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I have lots of warts in my hands and feet during my high school days. My uncle advise me to use the car battery acid water. I dipped a small cotton ball into the car battery acid water enough to cover the warts and wrap it with a tape(any tape will do)I put it overnight and wash it with soap in the morning. It really works. For a week or two my warts was disappeared.


12yrs ago I had a few warts on my hands and knee, by some bizarre idea, I decided to use Vicks vapour rub. Each day and night I would apply just enough to cover the wart and to my surprise after two weeks of daily application, they not only disappeared but they have never returned. I recommended this same remedy to my partner after a lot of convincing (and many failed attempts of other remedies suggested by others) concerning a small wart on his finger and after a week, it completely disappeared. It only cost $3.50 or there abouts for a small pot of Vicks vapour rub and a week or two but you will definitely notice a change in size by the third day :)


Try drinking green tea.I tried this and so far my warts are shrinking.I have been drinking green tea with ginseng.My wart was about the size of a dime and look liked califlower and Ive had it for years and grew tired of looking at it and it started to hurt from my panty lines rubbing on it but I read that drinking green tea would help.It isnt totally gone yet but its getting smaller.Also I read that using dandilion leaves on them would work too,I havent tried this but will if this tea doesnt work all the way.


I have suffered with hand warts for years now, being a young woman in her 20s its been a huge issue for me, I hid my hands for a whole year. I've been to various doctos, dermatologist, I've used apple cider vinegar (which does work for one or two hand warts but not for as many as i had). I decided to get healthy, eat lots of fruit and veg and I started drinking green tea. I know its a bit of a cliche, but if i had known green tea would help cure them I'd have been drinking it by the bucket load! It was only a couple of weeks after I started drinking a couple of cups a day that i noticed that the largest sections of my warts were shrinking. I cant stop looking at my hands, never thought i would see the day where 'i would have my confidence back.

Please try green tea, i have tried everything but this is something that continues to help me. I still have a lot of warts on the backs of my hands but it is amazing how many have disappeared already.

The One who Knows

I have a miracle remedy for Warts. 200 % Guaranteed it will work. Trust me, I did it so you can too. I am writing this Remedy to show my gratitude to you Guys for helping me getting rid of 50 Warts on my right foot (Big ones and Cluster Ones).

There is no pain. In a matter of few days, I saw results. Total of 2 Weeks, the right foot healed up 100 %. It is like it never happen. I did not even cut a skin like I saw in the youtube.

One problem is I have no idea which techniques did the job because I did everything in this website speculations & stories.

What I did is:
1. warm water with sea salt for 1 hour.
2.Put banana peel with medical tape & plastic food wrap for 10 to 12 hours.
3. clean thoroughly with soap.
4. let your foot rest for 10 to 12 hours.
5. do the #1,2,3,4 again.
6. Put apple cider vinegar with the cotton on your warts for 10 hours.
7. clean thoroughly with soap. while wet, nail file it very very very gently. Throw the contaminated nail file and gloves in the trash.
8. let your foot rest for 10 to 12 hours.
9. do the #6,7,8 again.
10. You will see the results.
11. by the way, When I sleep, I have fan blowing directly to my feet. I believe that warts do not like dry feet. That is why it is working so well.
12.Everyday I use rubbing Alchohol (91% and not71%) on my foot.

After I removed the banana peel, I noticed that some of the skin turn black where the warts were. I think that was a good sign.

Remember, banana peel kills the virus and apple cider does not. the warts remove themselves from the heathy skin with apple cider solution.


Footloose Again

Hey everyone. Great site and great suggestions on here. I once had a plantar wart back when I was around 11, really painful and had to get it surgerized off. Fast forward 17 yrs. I have another one right now. I at first thought it was a stubborn splinter that wouldn't work its way out. But, after picking and digging with a sweing needle, realized it was indeed a wart. I just went to the store and bought the OTC Salycilic acid and followed as directed. HOWEVER, the directions on the bottle leave out the part about shaving down the excess callous and covering with an adhesive tape to 'suffocate' the root out. So I applied the first few treatments (twice daily, 1 drop the the wart) starting Friday. I shaved id down for the first time yesterday, and after reading on here, I only covered the wart area with electrical tape at work around 10 this morning. Well, about 30 mins ago after coming home, I pulled the tape, some dead skin, and 'root/seed' completely out. I will continue with the treatments for probably another week just to be sure, but the annoying pain that was there when I walked is now totally gone. I know I got that sucker! I think the key points that made this work was: Scoring or poking/digging at it first to thin the barrier before even applying the acid (back when I thought it was a splinter). Also, the electrical tape. It is pretty much water/sweat proof, and lasted all day on the bottom of my foot in a sweaty steel-toed boot in the 95 degree Carolina heat. Hopefully this helps some of you. Remember, catching it early before it gets huge and thick is gonna be key!! Thanks to everyone else for their input and ideas!!


