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16 Home Remedies for Weakness


6 best natural remedies to cure weakness

- Bottle gourd juice is used since ancient times to control the problem. Drinking 1-2 glasses of bottle gourd juice soothes digestive tract and maintains healthy nerves to cure frequent nocturnal emissions. Massaging scalp with mixture of bottle gourd juice and sesame oil brings sound sleep and minimizes chances of nocturnal emissions.

- Fenugreek seed powder is another trusted remedy for chronic nightfall. Grind seeds of fenugreek to form a powder. Consume one teaspoon of this powder thrice in a day with one teaspoon of honey.

- Dry pomegranate seeds in sun for 2-3 days. When these are completely dry grind to form a powder and consume this with honey. Take two teaspoons of this powder, add with one teaspoon of honey and consume.

- Drink sage tea before bedtime. One cup of sage tea brings relaxing sleep and helps in improving hormonal secretion.

- 2-3 cups of licorice tea or stinging nettle tea are also effective natural remedies for handling excessive nightfall.

- Stay physically active and maintain exercising regimen for better metabolism, blood circulation and hormonal secretion. These benefits reduce frequency of nightfall efficiently.


Banana, almonds and milk help in curing weakness. Banana gives instant energy and cure weakness. Vitamin E in almonds will make us active. Also milk vitamin B and when mixed with honey will give energy. Here is the illustration of how to use them to cure weakness


soak 5-6 laaves of saffron in rose water in night.drink with 100ml warm milk


Leave 10 almonds and a teaspoon of rice to soak overnight. In the morning remove the almond skins and grind the mixture. Add to a cup and a half of milk and some turmeric powder and boil. Add a little sugar to taste and drink daily.


Avoid tea and coffee right after meals.


Drink fresh apple juice an hour before meals or before bedtime. Try to do so on an empty stomach.


Have children and teenagers drink beet juice a couple times a day.


Soak some crushed fennel seeds and some red rose petals in a half a cup of water. Strain and drink.


Eat a mashed banana with a tablespoon amla juice a couple times a day.


Eat a banana with a tablespoon honey a couple times a day.

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