently the same thing happen but not as big as the left. Believe it or not, soon after, i got another huge chunk like the first two again out my left! When i was done i just spun a q-tip around to get what was left around the area of my ear i never knew existed. After, i looked online to see why my ear would be hurting from removing these grotatious ear wax and came across an older version of this website. I sat down, read and i notice how most of these remedies requires softening your ear wax up and using pressurized warm water. So i concluded why my ears are slightly hurting, because i yank the dried up wax up off my ear drums!!! D: Regardless of that,
I'm terribly convince that in most average cases. Sticking 5-10 drops of olive oil in your ear for 10-? minutes and flushing it out using a those baby syringe things and warm/hot water. I haven't even tried it yet and i feel like this is the way to go. Thank you so much though for this helpful website defiantly should be helpful since i love to sing and this will be BIG help. Thank you. I shall now go stick some oil into my BRAIIIIN!!! ^o^

-Much love from cali.


My god thank you guys first time this ever happened. You saved me.
Stuck home middle of the bush 2 broken legs no transport. Used a bloody cotton tip to clean my left ear and caused an hour of ramming anything in to clear it. Then I looked up this site. I have no olive oil, bicarbonate, no saryng how ever it's spelt sorry. I have nothing but an eye dropper water and salt.
Took 4 or 5 goes really warm water and it feels great


My was was dark and stubborn... nothing had worked until I found this site... finally I can hear a lot better. Thanks for different ideas, especially the waterpic idea.

I just have a small modification:

I remember as a child we first used oil to soften/dilute the wax. So here is the procedure I used:

1) Sterilize (olive) oil by heating it in spoon over a candle or low flame for a few second.

2) let it cool

3) drop 5-10 drops of oil into the ear - let it move into the ear

4) Sleep what that ear against the pillow

5) the next morning, use warm/hot water with the water pic (at low setting)

Do this a couple nights in a row as needed.

Thanks all. I am now off for a flight back with my ears open!!!

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