I live in Texas now, but I used to live in Illinois. When I was growing up I would get warts on my fingers occasionally. They had some weeds that grew everywhere. I think we called them milkweeds or something. Not certain if Texas has such weeds,, but Illinois does. But anyway, one time I decided to break one of these weeds apart, to where it was milky inside, and then apply this to a wart I had at the time. I did this for several days. The wart disappeared on its own soon after. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've had any warts since. I'm guessing that was probably 40 or so years ago.


I just want to add my praise to the ACV method for wart removal I was beginning to think the big, ugly wart on my thumb would be there for the rest of my life. I tried the OTC products which were smelly and didn't seem to do a thing. I had the liquid nitrogen treatment at my doctor's office to the tune of $168.
Then, last Monday I read about the ACV method. I had some Apple Cider Vinegar in my cupboard, some cotton swabs and some bandages so I started that night.
• First, I poured a little ACV into a tiny plastic container that had a lid and removed the cotton from the tip of a cotton swab rolling it into a ball.
• Next, I dropped the ball into the ACV.
• I put the bandage on my thumb, leaving one side hanging.
• Then, I removed the ball of cotton from the ACV with tweezers and placed it on top of the wart and pulled the bandage snugly over the cotton ball.
• Finally, I put the lid back on the container and put it aside to use again the next night.
The first feeling I sensed was a pulsing in my thumb, then it did hurt in a throbbing way. Not unbearable but definitely noticable.
The next morning, the wart was raised and black and there was a white ridge around it. It was tender. I left the bandage off all day and the raised white edge subsided after a few hours. The black wart area had the usual rough “cap” on it.
I repeated the treatment on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and by Thursday, the pain was gone. I was away from home Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and did not want to do the treatment while away so I covered the black area of the wart with some nail polish I had that was similar to the color of my flesh to disguise the ugly black spot.
I removed the nail polish and resumed the treatment on Sunday night.
This morning (Monday), I removed the bandage and decided to try and pick the black spot out while it was softened from the overnight treatment. It was crumbly, like large ground pepper particles. I used tweezers to remove the black, leaving the white circle that surrounded the black spot and could see pink underneath. At first, I thought it was raw skin and was afraid it might begin to hurt or bleed but was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually a new layer of skin below.
While in the shower, I used a pumice on the white circle to smooth it down a bit.
Now, five hours later, I am very optimistic that this thing may be gone for good. It’s a little rough around the edge where the circle was but the center is nice, new skin rather than ugly wart crust.
It is not painful or tender at all and the best part is how inexpensive the treatment was. In all, I used 3 cotton swabs, 4 bandages a dab of nail polish and a little apple cider vinegar. I wish I had known about this treatment a long time ago. I can’t wait to get started on my other wart. It’s much smaller and is on the lower part of my middle finger.


I have a wart on my finger and I have been doing ACV for a few days now, using a vinegar soaked piece of cotton and a bandaid, day and night. But my wart has just gotten much bigger and white. I am worried since it is not turning black like many people have mentioned. Has this happened to anyone else? I am worried that it will just keep getting bigger. Any advice as to whether or not this is working would be really appreciated!


For more than 15 years I had a planter wart on my foot, it didn’t spread until I had a pedicure. Then they spread only on my right foot. I went to the doctor to freezer my foot with nitrogen, didn’t work, it reduced it and they would come back.

I also used a separate towel to wipe my foot, so the warts would not spread as it is a virus.

I also got the doctor to cut them out, they returned again.

This went on for 4 years.

Then I had seen the Apple Cider vinegar home remedies.

- Apple Cider vinegar

- Pad, to put the Apple Cider vinegar on.

- Duct tape, to hold the pad in place on your foot.

I would do this over night, they would turn black.

This is really good to get rid of the warts your have had for a short amount of time.

- Use ACV to clean your shower too, so it doesn’t spread throughout your family.

Or for the long term warts you need both remedies.

I use the Apple Cider vinegar remedies to locate the warts; I put the pad on for 3 hours. And had black spots on my foot

Then I went to my doctor 3 times for the nitrogen freezing, once on Sunday, then on Thursday and on Sunday again.

Then let them dry out for a few days.

After it dried out I was able to peel them off or I picked it out with a razor. (Best to get your doctor to do this.)

There was no blood just a dint in my foot and fresh skin underneath. The skin grew back after a few weeks.

I repeated the process again just in case they came back.

After the 3 months I did the ACV, 1 spot from the original wart.

Back to the doctor again for nitrogen freezing, All gone now.

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