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EASY! BLEACH. First use nail file or dremel tool sanding bit to sand down dry hard top surface of wart. Apply a drop of bleach to plantar wart or growth to hand using Q-tip - let air dry. Cover with bandaid (to decrease oxygen exposure and keep the bleach from getting on other things - warts love oxygen!). Repeat daily for one week. No potatoes, no duct tape - EASY and it works! **SHORT AND SWEET**


After going to the dermatologist and having a wart burned off from the bottom of my foot, I was left with a hole, then when it finally healed, the wart was back. I poured apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, but a big bandaid over it, then duck taped over that so it wouldn't come this for a couple of's been 8 years and it has never come back.


After trying the usual shop bought remedies, duct tape etc. I finally got rid of the 2 year old wart on my finger by twice filing it down with sand paper until it bled. It stung a little but it was worth it because a few days later all trace had disappeared.


My boyfriend had warts all over his fingertips. Around the nail bed. One was so bad and deep rooted it was affecting his nail and it was becoming dis figured. He had them frozen several times, was using duct tape and was filing them till they bled. The gp had told him he would be stuck with them for a while.
So i ordered some apple cider vinegar from a farm. A cloudy kind with 'the mother' in.
We started treament straight away. Every evening id soak a small cotton wool piece. Enough to cover wart. Cover with a plaster and id put some tape over. First night no pain, but some nights he couldnt sleep they burned quite bad. After about a week for the big one it went black, we carried on. Then on a few occasions we forgot to do the treatment. The area was still swollen so it was hard to see the progress. But all of a sudden he turned to me and they were all gone. The skin around the biggest was normal again. He thinks its a miracle, and cant wait to show his gp!
My advice is persevere with it, if its going black carry on and give your finger chance to breath every day.


I know it has been mentioned before to have worked on a horses nose, but just to confirm it works on humans as well...

Castro oil applied on the wart in the morning and before bed will definitely get rid of them within a few weeks. Not well known but Castor oil is a healing oil of many purposes.


Cover warts with REAL Duct Tape until they choke-out and die.


If you have a wart, I'd 100% definitely tell you to go to a dermatologist to get it frozen off. It burns a little while they are freezing it, but the burning goes away almost instantly! It is definitely worth it to have it frozen and spend a small amount of money to have it gone! All the home remedies and over the counter medication that I tried just lead to scarring and tenderness around the wart


So about 2 months after moving into a new loft apartment with a stand up shower with a weird rough bottom that's hard to clean I noticed I had developed a Plantar's wart on my big toe. This freaked me out, having a little black living thing in my foot wasn't something I was going to be ok with. I have Multiple Chemical Intolerance, and can't use commercial chemical products, or even go to the doctors office due to the likely hood of exposures to air born chemicals. So my options are seriously limited for what I can do about a Plantars wart. I put a bandaid over it to at least stop it from spreading, the next day I looked at it and it had more than doubled in size. So I decided to intervene. I took a sewing needle and heated it until it was glowing and gently stuck it in the center of the wart. When I did the black root was ejected from my toe. I repeated it until I felt that it had been totally destroyed, pretty much cauterized, over all maybe 4 or 5 times. I then cleaned it with Sole, which is a 100% saturated water and Himalayan Crystal Salt mixture. I then heated a bees wax candle and using my finger tip applied hot wax over top of the wound in layers until the heat penetrated. I then waited a little while before removing the wax and when I did I believe the remaining root was captured in it. I then cleaned it again and put on a bandage, repeating the cleaning for another week until the scab came off and my healed toe was underneath. I now have another one on my other foot between the heal and the ball, in a much more sensitive area and have done the same thing. I now await the healing to see if it was fully successful the second time. After reading the stories on here of people having them for years and lots of them, wow I can't imagine what that would be like and don't want to. I'm so glad that first one was gone within a couple of week of showing up. And this one I hope is done and now my foot is just healing. But it will be a few more days before it's obvious.


I used the Avon Tea Tree Blemish Stick to remove my warts. I just applied everynight before bed, making sure to be generous and cover the entire wart. Wait 5 mins for the liquid to harden and dry. It can take a few weeks but you will notice the wart scabbing over and shrinking in size until it eventually disappears. I can't use duct tape since I'm allergic to the glue. This method allows the wart to die while avoiding duct tape.



About 2 months ago I had 1-2 Warts on my neck. I think they got cut when I shaved and then I got a whole bunch of them on my neck.
I visit the skin specialist, he confirmed it was HPV and told me the only option is Laser Treatment.
I wanted to keep this as a last resort and try out alternate treatments first.
I have been taking Homeopathy medicine for the last 20 days with little effect.
The Warts seemed to be growing. 2 Days ago I got Duct tape, Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cidar Vinegar.
I cleaned the Warts with Hydrogen Peroxide for 7-10 minutes, then I used cotton balls soaked in ACV for 30 mins. After this I cover the warts with Duct Tape. I have done this 2 times, and the warts have changed color to white now.
Should I continue with this. After how many days can I expect them to turn Black, and then eventually fall off.

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