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I used to have a wart on my hand. Snap off a dandelion (the snapping is important so that the 'milk' comes out of the stem). Apply this to the wart. You may choose to cover it with a band-aid because it will turn green when the fluid dries. Repeat this as often as three times per day, but at least once per day. It's slow going, but mine was gone in about three weeks.


Homeopathic remedies such as HP DSPL formula, Cellular oxygenator, Monolaurine, C145 wartts formula help to get rid of warts and dysplasia naturally. you should have a look at these remedies


Take a band aid and put a few drops of colloidal silver 500ppm on it. Put the bandage over your wart. Change and repeat as necessary. Wart should be gone within the week.


I promised myself that I will share my findings about mosaic plantar warts if I ever got rid of it. So I had pretty much tried everything from duct tape, banana peels, over the counter drugs, sea salt, walking on the beach, and doctors. All failed. For people who have sweaty feet, those methods above will not work. The best method I found was to just let my feet be out in the open so it will dry up. Try to not put any pressure on it and do not wear socks or shoes. Over time, it will dry out and it will go away. Just make sure that it stays dry. For people who have sweaty feet, putting duct tape on it will make it worst because the sweat will my it swell up.


Hi. I had a plantar wart about a month ago. I went to the doctor an had it frozen off but it just came right back with 3 lil' buddies. I read a lot of remedies and decided to try a few out.

On the largest of my warts i used lemon juice, which made sense sjnce it is acidic. I put it on a cottn ball and used bandages to hold it down, an finished it off with a sock to hold it. Ilefy it on allday and night, except to change it, and it worked within a week and this wart has not come back yet.

I used duct tape.on a smaller one. It worked okay, but i guess it depends.

On the thatcame back i used a store bouggtmedication. I forgt wat it was, butit didnt work n i ended up using lemon juice on that too.

And the last and littlest, i used duct tape agin a ot workedfor this one. On the other one i used lemon juice again

All in all, i guess it just depnds.

Happy and thankful

Had a pea sized wart on my ankle and it didn't go away for a whole year. I tried Dr. Scholls freeze off dual action which coupled freezing and salicylic acid drops. Nooooo help with that. It took months of patience to learn that neither work. Then I bought 40% salicylic acid patches because I thought maybe a stronger concentration of the acid would work. No avail. So finally I tried apple cider vinegar and it went away in two weeks. Just fell off tonight. So that's why I'm writing about it. Because it worked!


Wart - every night, for about 8 weeks i put a cotton ball dampened with lemon juice (from a bottle)on the wart, held on by a band-aid. It is not painful, which is why I tried this on my children. It doesnt seem to do much at first, but after a while, it looks like it is getting grainy, and then it starts to fall apart.

We tried vitamin E, which had worked for me in the past, but it didnt do anything for my kid's warts. We tried the home freeze off kit, but that just made it bleed. Then i had the idea of trying lemon juice, because it is acidic, and i know from past experience that citric acid is a good exfoliant, and ascorbic acid helps with healing, both of which are in lemon juice. I liked to put some Vitamin E on it during the day, but i dont know if this helped or not, and i was sporadic about it. I often forgot to put the lemon juice on at night, so it may work faster for those that are more diligent, or for those that keep it on all day, instead of ripping it off in the morning like my kids did.


Bag Balm used on warts and covered with a bandaid will go away within a months time with no scarring.


I've had plantar warts for over 6 years. It started with one, and turned into 23. I tried most of your usual suspects -salicylic acid, ACV, etc. The salicylic acid didn't work for me. The ACV seemed to work (after a very painful couple of days of having soaked cotton bits taped in place). However, the warts I thought had died and fallen out, roots and all, came back big as ever a week or so later. I also tried some natural, and not so natural, remedies I had seen online - raw garlic (both orally, and applied directly to the warts), bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vitamin E (oral and direct application), vitamin C, greatly reducing the sugar in my diet, oregano oil (once again, direct application and oral), soaking them and digging them out, and probably some others I'm now forgetting. Most of them seemed to do nothing. The oregano oil did clear up a few very small warts that sprung up on my finger, but didn't seem to do much for my plantar warts. Needless to say, I'd become disheartened and frustrated. I hid my feet, keeping them in socks when I love to be barefoot (probably how I got them in the first place). Some people online suggested tea tree oil. I'm not sure why I would try something so harsh as bleach before trying this, but at any rate, I figured, 'Why not? A bottle is about $8 and easily available.' It worked. It worked. It worked! I started noticing one of my smaller, newer warts looking smaller after about a week or two of using it. This was probably the first time I had seen any noticeable progress. Some of the harsh chemicals would seem to turn them into pits, but they never really got any smaller and would hurt. The tea tree oil is painless, doesn't seem to stain my socks, and for me - works. I actually do not have complete resolution of all of my warts yet, but I'm down to 6 that you can hardly see unless you closely examine my foot when the tea tree oil has just been applied (it kind of makes the top layers of your skin a little easier to see into and the warts show a little then. They continue to shrink though, and I'm confident that they will be completely gone in a month or two. The tea tree oil hasn't worked quickly (it's been about 4 months that I've used it). But after so many years, I'll take slow, painless results over no results! I apply it using q-tips. I only dip clean tips into the bottle - never ones that have touched my warts! - and apply 2 times a day. I applied more often at first, maybe 4 times a day when my schedule would allow. I'm not sure this will work on everyone, but it did for me. Stick with it! You'll eventually find something that works for you.


Hi, please, Please, PLEASE read this before you do anything. Do not put apple cider vinegar (ACV) anywhere on your genital area. It may work, but you are playing Russian Roulette. (I played and lost). I just got back from my doctor and I have chemical burns with permanent damage. My doctor said it was stupid and was like using a nuclear bomb to kill a mosquito. Please let your immune system fight it. Do everything you can to strengthen your immune system (reduce stress/overwhelm, get sleep, relax, take vitamins A,C,D,E, garlic pills, echinacea, lysine). Go see your doctor. If he wants to freeze it or burn it off, say no. We hate warts and we hate them down there and are eager to get rid of them ASAP. But don't be greedy, be patient. Or you will be very, very sorry, and will feel stupid for practicing medicine with stuff you read on the internet. ACV might be fine for warts on your hands, but please know that the only way to truly get rid of warts is to have your immune system fight them. Keeping them moist with oil or antibiotic ointment can increase circulation which helps your immune system fight them. Once your immune system wins, they will fall off. I tried to do it myself b/c I thought I would have a small scar if I went to the doctor and he froze/burned it off. Now I have an enormous scar for the rest of my life, and major sense of regret.

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