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OMG thank you so much guys!!! I was legit going to make an appointment to see an ENT doctor today, but found this and decided to try it out (I was using debrox before and it wasn't working). I put like 8 drops of warm olive oil in my ear and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then I washed it out with the syringe thing that comes with the Debrox kit. Here's the trick - I tried washing it out like 6 times and it wasn't working...I was getting so frustrated. Then I realized that I was holding the syringe too far away from my ear. You can't be scared - put it kinda in the ear canal and push really hard. I did this and all the wax came spilling out. I CAN HEAR NOW!!!!!


Thanks so much you guys. My left ear was blocked for a couple of days and it was really giving me the shits (not literally, that's an Australia saying).
I tried some olive oil in my ear, with my ear facing the roof.
Then I placed a hot water bottle over my ear to further soften the wax.
Finally I flushed my ear out rather forcefully with a bulb syringe filled with hot (not too hot of course) soapy water. I gave it around 15 trys and a the bulk of the wax was dislodged. Glad to have my hearing back!


I was almost completely deaf in my left ear. Kept putting peroxide in it to try and loosen the wax. Did it for a week to no avail. After reading an absurd amount of responses on this site I went to Wal-Mart and bought one of those little blue rubber Ear rinser things. I tried the first night to no avail, but the second night I was a bit more courageous and as some people commented I really put some pressure behind the water. Couple could sprays and voila, the land of the hearing. The things you take for granted....soak your ear with either olive oil or a peroxide/water mix and blast your ear with the rubber thing. Worked like a charm and I've had ear wax issues for most of my life. I'm telling everyone that'll listen. Thanks My Home Remedy community!! Keep up the good work.


Olive oil! It works!


I just spent 30 minutes reading all these home remedies,my dad has been complaining about he could not hear with his hearing aids. I took the advice of one of the forums and with great success my dad can hear. He did not have olive oil so I used vegetable oil and hot water in a water pic. Did not take long at all. Thank you for your advice, now I can cancel the appt I made for april 16th a full month away. Oh you should have seen the mess that was in his ears.


My issue started on Weds morning after I got out of the shower. My doctor told it was a blockage against the eardrum. She prescribed Cerumenx, basically over the counter ear drops made with peroxide. The didn't work. Calls dand told the doctor, they said to keep using them for 2-3 weeks! I stumbled upon this website while looking up home remedies and read most of the comments here. I decided that her option was CRAZY! Went to the local drug store, bought a blue adult ear bulb, went home and went to work. In about 3 mins of constant pressure and flushing, out can the dubious earwax. THANK YOUBALL FOR COMMENTS AND HELP. Crazy doctor, 2-3 weeks, YEAH RIGHT!


Hi. A few years ago my left ear was clogged severely so bad that I had headaches and everything else to go with it. I found a remedy, can't remember where I found it but it said to take Mucinex and drink orange juice and to do something else I can't remember what if anyone remembers this remedy please let me know I need to use it again. thanks.


I was so releaved to find this site. Reading the other suggestions helped so much. I ended up going to the walk in clinic and after 2 hours of irrigating my ear it was still clogged! They sent me home with the syringe which was like an enema syringe. I used the over the counter ear drops 2-3 times a day and irrigated afterwards. It took 3 days until finally a huge mass came out. The only way I could describe it was like a piece of chicken. The extra pressure of the large syringe did the trick. Also I let the drops sit for 20-30 minutes. Hope this helps!


I've had excessive ear wax buildup for most of my life. The past ten years I've had a constant burning sensation in each ear, and no solution I'd tried ever got any out. I tried hydrogen peroxide, ear drops and an ear bulb - no luck. The problem is, my ear canals are just too small, so normal remedies don't work for me. So, in desperation I grabbed an enema bottle, filled it with clean warm water and squirted it into each ear. I couldn't believe the disgusting blobs that came out of my ears. I guess since my ear canals are so small, I need more water pressure than ear bulbs can produce. Enema bottles produce much more pressure and send out a lot more water than ear bulbs.


Ear wax was a problem for me until i used Hydrogen Peroxide and blue bulp syringe. i put some hydrogen peroxide in affected ear let sit for about 10 minutes and use the bulp syringe at an angle like 30-45 degree angle to push air to the ear so air rebounds and push out all the wax out, u can't believe how big and how much wax came out. trying to suck out with the bulp syringe didn't work for me, i kept squeezing the bulp at angle (not straight) to produce air which helped in pushing out all the wax out. thanks

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