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Apple Cider Vinegar is the way to go! Every night, dip a piece of cotton ball, just big enough to cover the wart, in some ACV. Place it on the wart and cover with a copious amount of duct tape all night. In the morning remove everything and place only a new piece of duct tape, no cotton. Before you repeat this treatment each night, remove dead wart tissue with tweezers.
Wart should be gone in about two weeks.

James Hancock

I have had plantar wart on my feet and warts on my hand. I nurse from a hospital made me a remedy of a bottle of aspirin and the highest concentrate rubbing alcohol. Crush the aspirin into a powder and mix alcohol until it makes a paste. Apply the mix and cover with a bandaid. The plantar wart on my foot was about the size of dime. After two months of treatment the wart fell out. The one on my hand was much smaller but it took about three weeks to disappear. The mix is kinda hard on the skin because the mix makes a acid that kills the skin layer by layer till the core falls out. I'm my case with the plantar wart. I had to cut off the callused skin with a razor blade because the more callused skin around it. The worse it hurt because of the pressure. The benefit to the aspirin mix is that most of the pain from the wart decreases after first week of treatment. The aspirin must work as a pain killer too. I feel for anyone who has plantar warts. Feels like walking on nails. Chlorine from a pool also helps kill them because if dries the skin out. Just be careful when you apply the mix on the wart. It will kill the the skin that you apply the mix too. So only apply it to the wart itself. It may take time but it costs about 5 bucks. I had spent hundreds of dollars going to doctors and they never got any better. A 5 dollar mix did the job in two months instead of months and months of treatment and expensive meds. Note. When using the mix. Sometimes it will harden up and you will have to add alcohol to it and thin it back out. It is because the alcohol will evaporate and the aspirin will harden up. Good luck to anyone who uses it. It works though. I promise that.



** Do Not Let The Garlic Sit Touching Your Skin. This forms a big blister!

I cut a small piece of garlic, just the right size to sit on top of the wart without touching the surrounding skin. Crushed the garlic a bit to make sure it was juicy. Then i got some masking tape, carefully balance the garlic on the wart and tape it there. Be sure garlic is touching the wart only, and not your skin. Leave it on overnight, or I think even just 4 - 6 hours works.
The next day, after you've removed the garlic, the wart goes hard/dry. Another day and it has black spots on top. About 2 days later the whole wort has become a scab and peels off, leaving fresh new skin underneath!

I have not tried the other remedies that include turmeric and vit C, etc. Seems to me they work faster? This method takes over a week i think - but just letting you know, even if all you have is garlic, it works REALLY well! The only warning is that the garlic is really powerful and if you leave it for hours touching your skin, you'll get a huge painful blister that takes daaays to go away. The good part is - the warts are completely gone - 100% pure new happy skin :)


Hello everyone,

Just yesterday I found out that huge flat stone texture on my heel was a plantar wart. The dermatologist gave me antibiotic creams and that acid dropper ....anyway I didnt use any cuz I dont think that would work but she did freeze it.


Before going to dermatologist, I crushed garlic and covered the spot with the wart with cotton and tons of cloth. The wart became smaller. The next day I decided to combine crushed garlic with mustard oil and turmeric and wrapped it tightly the same way. My foot turned yellow cuz of the turneric but the place with the wart turned greenish black and root started comming out. Today I combined cinnamon with garlic powder with turmeric powder, fenugreek powder and black seed powder with apple cider vinegar and covered my whole feet with it again wrapping tightly...lets see what happens after that.

Everything used is a natural antibiotic and you wrap it tight cuz you dont want oxygen this helps get rid of it.

I am not a herbal doctor though in my family we use old arabic medicine all the time and this stuff really works. Also dont forget to cut skin with razor after each application with a razor and dont touch any other part of your skin or it will spread.

I hope this helps :)


Planters warts on your feet can be removed quickly and painlessly. Take a hot bath and let your feet soak for 25-30 minutes or untill the skin is all wrinkly. Then scrap the wart with your fingernail until the out layer is removed. You will see some black dots, squeeze the black dots out, I think your removing the roots, the wart will be gone!


Hey i totally got rid of some that were hideously hard to get rid of and i did it in a DAY, having tried all the obvious methods AND gone to the podiatrist four times. NOte: His treatment left me in revolting pain & could not work out as hobbling. Anyway: what worked. Plantar Wart is hpv - you have to clear THAT to kill the wart. So i got Andrographis Compound - a powerful blend of herbal anti-virals, took a therapeutic dose of that, Plus i mixed some powdered vitamin c with tumeric and crushed garlic...I applied that to it topically & next morning the wart
had turned black. That night, it fell out. It's a completely sort of self-invented method but it worked brilliantly for me. Good Luck!


I tried so many things for plantar warts on my foot - vinegar, duct tape, nail polish(I stoped that soon though, beause I felt it was a bit too toxic for my body), variety of essential oils, freezing them at the doctors 5 times, over the counter usual solutions and gels. It would be some improvement, but never totally gone, and after some, warts actually grew worse. I was ready just to let them sit there as they were doing for several years, sice they didn't hurt. Then i read of people using aspirin mixed with fish oil and decided to give it a try since I had both already anyway. I put tiny amountof water on aspirin, let it sit for a few minutes to soften, then added a bit of cod liver oil, and put the paste on my warts and securely taped them and kept it overnight.It was a bit itchy, but no pain. I started noticing the diference after 2 or 3 days, but kept putting it on for 10 days or more just to be sure. Phew! Finally gone. My gues is, that any oil would do -it just keeps aspirin from drying out.


Hello all! About nine months ago, I noticed two small bumps on my private area. I went to my doctor and sure enough I had genital warts. The doctor prescribed Veregen, which happens to be very expense. Within six weeks, my warts cleared. However, I caught a cold and it weakened my immune system. I went back to the doctor’s office and he was surprise my warts were back. He really didn’t offer any help at this point. Feeling a bit overwhelm, I started searching the internet for other treatments. I tried ACV, tree tea oil, and banana peel treatment. The ACV and tree tea oil does sting in sensitive areas and wasn’t doing anything for me. The banana peel did nothing for me. I can across a homeopathic remedies website. It suggested Thuja occidentalis for warts. At this point, I had nothing to lose. I ordered Thuja in liquid. I made my own thuja ointment by mixing several drops of Thuja with a teaspoon of Vaseline together, tried to apply the ointment three times a day. You can also apply the Thuja liquid directly on the warts, which does string a little though. In the ointment form, it does not. I have been applying Thuja ointment on warts. In a month, I have seen a big difference on the warts. One finally disappeared and the others are shrinking. Thuja occidentalis ointment is working for me. You can buy thuja ointment online. But why buy when you can make your own. Do your research and look up Thuja occidentalis. There is hope!


I'm 28 and I'm trying to knot the wart off of my gentals's on my 'lip' ...I just tied some three around it tight and we t to sleep when I woak up it was red as the days go on it's getting darker..I'm hoping in a few more days it will fall off..I had a few a few years ago and I cut them off I no ouch but they never came back..Iv had this one for 2 years and I'm tired of it being there I will update you guys and let you know how thing worked out! Good luck to everyone!!


Just ONE DAY IT WILL GO OFF.. Take one pinch WASHING SODA (Sodium carbonate) equal to that QUICK-LIME (mortar) mix with water. just for mixing it should be tight. apply on your wart. apply before going to sleep. morning it will go off.. (little it will hurt) [don't apply face,neck i think it will hurt u] if it is not going try ones more definitely it will go off..

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