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Thank you all for your advice on plantar warts. We tried WM brand compound-w for a few weeks. Nothing. We tried the apple cider vinegar for a few weeks. No luck. Finally we tried newskin, covered with waterproof tape. Within 5 days we killed it for good!

p.s. We soaked her foot in hot water for 5 min and dried thoroughly before each application.


I had a whole heap of plantar warts on my fingers right up next to my nails for about a year and had gotten them frozen by various doctors but they never went away completely. They were pretty tenacious things, one doctor even told me it'd be impossible to get rid of them without removing the entire nail and getting laser treatment (I knew that wasn't true but that just shows that they must have looked pretty bad). I tried a wart remover from the chemist but it wasn't very effective and also caused infection. Then I looked up some natural remedies and firstly tried acv which did absolutely nothing. After that I cut some small pieces of garlic and placed them over the warts and held them there using tape for about half an hour. Now I have a pretty high pain threshold but this hurt like absolute hell. It burned and stung but only on the warts, not on the bits of healthy skin that the garlic was touching. So I knew it was actually doing something. Pretty much straight away the warts started going black and after applying the garlic a few more times for short periods (20-40 minutes) over the next few days big chunks of the wart became black and dead and really easy to just peel off. And they didn't get infected. They did come back a few weeks later but they were tiny, so I just used the garlic again (it hurt less this time) and now they're completely gone. It's been months sice then so I don't think they're coming back. It was so worth the pain

Former Warter

I had alot of flat warts on my face and on my hands. I was no sad and angry about it for so long. Then one day I ran across this auction of ebay for 100% TCA Acid for wart removal. I felt very optimistic about it and I ordered. I couldnt believe after having these warts for so long I was literally removing them one by one with this kit. Now I have no trace of the HPV virus in my system. I take precautions now and I don't think I will have to live with warts anymore. The Listing is from Generalessentials on Ebay. Just type in 100% TCA wart mole remover. The kit is really good with emery board and brush applicators. This is really all anyone needs with warts to remove them.


Next time you get a wart on your hands simply soak it in a little cup of water with sea salt for about 5-10 minutes (may need more than one soak) And within days it'll be gone. I accidentally discovered this remedy. Had warts on my fingers for the longest time. Tried all the OTC remedies and nothing worked. Then when I started swimming in a salt water pool almost every night, I noticed my warts flaking away till they were gone. Works great!!


I have donw lots of reserch for hpv warts and have tried severl different things. the 100% tea tree oil seems to help but I beleave you have to nock out the sorce befor you get rid of the problem. I came across Diindolylmethane (DIM). It is a Dietary Supplement and they say it helps fight human papillomavirus (HPV)look it up and do some reading. I know there is only a test for women but I am pretty sure if you have the symptoms you have the virus.So I am trying the supplement for now and seeing what happens. You should be able to get Diindolylmethane at any nutrition store the only one I found for a good price was bout 20 bucks for 120 tabs.


I tried apple cider vinegar and duct tape. They started to work but they irritated my skin. Then I tried Zinc oxide cream for nappy rash etc. I applied this three times a day, and the warts were gone within a week. Zinc oxide is good for lots of skin conditions eg. red/blotchy skin/spots/sunburn, so I thought it might work on warts too. My cream also contained castor oil.


I highly recommend to use Apple CIDER vinegar to remove warts. Only you need is a cotton balls and any kind of tape or you can use duct tape. Guys it really works! plz try it.!!!!!!!!


Tie a string around your wart really really tightly, keep it there till it turns dark and you can't feel anything. Finally just cut it of with sterilized scissors.


Get garlic pills! (Odorless) :)You can get them at walmart/walgreens/cvs/pharmacy's.
Take one a day for about 2-3 weeks.
You will notice the wart flaking off in about 1 week, or 7 days! Garlic is known to kill viruses. It gets into the blood stream and kills it from underneath first.

Clorox Bleach works really well too!
I opened up my wart after soaking it in warm water with epson salt and took a q-tip with bleach and dabbed it, covered it with a band-aid. After 1-2 weeks it was gone. :)

I suggest taking the pills though. Its inexpensive, easy and fast. Not to mention healthy! :P

Good luck!


Hello guys! thank God the internet exist... I had GW and had had treatment before with a dermatologist. Basically the doctor would freeze the warts, and then he prescribed me with Aldara, boy that cream was so expensive. After few months, they all came back. Then i found this site. So i was VERY skeptical at first about the ACV method decided to give it a try. I started the treatment on a sunday, just before going to bed. Soaked a cotton ball in the ACV, and taped it against the GW. It didn't burn at all, which i was so surprised. The next day, i woke up, the GW turned a greyish/whitish color. In the afternoon, it all turn black!! So i knew it was working. So i continued applaining acv on the warts after they turned black, and on the fifth morning, they started to peel off!!! they are all gone, and now i am just applying polyspirin on the skin to prevent scars. And i started to take vitamins as well. I wanted to take the time and wtite my story because truly it works!!

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